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Winter Health

Be health-wise this winter.  Find out how best to look after yourself, or your family, and know which healthcare services are most suitable when you need them.

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Keep Warm

Many people - particularly  older people - find winter a time of hardships.

Worries over heating bills often discourage vulnerable householders from turning on the heating, putting their health at risk.  if you have older friends, neighbours or family members try to check that they are managing to keep warm and well fed, a quick visit or phone call can make all the difference to someone's physical and mental health.

There’s no need to freeze this winter – follow these few simple tips and make sure you stay safe and warm over the colder months.

Keep yourself warm:

  • Eat warm, nourishing meals on a regular basis. If you can use a microwave to heat soup and hot drinks you will save energy - and money.
  • Keep moving – any activity gets your circulation going and warms you up, go for a walk with a friend or dance to the radio! 
  • Dress for warmth indoors and outdoors – dress in thin layers to trap warm air; wear thermal underwear; a shawl around your shoulders or a blanket over your legs when sitting down will provide a lot of warmth; make sure you’re properly dressed for outdoors; don’t forget your gloves, hat and scarf as a lot of heat is lost through your head; warm shoes or boots with good grips are also important in wet or icy weather.
  • Keep warm at night – use a hot water bottle OR electric blanket to warm your bed up (never use them together); wear thermal underwear, pyjamas and bed socks; have a warm milky drink before bed; keep a flask of hot drink by your bedside in case you wake up during the night feeling cold; make sure you have enough covers on your bed; keep your bedroom window closed
  • Keep the house warm – insulate and draught proof your home.