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Ordering your meals and menu information

We offer a two week menu cycle including a continental style breakfast and a hot lunch and evening meal service.  Your mealtimes will vary depending on which ward you are staying in, however, we aim to provide all of our meals between the following times:

Breakfast - 7.00 am onwards
Lunch - 12.00 pm – 1.00 pm
Evening Meal - 4.45 pm – 6.00 pm

Please ask a member of ward staff for our menu or click below:

The ward staff will let you know how to order your meals on your ward. You will be able to order your meal in one of two ways: 

  1. In some wards we will ask you to order your meal in advance. Staff will ask you to pick a meal choice from the menu. In some wards we collect the orders using an electronic tablet
  2. In other wards, we will ask you to choose from a selection of meals available at mealtimes.

All wards have the same food available.

Our patient menu

Each day you will be offered a continental breakfast with tea/coffee, cereal, bread, toast or rolls.

For lunch we offer a three course meal with a choice of homemade soup or fruit juice followed by a choice of sandwiches, filled baked potatoes or a hot meal with vegetables and potatoes, this is followed by a choice of desserts such as trifle, fresh fruit, yoghurt, rice pudding, jelly and ice cream or cheese and biscuits.

In the evening we offer a choice of hot meals with vegetables and potatoes plus either a hot or cold dessert.

At each mealtime there is always a choice for vegetarians, a healthier option and a choice for those who need more calories.

Many patients require a special diet for medical, cultural, religious or other reasons.

We provide a range of alternative menus to meet the needs of the more frequently asked for diets such as:

  • Gluten free
  • Food allergies
  • Low Fibre/Low residue
  • low potassium/no added salt
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Halal

Please ask a member of the ward staff if you need an alternative menu. These are available every day.

We can supply patients with Coeliac disease gluten free bread – ask your nurse to contact catering to organise this.

We also supply a range of texture modified diets for patients with chewing or swallowing problems. Please ask a member of staff if you need a texture modified diet.

On our main menu some of the meal options contain more energy (calories) and these choices are better for those patient with small appetites or those who need to gain weight.  These choices are indicated by a “strong man” symbol (see below). 


Other dishes have an "apple" symbol (see below) indicating healthier choices.  These dishes have controlled amounts of fat and sugar and are suitable for those wishing to eat healthily, have diabetes, following a lower fat diet or trying to lose weight:


NHSGGC complies with Food Information for Consumers Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 where we can provide you with information about the allergen content of our meals. If you need to know the allergen content of our meals please ask a member of the ward staff.

Please Note – if you need a special diet because of a known food allergy please make sure you tell your nurse.

Each ward has a range of snacks and drinks available at any time throughout the day or night. These include tea, coffee (with milk and sugar/sweetener), hot chocolate, fruit squash, biscuits, bread (with butter/spread and preserves) and cereal.

Please ask a staff member if you would like anything.

Drinks and fluid

It is important that you drink enough whilst you are in hospital. Fluids play an important role in keeping you well and helping your recovery. Try and drink plenty - about 8-10 cups are recommended. Nursing staff will encourage you to drink throughout the day.

You will be provided with a jug of fresh water at your bedside. These jugs are cleaned and refreshed twice a day. If you run out of fresh water at any time please ask for the jug to be topped up.

Hot drinks including tea, coffee, hot chocolate and malted milk are available throughout the day as part of a beverage service and we will offer a choice of drinks including milk with all your meals.

Some patients will be on fluid restriction and require fluid intake to be managed as part of their clinical care. Nursing staff will advise you if this is the case.