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Improving your mealtime experience

All our wards operate a system called 'Protected Mealtimes'

This means, as far as possible, non-essential activity on the ward is stopped to allow staff to focus on the patient meal experience.

We try to make sure our patients are not disturbed during mealtimes and can eat at their own pace. By stopping all non essential activity it allows our Nursing staff to assist patients who need help with eating and drinking. Relatives may be allowed to visit during ‘protected mealtimes’ and are encouraged to help patients with their meals.

If you would like one of your visitors to help with your meal, please speak to the ward staff who will happy to advise.

Your mealtime experience is important to us

If you would like to tell us anything about your meals, including your likes and dislike please speak to Nursing staff as soon as possible. The sooner we understand your needs then the sooner we can contact the catering team who will be happy to help.

We regularly ask for feedback about our meal service. From time to time we may ask you to complete a questionnaire. 

If you would prefer you can use the feedback form in the Information about Food and Health in Hospital leaflet to tell us anything about your meals during your stay. A copy of the leaflet will be available from Nursing staff if you have not already received one.

If you require this information in an accessible format, such as large print or braille, or in a community language, please ask ward staff.

Help and assistance with eating

Nursing staff will check to see if you require help with eating and drinking. From just checking that you are managing, helping you to cut up food and open packets or they will stay with you to help you eat and drink.

In some wards we have ward volunteers who can make your mealtime experience easier and more comfortable by making sure you have everything you need from condiments to the right cutlery and can even spend time socialising with you.