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COVID-19 (Coronavirus info)

Information and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.  Hospital visiting restrictions now in place.

Improving the quality of our meals

Our public partners

We work with a group of public partners to help guide improvements in our catering service. Our partners have all used our services either themselves or have had experience of our service through a friend or relative. Our eight current partners have all visited the cook freeze production unit at Inverclyde Royal Hospital and now carry out regular audits of the meal service on our wards.

Each ward audit is unannounced with the public partner visiting a ward of their choice with the catering manager. Our partners use an observation tool to note down points about the meal service including food quality. They are able to recommend improvements if they see something which is not done to their standard. In addition, they ask patient opinions at every visit. We have an annual timetable with our larger acute sites being audited by our public partners twice per year and our smaller sites at least once per year.

Here are some of the comments from our public partner audits:

  • “Bread and butter given with soup”
  • “Very impressed by service”
  • “Tried cottage pie and vegetables – was very nice”
  • “Quality of the food for service indicated it had all been regenerated on the appropriate oven shelf”.
  • “if I had not chosen the ward to visit I would have thought it had been stage managed as everything was so professionally done”
  • “This was normal service – very good”

After each audit there is a feedback session with the catering staff and the nurse in charge of the ward.

Patient feedback

Patient and visitor comments received include:

You said:  Would like more fruit to be available
What we did:  We have tried a lot of different ways of increasing fruit provision including fruit bowls in some wards.

You said:  Allergy meal served in packaging and small portion – been debated several times whether to do this and decided safer to serve in packaging

You said:  I just take small meals but quite nice - something different every day, quite happy

You said:  Very happy

You said:  Soup gets better every day. Pudding at teatime is super, thoroughly enjoyed the meal

You said:  Chips too hard
What we did:  We checked the regeneration oven on the ward and cooking instructions have been reviewed

You said:  Always all right, nice and warm. Good choice, not too repetitive. Like the soup – lovely, and some of the salads

You said:  Big improvement. Get what you ask for but sometimes can’t remember what was ordered yesterday

You said:  Took what I liked, what I didn’t like, just left it

You said:  Very satisfied, been in a few weeks

You said:  Service and food first class

You said:  Chips could have been warmer and a smaller portion size better
What we did:  Ward service issues have been addressed with ward staff giving out the information leaflet regarding services available e.g. patients can ask for small or larger portions

You said:  Very happy with variety, good service

You said:  Very happy with meals, been an in-patient two and half years

You said:  Stewed apples lovely, custard very powdery and not enough rice pudding. Great service to be served meals. Always offered seconds

You said:  Choice always good. Is small portion wanted you get it and extras if want. Always enjoy the meals, enjoy the company

Our catering department want you to enjoy the food we provide and invite you to give feedback at any time during or after your stay.


Last Updated: 08 July 2020