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Virtual Fracture Clinic

What makes the Virtual Facture Clinic so successful is that it is driven from grassroots level and is truly patient focused.

Following attendance at A&E, patients who require orthopaedic review are now booked into a ‘Virtual Fracture Clinic’ rather than automatically attending a traditional clinic.  Here their notes and X-rays are reviewed ‘virtually’ by an orthopaedic consultant.  The patients are then contacted by a senior nurse and on the same day and either discharged or, if required, given an appointment to see the appropriate specialist at the appropriate time.

The benefit for patients is they now only attend hospital if they need specialist care, allowing staff to deliver a high quality service which was previously difficult to achieve.

This has been a huge team effort involving nurses, consultants and administrators from A&E and Orthopaedic departments.

All the staff have embraced the changes with great enthusiasm, recognising that it was in their power to treat patients better. That’s exactly what they have achieved to everyone’s benefit without any extra financial resources.