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Chemotherapy Team, New Victoria Hospital

Teamwork is the key word which drives the chemotherapy team in Clinic P at the New Victoria Hospital.

Equally important is the rapport built up between all staff at the clinic and patients who attend, some over long periods of time.

Sister Natasha Brown said: “We have a team attitude; we don’t do individual patient named care.

“We go into the room to care for all of the patients in that room.  We regard everyone involved in the clinic as part of the team and that includes clerical and domestic staff.

“It’s not just about the nurses, because the person on the front desk can make the biggest impression.

“We are also good communicators.  If we pick up a vibe that someone is distressed we take them away to one of the quiet rooms and speak to them about their treatment.

“It’s a chance to have a one-to-one and explain the treatment the patient is having and why they are having it and we also keep people up-to-date about what’s happening to them.

“Some patients may have a break and when they come back and see familiar faces it is reassuring for them to know that they are going to once again get the same quality of care.”

The team’s nominator said: “They really do care about their patients and their skill, professionalism and advice leaves me feeling utterly confident in their care.

“They make my weekly treatment so bearable I actually look forward to it, how many patients receiving intensive chemo can say that!”