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May 2018

Royal Hospital for Children - I was referred here by my doctor and I can say from the bottom of my heart the people here are the nicest I’ve ever met. I felt so welcomed and I had a lady from clinic 8 who did an ultrasound on my heart and it was obvious she was so dedicated to her work. I also had a consultant who talked me through some things and she was very helpful. I was only here for a few hours but it’s amazing how much people’s actions can affect your life without them knowing. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget these incredibly nice people, I only wish I caught their names.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Dr McConaughy was absolutely brilliant. I can’t explain how kind, thorough and reassuring he was. He gave my husband all the information he needed to understand and seamlessly explained and reassured me medically (as I have medical knowledge). He had the intuition to tell us both to stop worrying it was something either of us had done. After a very stressful experience in the preceding four days where I felt communication was very poor, his input was absolutely superb and an example of true excellence. I hope this gets fed back to him.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I was admitted via A&E as I was very ill and I was told that I had to have surgery immediately. I have nothing but praise for the Critical Care Team and my Surgeon who saved my life. I spent a whole month in various wards and each person from domestic thru to surgeon was caring an totally professional and made every effort to help me during my stay. I had to spend another week not long after I was released due to a bad infection but I was treated by same team as previously. They work so hard to help and make sure your happy with care you receive I cannot praise the staff highly enough.

Royal Alexandra Hospital – I visited general surgery for a breast lump and subsequently sent for a mammogram and ultrasound. Every member of staff I met was courteous, friendly and treated me with respect. They explained everything to me very clearly and made me feel relaxed throughout my time there.

Stobhill Hospital (New) – I attended hospital for endoscopy and was a very nervous patient. Worried about surroundings and procedures. Nurses were lovely and caring and put me completely at ease. The whole process was over in around an hour and there had been absolutely nothing to be worried about. Thanks so much.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I attended A&E on Monday 21st of May, and would just like to praise the amazing work of the staff there. I was made to feel safe, cared for and valued in a very distressing situation. I would like to mention a second year student nurse in particular who showed immense compassion and understanding. Thank you to everyone who helped me and keep up the good work, you are a credit to the NHS.

Victoria Hospital (New) – I would like to thank all staff, from the very welcoming Mags at reception, lovely lady, while waiting an elderly gentleman on his way out actually sang a love song to Mags , everyone waiting smiled Mags slightly blushed. Then I was taken into day ward by Heather a staff nurse, who was very helpful and reassuring as I was very nervous. Heather was so attentive to my needs and everyone else, its the kind of nurse you want, who is dedicated to her job. Thanks Heather! Also Jackie took my BP and happily told me all was well, then 2 other nurses wheeled me through to procedures room, think one was Bridie. Then I met Doctor Glen for the second time. I feel very privileged to have such a well known surgeon, renowned for his work do procedure on myself. The first endoscopy I had was different as I was totally sedated, this time I was partially, and still very much awake, so Doctor Glen seen how nervous I was, and rescheduled, sorry for inconvenience to everyone. Thanks to all staff in room.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would like to thank the staff off wards 10c, 10d & High Dependency. But most grateful it the wonderful doctors, nurses & staff especially Drs. Pam Docherty, Drs. Mark & Allistair. However our heartfelt thanks to Gavin & Doreen who worked tirelessly to save my husband. He fortunately recovered much to our relief. Gavin & Doreen were not only kind & caring to my husband but to our family. Again many thanks to Mr Grey & staff cardiologists, & many more. They not only saved my husband but a father, father in law & a grandfather. Much love & thanks from the family.

West Glasgow Ambulatory Care Hospital - I went to see Epilepsy Specialist Nurse, Clare today and she was what all medical professionals should aspire to be. She is friendly while keeping things professional. She LISTENS to what I think is wrong with me instead of assuming how I feel unlike a few other professionals I have seen and she makes me feel comfortable enough to tell her everything about my situation without fear of embarrassment. I am very thankful to be under her care.

Renfrewshire - I’d like to say thanks and well done to the lovely ladies at the Sandyford, Paisley. All staff I encountered were nothing but friendly, patient and very welcoming. They made my experience a lot less daunting!

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My son was involved in a RTA on 28th April and admitted to A&E, neuro ITU and ward 63. I would like to praise the staff involved in his care from A&E, Neuro ITU and ward 63. The care, kindness and compassion shown to us was outstanding.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - Recently my granny has attended Inverclyde Royal Hospital on a regular basis. All of the staff have been very helpful, however one staff nurse has went above and beyond her duties. Sara who works in the fracture clinic has been amazing with my granny, always making her comfortable and making sure my granny had everything she needed. Nothing was ever too much, and it was evident she genuinely cared about the treatment my granny was receiving. I hope Sara gets recognised for her amazing service she’s provided on more than one occasion.

Victoria Hospital (New) - On behalf of my family, I would like to praise the care given to our dad by the terrific staff in Ward 1. I am disappointed not to be able to name the fantastic staff in person however I appreciate your policy on this. What I will say is that, during what the most difficult time was for me and my family, the care given to my dad and to us during his final week was nothing short of incredible. The staff not only looked after my dad, but my family and me during the time we stayed in the hospital with him. Nothing was too much trouble for them - both day and night staff ensured he was comfortable and that we were also ok and I feel they went above and beyond. They really deserve to be praised and thanked for the care, compassion and respect they showed throughout this time. The whole team in Ward 1 who looked after us are a credit to the NHS and we could not have asked for better care. We will be forever grateful to them for supporting us through this very difficult time.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I was touched by the wonderful attentive treatment I received at A & E when I came in with a broken elbow. From the triage nurse and radiologist to the people who examined me and set my cast, I felt from beginning to end that I was in the best of hands. Thank you for providing me with excellent care and support.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - After a heart attack I attended cardiac rehab although initially I was not keen to. After being convinced this was the way forward, I attended all available classes and was really glad I did. The staff are amazing and dedicated to what they do and I’m sure, but for them many patients wouldn’t recover as quickly. They give confidence to you as a patient as to the level you can exercise which I wouldn’t have had, had I not attended these classes. All staff, medical and physio are fantastic. Keep up the very important and much appreciated work. Many Thanks to you all. Nothing personal, but I hope I don’t have cause to see you all again.

Royal Hospital for Children - Following my son’s recent hospital admission under ENT, at day surgery I just wanted to let you know how fantastic your staff are. From the nurses on wards, the doctors, consultant, anaesthetist and health care assistants, everyone was kind considerate and very patient. Amazing staff! Well done.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - Just to say that the help I was given today to find out which ward my relative was in was excellent and staff represented hospital so well and went out of their way to help me .Thank you

Community Health Services and Health Centres – I was unaware that I could make a direct referral to NHS podiatrist until advised. I telephoned and was allocated an appointment very quickly to Bridgetown Health Centre. Then referral for procedure made and I was very impressed at the speed of receiving an appointment letter. Date was in very reasonable timescale. Attended Springburn health centre in March. Very impressed with service. Wound has healed nicely too. Well done

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Hi. Can you please pass on my huge thanks to your paramedics and ambulance crew that cared for my husband yesterday, he collapsed in the Pollokshaws branch of Screwfix at approx 17:00 yesterday. My husband took very ill yesterday whilst driving back from a funeral and called into the branch for help before he collapsed. The level of care and compassion he received by your all staff has restored my faith in humanity. Please ensure the nursing and support staff (QEH receiving ward 5 room 84) receive this feedback and get some kind of recognition for their kindness, support, training and professionalism. If this is not the best way for the staff to receive this praise please advise the best channel to use? Thank you so much again on behalf of myself, husband and all our family. Kindest Regards.

Vale of Leven District General Hospital - Having been an Audiology Outpatient at the Vale of Leven hospital for the past 2 years I've always received excellent treatment from the staff there. However, this comment relates to recent experiences as my wife has had a CT scan at the Vale that revealed her cancer had spread to her ribs and spine. Whilst she was receiving her CT scan a few weeks back I got chatting to the patients waiting to be scanned and was surprised to hear they'd come from as far away as Dunoon, Inverclyde and Perth, which I thought was impressive. We often read stories in the press about how bad the Scottish NHS is and that has yet to be my experience. Without exception the staff at every NHS facility we've used have been exceptional, despite the press and politicians trying to talk them and the service they provide down. Such criticism is rarely factual and paints a picture of a service in crisis, which isn't the reality in every area we've been involved with. The bad news for us was that the CT scan provided evidence of a serious deterioration in my wife's condition. When we went to the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Clinic to get the results my wife was admitted on the spot for emergency radiotherapy and further scans. There was none of the waiting in corridors for a bed as she was taken straight to an assessment area, seen almost immediately and then taken to a ward. Next morning her CT scan was followed up with an MRI. Before my wife came out of the MRI room I heard our daughter had arrived in the ward so I went back up to tell her what was happening. To my surprise the neurologist was already at the ward with the results of the MRI ready to give them to my wife as soon as she arrived back. He gave a very clear description of what was happening in her spine, the area they were most concerned about, and told her what treatment they proposed doing. He also said that the MRI had found an anomaly at the very edge of the scanned area. That afternoon she had her first radiotherapy on her ribs and spine and the following morning she had another CT scan to clarify what the anomaly was. Sadly it turned out to be 2 lesions on her cerebellum so back came the oncologist to tell my wife very clearly what treatment they proposed doing and what the adverse side effects could be. The next morning my wife had her second radiotherapy session and a bone hardening infusion. If this comment seems to be going on a bit we've still always to go so hang in there! So far things had happened literally like clockwork. If it had been pre-planned it couldn't have been better and more slick - indeed it was difficult to keep up with the pace of the unfolding events. My wife had no adverse reaction to any of her treatment so she was discharged and scheduled to have her remaining radiotherapy sessions as an outpatient. They all happened last week and again she was seen at or very shortly after each of her appointment times by cheerful and efficient staff. Over the past weekend my wife started getting headaches and on Sunday she was sick whenever she tried to eat. This continued into Monday so we saw our GP, who immediately referred her to the Vale of Leven for medical assessment. We arrived at the Vale of Leven Medical Assessment reception at 6.25pm and my wife was taken in for assessment within 5 minutes. By this time she was very frail having kept nothing down since Saturday evening. I was allowed through to be with her about an hour later to learn she was to have an emergency CT scan on her head, which was carried out at about 8.30pm. In the meantime she'd been on a saline drip to rehydrate her. The duty Medical Assessment doctor said that the scan showed her brain lesions had bled internally, hence the headaches and sickness. She said my wife had the option of staying in overnight or going home and my wife elected to go home. By the time her second bag of fluid had been infused my wife was feeling 1000% better and had her usual spring in her step as we went back to our car. Tomorrow she'll be fitted with a head mask at the Beatson so her head is held very still during the radio therapy she starts next Monday on her brain tumours. It would be hard to see how her treatment thus far could have been better at either the Vale of Leven or the Beatson. Wherever we've been the staff have been exceptional and the treatment world class. My late sister-in-law was treated for cancer at the Royal Marsden in London and my brother said the treatment she received was not as good as the treatment my wife has received here in Scotland. Their staff are absolutely fantastic and the only complaints we've heard from them are how they never feel valued by the media and those politicians who play politics to win points. It's about time the media actually go and see for themselves how the vast majority of medical services in Scotland are fantastic rather than focussing on a few problem areas that I'm sure are being addressed. Remove the plank from your eyes and see what's really happening! My only niggle in all this is the difficulty sometimes finding parking at the Vale of Leven. However, knowing that the patient care is exemplary I can live with that and at least in Scotland hospital parking is free!!

Gartnavel General - I would like to note my appreciation to all staff who provide the breast surgery care at the hospital, from diagnosis to discharge the care and support I received from Mr Wilson’s whole team and all ward staff was exemplary and I can’t fault any aspect of the care I received. This care made my whole patient journey at a difficult team more bearable and for that I will always be grateful. So thanks again for a fantastic, patient focussed service

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I would like to shower praise and admiration on Derek Hayes a triage nurse at GRI, A&E first for spotting a double brain abscess in my partner of 27 yrs 3 months ago, and again for his kind treatment on Monday again when I fell embedding a small piece of glass in my wrist. I had also been suffering from extreme nervous energy and sleep deprivation that continued even after my partners release from ward 63 Q.E.2 university. While being treated for a minor wound Derek recognised myself and remembered admitting my partner earlier. After talking with Derek I am not as stressed and slept the best I had in months. I cannot be more grateful.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I had an MRI scan on 12:05:18 at 14:15. For once it was at QEUH & not INS and this concerned me. The radiographer was fantastic. He put me at ease by taking time to go through things with me. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable and kind.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Had a colonoscopy yesterday. The staff where fantastic, while I hope I never have one again I was well treated. Many thanks.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I have two visits to GRI in Glasgow over a few days recently. One through minor injuries at the ED where the nursing care was compassionate and professional. Orthopaedic input and plastic surgery expertise was second to none. The second visit involved the acute assessment unit attached to ED and in there the nursing staff provided expert care, taking bloods and cardiographs - all with compassion and a friendly, kind approach. The medical care was excellent, gentle approach and well informed. I would like to think the staff in both of these units get this feedback from the local manager if this is possible. All staff introduced themselves by name and said what they did in the department. Once again thank you.

Royal Hospital for Children - Very fantastic in outstanding building for the little ones, plenty for them to do in play with, all very colourful, great art work, had a great experience at the hospital today my little girl. Day surgery staff are amazing with our children, what great care we received hats off to them for their great work they put in and the hours, overall very happy with our visit.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My son 4, had a recent fall and was admitted to ward 2C on Saturday 28 April, needed stitches on his chin and lip and required a general anaesthetic. The nurses and support staff were amazing, so helpful, friendly and supportive. The day nurse Pippa was fantastic, that really put our mind at ease and looked after my son and me really well. All the staff were great. We were all in such shock and so worried it was great to have such supportive amazing nurses and support staff to help. Thank you so much

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Hi, Last Tuesday afternoon, our mum, was knocked down by a car in Jamaica Street in Glasgow and suffered serious internal head injuries. Sadly she passed away peacefully the following day in HDU 1 in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, surrounded by her extended family. We would like to put on record our appreciation and thanks for the compassionate and professional way she was treated by all NHS staff, from the Paramedics through A&E and finally in HDU 1. Every single person we dealt with treated mum with the utmost respect and kindness throughout, and this helped us all through this awful 24 hours. I’m afraid that I didn’t catch any names in A&E but I must mention the HDU staff nurses; Tess who looked after mum all night, and Lynn, who was with us at the end. Both of them showed the utmost compassion and kindness to mum and all of the family. The NHS gets bashed all too often, but our experience in this awful situation was as good as it could possibly be, and once again we would like to pass on our thanks to all concerned.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would just like to say I am an inpatient and to praise the staff at radiology. I had a pick and a Hickman line inserted by David in radiology. With the help of Nicola and then Ann the staff made me feel so relaxed and at ease as I was so worked up about this procedures there caring above and beyond and I would just like to say thank you to them.

Stobhill Hospital (New) - I got out today after a 4 month stay at stobhill hospital ward C I had a stroke. The care I received was exceptional and the nursing staff had the patients of saints. I know I made a few mistakes but not once did they make fun of me, other fed up at neonates they got me to calm down and get on with things. I only wish I had some big words to say thank you as I will be forever grateful for all the helping. It put my faith back in human nature. Thanks again.

Victoria Hospital (New) - I would like to say thanks to Nurse Graham Fraser in the day surgery unit of the New Victoria. I was receiving in patient treatment and he was very professional, considerate and made me feel at ease. I appreciate how tough a job nursing must be and I would like to give a huge thanks to Graham.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I have been attending the Assisted Conception Suite, Queen Elizabeth Building within Glasgow Royal Infirmary for the past few months. These visits have been challenging both mentally and emotionally at times but every member of staff that I have came into contact with have been nothing but informative and professional at all times. This includes administration staff, nursing staff and medical staff. It’s obvious that the team works as just that ... a team! I cannot thank them enough for their genuine smiles, ‘good mornings’ and conversations in what can be a tough time. It’s the small things that make a difference! I am proud of the NHS we have and this team is an asset to it.

Stobhill Hospital (New) - I had day surgery on Saturday 05/05/18, I would really like to let the staff know how amazing they were from start to finish, from the surgeon Mr Duxbury, the theatre nurse, anaesthetist and the wonderful nurses, thank you so much. A fantastic team and very caring friendly professionals each and every one of you.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Recent stay in Ward 7c. Nursing staff very caring nurturing and professional. Doctors very caring, listened attentively. Very experienced. Dr Lee performed bronchoscopy so gently and with such skill. An outstanding doctor. Food good, hot and varied choice.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I had day surgery in the ENT department of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. I was really nervous about it. The staff were amazing, very friendly and took the time to explain what was going to happen so I wouldn't be so nervous. I would like to thank the staff for making the experience better and also for their amazing manner.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Fourth time in seven months as a patient in here, the care is second to none, the ward staff are all friendly and helpful, I cannot find one complaint against staff. Seems you only hear bad stories....but the good work goes unmentioned, respect to all cleaners nurses Doctors and Consultants...keep up the great work.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I attended an appointment at the ear, nose and throat outpatient service 16th April, 3pm with my daughter. I just wanted to praise the nurses at our appointment. My daughter was only having her ears flushed but I must say both ladies (sorry, don’t remember their names) were absolutely fantastic and made the experience extremely fun and relaxing for her. She has always kicked up a fuss when it comes to me dealing with her ears but after the ladies have had a chat with her about the importance of keeping the ears clean she now reminds me about the ear drops! It’s only a simple thing but I really am very grateful for the care given at the appointment. Thank you.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - Had an appointment on 1/5/18 at 0910. Arrived early and arrived at respiratory labs rather than reception. Met and introduced myself to a lady that advised I was in the wrong place but would have to see her for a lung function test that had been ordered, and did I want it done now. After the test was done she escorted me to the correct reception area. Was seen promptly by the consultant. All in all a pleasant experience.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Had a CT scan on 2/5/18. Arrived early for 14.30 appointment but was seen within minutes. Reception area very welcoming and receptionist courteous. Radiographer who carried out the scan extremely courteous professional and charming. Explained procedure clearly and succinctly.

Victoria Hospital (New) - Thanks to New Victoria Day Surgery. I am normally on the staffing side of things but today was on the other side and can’t thank nursing staff enough and Mr Locke and his team. From when I was first booked in till I was escorted out everyone was very professional and helpful. Thanks again to all involved.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Would just like to say that I received excellent treatment from physio Rosie Davie, she put me at ease straight away as she had a lovely manner. More people of her calibre in the health service would definitely be an asset. A true professional.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - On attending A& after a fall I was diagnosed with a broken upper left arm. I would like to thank all the staff who attended to me with care and kindness.