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July 2018

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would just like to express my thanks to Kate Bourne in the maternity labour ward. I had the most amazing experience and it was all down to the fantastic midwife I had. I really can’t thank her enough.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow – I attended A&E with a burn. I received fantastic care, taken very quickly, reviewed by triage and straight to see consultant. Treatment provided really fast. Along with analgesia nurse (male) was very supportive and informative. Given appointment for consultant’s clinic which I attended for five weeks. Fantastic care reviewed and informed wounds redressed and re appointed for next visit. Nurse Hepburn attended me several times, her attention to detail was above and beyond, covering small window to protect my dignity, given cover to cover me. Her hand hygiene was impeccable, what a lovely nurse, she needs to be told this please. I have now been discharged, I had no waiting, was greeted well, nursing and consultant care was first class. Totally grateful for the care given brilliant thank you

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Hello I am writing to ask that this feedback be relayed to the sister/manager of Ward 10a (Orthopaedics) at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and that my comments be further passed on to the nursing staff in question. I was in Ward 10a from Wednesday 16 May 2018 until Saturday 19 May 2018. Staff Nurse Rebekah Graham - due to her demeanour and professionalism - made my stay much more comfortable than I had anticipated. She was very kind and respectful, and made it seem that nothing was too much trouble for him. She always appeared calm, unfazed and cheerful, even when I was aware that, much of the time, she was under pressure. To me, she is the epitome of what an excellent nurse should be. I would further like to give special mention to several auxiliary staff. I believe one of them was called Anne who worked day-shift, during the time I was in hospital. I believe she has been an auxiliary nurse for many years (and had previously worked at the site when it was the Southern General Hospital). I met her number of years ago when I was in hospital previously. It was lovely to see her again, and she was as cheerful, kind and hard working as ever. Truly worth her weight in gold. Another staff member who left a positive impression upon me was an auxiliary nurse who worked night-shift on Wednesday 16 May. His name was, I believe, Derek or Drew. I had a really bad reaction to the medication I was on. However, in his professionalism, he did his best not to make me feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. He gave the impression that cleaning up after me was all in a night's work for him, no big deal, and that made a positive difference to how I felt. Similarly, I met a lady next morning, whom I believe may have been a ward sister (she wore a dark blue uniform). She treated me with a similar respect when I was ill in front of her. I also briefly met a staff member on Friday evening, 18 May, whose sunny demeanour was much appreciated. She had blonde hair and glasses, and may have been an auxiliary nurse, as she came round with the refreshment trolley. I would very much appreciate that this comments are passed on to these lovely hard working people - as I would like them to know that their kind and respectful manner with patients goes a long way to making our stay in hospital easier. With my kindest regards on the 70th anniversary year of the NHS

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I received treatment at the Acute Receiving Unit at SGHU on 20Jul. My experience in a serious situation was made less stressful from all the team working that night. They were experienced professional caring and understanding, keeping me and my husband and advised every step of the way. The treatment I received was first class and I cannot praise the team highly enough. I was transferred to Ward 6A where I also received excellent treatment. In my opinion, all these hard working staff deserves more financial recognition for the service they provide. Thank you NHS - never let this public service go into privatisation.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Had a CT scan at Queen Elizabeth yesterday, lovely friendly staff who were very helpful, kind and caring can’t remember the young man’s name who looked after me, but I had turned up two hours early and was taken as a space was available he helped me back out to my son as I couldn’t see very well I can’t thank him enough for his kindness at a very scary time for me.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Had a procedure carried out today by Mr Graham and his team. The service was excellent from the moment I arrived to discharge. Staff were friendly, professional and attentive. Thanks to all involved.

Gartnavel General - I wish to thank all staff for the excellent care I have received during what was quite a traumatic time for me. I especially hold in high esteem both Dr McGowan and Dr Brogan in ophthalmology department. Thank you all so much.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - After having a serious accident in work I was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where I was treated so well by every single member of staff I encountered. These men and woman are heroes to the likes of me and the care each and everyone showed was something that I will never forget. Thank you so much every single one of you

Royal Alexandra Hospital - was into A & E at 10.00am got see by medical staff got x-ray & see by medical staff again left hospital at 10.32 that what a call a great service. Well done NHS staff

Royal Alexandra Hospital - In June I went into RAH for surgery. Unfortunately I took a reaction to one of the drugs given. The care I was given was wonderful. When I later returned to hospital to have surgery, needless to say I was apprehensive bearing in mind what happened before. All the staff were very supportive especially the anaesthetists on the day Dr Meechan (not sure if that is how it is spelled). He appreciated my concerns and reassured me by talking to me about it and his manner. When I got to the anaesthetic room he and Staff Nurse Susan Graeme were just so calm and confident I felt entirely safe in their hands. Everything went well and I am grateful to all the staff and thank God for the skills he has given them.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I would just like to thank the staff on wards 69 and 70 (urology) for the excellent level of care they gave me whilst I was in hospital having my operation. I have never had to stay in hospital before and was pretty worried about it but the care they gave me made the whole experience as pain free as it could be. They do an amazing job. Thanks again.

Royal Hospital for Children - On Wednesday night my daughter fell from a significant height at a kids play park (Bearsden) and was transferred to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children. I would first like to pass on my sincere gratitude to the ambulance staff who were absolutely first class and ensured my daughter was given pain relief and thoroughly checked for injuries. I would then like to praise the A and E staff. The doctor who treated my daughter was compassionate and diligent and made my daughter feel safe. The nurses were also really professional and had great communication skills which put my daughter at ease. Finally, I would like to thank the orthopaedic team/ward and physio whose expertise made my daughter's journey very smooth. I cannot express in words how grateful I am to the NHS staff that were involved. Too many times we hear the negatives but I feel it is necessary to share our experience and highlight what an amazing job you are doing. Thank you so much.

Royal Hospital for Children - On the evening of Friday 6th July 2018 we attended A&E at The Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow, with our 4 week old son. We could not have been more impressed with the level of care that we received. All of the staff (from reception to the triage nurse, A&E nurses and medical staff) were polite, efficient and professional. A special thank you to Dr Polly Kenyon (Paediatric Registrar) who was exceptional. We are very grateful to the wonderful service the NHS offers.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My wife gave birth to a baby boy on 9th June 2018 in the Labour ward of QEUH. We could not have been more impressed with the excellent care we received. All the staff we encountered (from maternity assessment to labour ward and then ward 50) were kind, helpful and professional. We are very fortunate to have received such truly world class care and we are forever grateful to the NHS. Special thanks to Polly (maternity assessment), Seonaid (labour ward), Dr Gibson (labour ward), and Alison, Amna, Angie and all of the team on ward 50.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - All staff on the IAU were extremely kind, caring and helpful, had lots of tests done very quickly before admitting the patients to the ward.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Our family wish to express our thanks and gratitude to the staff of the Older Adult Unit, in particular Ward 5 for the care, compassion and respect they displayed to my father in the last days of his life. Not only did they provide excellent care to my father they demonstrated great kindness and patience towards all the family when they visited and made demands of them. We were inspired by the nursing staff who remained resolutely cheerful in extremely difficult circumstances.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Had an appointment with Dr Kennon recently for my type 1 diabetes. Having had the condition for 25 years I was very impressed with his approach. It was obvious he's keeping well up to date with current research and was translating it to what I could do practically to improve without being condescending. Absolutely ace.

Royal Hospital for Children - Me and my husband were very impressed with the treatment our son received when having his toe surgery! The staff were lovely but I really wanted to thank Elaine on ward 1A as she was so helpful and so nice to our son. Nothing was a bother for her and everything was done with a smile! We appreciated the fact that when he complained of a headache he got the chance to have his own room with the lights off to help! Overall all the staff were lovely and Mr Hajivassilou has done a great job with the surgery.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would like to say a huge and very grateful thank you to the staff of the Neuro Institute, Scottish Ambulance Service, Dr Amit Roy, and the rest of the ED team, Mr Pete Chan, SCN Gallagher and all the lovely staff on ward 10D, the domestic and catering staff for their friendly faces while I was on the ward, Theatre ODP, anaesthetist, recovery nurses Their empathy, professionalism and friendly faces over a very stressful 24 hours confirmed to me how very special our hospital and the NHS is. I would also like to thank the orthopaedic clinic staff from reception, porters, plaster room, radiographers and orthopaedic registrars for my ongoing care.

Community Health Services and Health Centres, East Dunbartonshire - I apologise that this feedback is well over due. My little girl is now 16 months and I have been meaning to send my thanks to Ellen (midwife at Milngavie Clinic), Christine (midwife at Milngavie Clinic) and Sandra (administrator at Milngavie clinic) since she was born. Sandra was always such a friendly and welcoming face to see when booking in and arranging follow up appointments. Christine was great at my pre natal checkups, but was absolutely fantastic when she came to visit us at home after our wee girl was born. She gave me great advice about breast feeding, expressing and sleeping. I exclusively breastfed my little girl until she was one and I truly believe that the help and advice I received in those early days were key to my success. I feel Christine looked at our family unit and gave advice tailored to our specific needs. Ellen saw me for the first time at my last pre natal appointment at the Milngavie clinic. I was very anxious that my husband would miss the birth as he works offshore and was due to leave before my induction date. Ellen went out of her way to contact the hospital and arrange for an appointment with the consultant. She then called me to follow up and make sure I knew what was happening. At the hospital appointment the consultant made the choice to induce me and we had our little girl a couple of days later, after a great labour. My husband and I had 10 days with our wee girl before he left for work. We took her home together, did her first bath together, and took her for her first walk together. These things are priceless and I think if Ellen hadn't been so great, my husband would have missed the birth and our post natal experience would have been very different. Massive thank you to staff that go above and beyond xx

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Please thank Mr McGraw and the team on ward 23 for their care of a dislocated distal humerus. I was able to travel home in a slab plaster and had an open reduction and internal fixation on 3rd July.

Gartnavel Royal Hospital - I recently stayed in ward 3 and I am overwhelmed by how well cared for I felt by all of the staff, nurses and doctors. Firstly, I have had ongoing gastric issues for years and the doctors in ward 3 have finally listened to me and are attempting to help. Secondly, the nurses were so caring and efficient. They came to me within seconds of buzzing for them, they held my hand when I asked and sat by my bed until I was done throwing up. When I became unbearably warm they repeatedly wiped my neck and back with a cold cloth and made sure I had a fan next to my bed with some ice. They gave me everything they could to make me the most comfortable I could be and when I cried they told me I would be ok. Thank you! Thank you!

Stobhill Hospital - I used the New Stobhill Out of Hours Service for the first time yesterday. I found the staff to be really professional and friendly and was put at ease by this. The waiting time was rescannable and the environment comfortable and when seen I was treated with respect and kindness. This is the best out of hour’s service I have ever experienced and I have a chronic condition which means I have accessed this service in several locations.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Hi there, I wanted to write on behalf of the our family to thank you for the care which Joe M received at the QEUH. Joe was admitted on 2nd May and moved to Ward 51 in the Langland’s Building on 3rd May. He received care there until he passed away on 29th June. Through a difficult couple of months during which it was clear from an early point that Joe was not going to make a recovery, we visited Joe – his wife virtually every day, his daughter and son several times a week and me (Joe’s son-in-law) a few times a week. Throughout this time and without exception, the team in Ward 51 were professional, caring, compassionate and friendly. Dr Anderton and her team of doctors looked after him so very well for which we are so very grateful however we wanted to mention how much the efforts of the frontline staff meant to the family. I cannot express how much this has meant to us. We want to express our thank to the whole team without exception and although we’re reluctant to name names as I don’t want to leave anyone out as the were all terrific, can I mention in particular those whose names we do remember?! They are Maureen, Etta, Karen, Rachael, Angela, Yvette, Linda , Tricia, Julie, Gwen, Gillian, Lexi, Shanti, Tommy, Lauren, Frank, Aoife the occupational therapist and Francis the palliative care nurse. The team made us feel as those Joe was being looked after by family. We wanted also to express our thanks to the hospital chaplain for attending on Joe as well just before the end, which the team were good enough to organise for us. I worry that in this day and age people are very quick to complain but not as quick say how well things have been done. I hope that this message is some way helps to redress that balance. Please do let the Ward 51 team know how grateful we are and how much their dedication and care has meant to us. We would really like them to know. I appreciate that the feedback form says that I shouldn’t put anything in my comments which could identify me but my concern is that the Ward 51 team won’t know who we are and how grateful we are! So I’ll also send these comments by email to [email protected] All the very best from all the family.

Princess Royal maternity - My partner was admitted for induction on Saturday 7th July, we would like to praise Fiona Craig who was our midwife. Fiona went above and beyond all expectations to ensure my partner was kept informed, well cared for and her positive bubbly nature lit up the room and improved the whole experience. We would like to thank Fiona for all her hard work and attentiveness throughout our stay in ward 73 of the PRMH.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I wish to extend my appreciation and thanks for the excellent treatment I received during and before my stay at the QEUH. The staff and volunteers, without exception, were exceptional- I cannot praise them enough! many thanks.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Professional and amazing nursing from ward 7 in particular Orthopaedic and Maxi Facial.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My 89 yr old mother-in-law had an appointment at the diabetic clinic for problems with her eyesight. She was seen by 4 different members of staff, to process her through various checks/tests. Each member of staff was extremely kind, patient and proficient. Whilst the waiting room was very busy, we were processed through each check very quickly, waiting no more than 5 mins in between each check. This made the experience much easier for an elderly person. I would like to thank the staff at QEUH, from reception downstairs, the nurses, optical professionals and the doctor, for their attentiveness and care. This was the 2nd time in a week that I attended a GG&C hospital and was impressed by the service. They don’t get the praise you deserve. Thank you.

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Elderly Mental Health - My 89 yr old mother-in-law had an appointment at the diabetic clinic for problems with her eyesight. She was seen by four different members of staff, to process her through various checks/tests. Each member of staff was extremely kind, patient and proficient. Whilst the waiting room was very busy, we were processed through each check very quickly, waiting no more than 5 mins in between each check. This made the experience much easier for an elderly person. I would like to thank the staff at QEUH, from reception downstairs, the nurses, optical professionals and the doctor, for their attentiveness and care. This was the 2nd time in a week that I attended a GG&C hospital and was impressed by the service. They don’t get the praise you deserve. Thank you.

Victoria Hospital (New) - I received an appointment for an electrocardiography just 3 weeks after my GP requested it (it was a non urgent appointment). I arrived at check in at 10.25 for a 10.30 appointment and was back in my car at 10.50! I would like to compliment that staff for their patient care, which was excellent, and pass on how impressed I was with their efficiency. The NHS in GG&C never get the praise I think they deserve. I’ve always had excellent service. Thank you.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would like to pass on my appreciation to the staff in the Vascular Dept. In particular the Staff Nurse who looked after my welfare in Ward 11D on 05JUL.

Princess Royal Maternity - Dear Sir/Madam, I’m writing to you to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to your wonderful staff at the Glasgow Royal Maternity Hospital, as I write this I still feel emotional but very lucky that these wonderful people saved my babies life, my baby was born by emergency section at 3.18pm on Tuesday 3rd July 2018, I am 41 years old and had a healthy pregnancy and two previous normal deliveries therefore thinking I’d have my baby with no problems, however my baby had managed to wrap the cord round her neck twice meaning a normal delivery would never had worked. Things started to go wrong when I was in labour and after they broke my waters her heart rate dropped to a critical level and the whole team swung into action to ensure my baby was delivered safely, this then resulted in the emergency section. From the staff in ward 73 and 72 to the Labour Ward Staff Marion and Rosemary to all the Doctors, Surgeons, nurses and everyone else involved in my experience please make sure they know that what they did will stay with me forever, I realise they were doing their job but by god they did it so well whilst under immense pressure with peoples life’s at stake. I can't express enough the gratitude I feel so can you please pass this email to each and every one of the staff, you are all heroes in my eyes and I’ll make sure my beautiful baby girl knows what you did to save her. Thank you.

Victoria Hospital (New) - I fractured two fingers today and had the best ever treatment from the nurse led minor injuries at Victoria. Nurse was called Julie and was a joy to be treated by. Her assistant was also excellent (can’t recall her name) and I was treated very well, and my grandsons were also welcomed into the unit as my daughter had to drive me following my accident. I can’t praise the staff highly enough including reception staff and radiographer too. Please pass on my thanks to your fantastic staff.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital & Queen Elizabeth University Hospital - I was recently referred by my doctor to Inverclyde Hospital for emergency life saving surgery which was carried out on 22/05/18 followed by another emergency operation on 24/05/18 I had multi-organ failure, septic shock, acute lung injury and renal failure. I was then transferred immediately thereafter to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital where I was initially managed in ITU and then eventually stepped down from HDU to the ward. I wish to express my utmost and sincere thanks to the surgical teams, nursing staff and all support staff at Inverclyde, QEUH for saving my life. They are all highly professional, dedicated, committed and caring people who make an outstanding contribution to the health of their patients. Once again my special thanks to all of them, you should be so proud of your contributions to the NHS!

Glasgow N W - I just wanted to leave feedback, primarily praise! About the service we received when our child was poorly over the last week. Our GP surgery- Knightswood Medical Practice - went above and beyond to make sure she got the care she needed and we genuinely cannot thank them enough for their time and effort. The reception staff responded quickly, heard our little one in distress over the phone and asked what was happening so they could organise an appointment which was really after closing time, we then saw the GP who was lovely, reassuring whilst also thorough and sent us to sick kids to make sure she hasn't missed anything because our usually happy girl was so upset. Sick kid’s receptionist unfortunately weren't great. Reception staff continued a conversation between themselves rather than even acknowledging me at the desk with my sick child. An acknowledgement that you're standing there is all it takes to make a patient/ family feel like their being cared for, I don't mind waiting but there should be acknowledgement of existence. I revisited the desk later and was left standing again whilst they continued a non work related conversation. Triage nurses were lovely as was the reg that we saw once admitted. Unfortunately however our little one didn't pick up after discharge so we called the GP for further advice on the Thursday as she still wasn't eating, drinking and was very lethargic. The receptionist again organised an emergency appointment for us as the doctors deemed her too small and fragile to wait. We saw the GP who clearly delayed her clinic to accommodate a thorough check over of our daughter, she called sick kids to chase up a urine result urgently and again organised for us to go to sick kids with a very detailed description of what had happened so far. The receptionist this time was much more welcoming thankfully. Once admitted to medical majors we were repeatedly told by a couple of staff that they were full of D&V bugs who didn't need to be there. We pointed out that she didn’t actually have a D&V bug but we were very worried about her lack of appetite / thirst and lethargy but were told that all the kids had been the same and GP’s we're incapable of care in the community. This made us feel like we were wasting medical time and that we were putting our daughter through unnecessary distress which - being from a medical background and having numerous members of family who specialise in paediatrics we knew we were doing the best possible thing for her and if we'd left it and she'd gotten any worse we would never have forgiven ourselves. We were told she'd be given an IV bag of fluids which never materialised and we were never told why or given an update that her bloods had come back o.k. from a dehydration perspective. We were then sent to CDU and the reg was lovely she managed to examine our daughter and leave her to sleep which she was in desperate need of and reassured us that we'd done the right thing, gave us advice for discharge and gave us the results of her bloods. All in all the service we received was brilliant, we both work for the NHS and I would he proud if my staff treated patients in the same manner as Knightswood medical in particular. There were certainly failings in attitude from some staff, particularly reception in sick kids which I think would merit generic feedback to the reception team without wanting any individuals go be particularly chastised. We appreciate that paediatrics is a delicate field and some children are at risk so staff need to be aware but we certainly felt that we were being judged for bringing her even though it was actually the GP who sent us- judged not necessarily by medical staff but by staff in the clinical field - all we can do as parents is our best and feeling like we're being judged for that in what is a horrific situation as it is having to see your little one already very poorly then having to be examined and bloods taken etc has really stuck with me.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My time spent on the gynaecology ward was due to unpleasant circumstances but was made much more manageable by the excellent staff on this ward. I found all members of staff very empathetic and caring which made my experience easier. I have a huge appreciation for the impact these people had at a very difficult time. I felt well cared for and as comfortable as I could be. The staff in this ward should be commended for their excellent work and lovely manor.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I had to visit the A&E department on a Thursday evening during a very busy period. The staff appeared to be stretched but despite this everyone I encountered seemed very caring and personable but also very efficient. I did have a long wait but felt cared for and very grateful for the attention received and all staffs manor during a very difficult night.