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February 2018

Victoria Hospital (New), ENT - I attended for surgery under general anaesthetic on 27.2.18. My experience was positive from start to finish. Every member of the day surgery unit and theatre staff, introduced themselves immediately and their role. Every member was professional and kind. The nursing care plan for the day was outlined clearly by the nursing staff and the different aspects of the procedure were explained clearly by Miss Hitchings and Dr Love. It made me feel entirely calm and perfectly safe throughout. Before I left, the consultant returned to explain her findings and the planned follow up and the nursing staff sat down and discussed the post operative instructions clearly. They couldn't have made the experience easier or better.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Ward 44 Coronary Care Unit - Certain staff members need to be acknowledged for their amazing nursing skills and fantastic personalities. Very difficult and emotional time for myself and family but staff went out their way to make us all comfortable. I can’t thank them enough! This is what NHS needs. Thank you again staff at ward 44

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I was admitted into ward 3 due to collapsing in work. I received fantastic care from each consultant, doctors, nursing, auxiliary and domestic, every staff member to say was fantastic. I work in a nursing home so I know exactly how stressful it is but each day they came in they put a smile on your face. Especially the sister of the ward she’d make sure everyone was okay and looked after properly. The nurses in that ward especially Rebecca (Beccy) & Laura (Dee?) are two of the most down to earth nurses, made you feel welcomed into the ward. I couldn’t thank each staff member enough for putting up with my annoying self. NHS staff doesn’t get enough credit for what they do! Ward 46 staff is amazing too!

Inverclyde Royal Hospital, A&E - I fell on ice and broke my wrist six weeks ago. I was taken to A&E and dealt with very promptly although it was a weekend. Staff also phoned for a taxi to take me home and assisted me to the vehicle on my subsequent two visits to the Fracture Clinic I've been seen promptly, the treatment process has been fully explained and both doctors and nursing staff were attentive and kind. Thank you IRH.

Victoria Hospital (New) - I attend the pain management service for outpatient procedures and have received courteous, professional service every time. Thank you!

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I was admitted to the GRI on the same day that my GP requested treatment. I was assessed almost immediately and sent straight upstairs and operated within a couple of hours. The staff on ward 63 were amazing and could’nt have done anything more to make my stay more comfortable. Hats off to the staff of ward 63.

Stobhill Campus, MacKinnon House - I am currently an inpatient in Struan ward. The staffs from this ward are absolutely amazing and do their job to their best ability. They are friendly, easy to approach and talk to. I trust and respect each and everyone of them. They know if I’m feeling down even before I do and they put relevant tools in place and are always able to talk to without judgement. They need to be acknowledged for the great, amazing work they do. Credit where credit is due. Thank you Struan nurses.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - I would like to praise and thank the staff in Stroke Care Ward K South from 24th to 26th February 2018. The doctors, nurses and ancillary staff could not have been more helpful and caring during what was a fairly stressful time for myself. A&E and X-ray staff is also to be commended. Thanks to all.

Princess Royal Maternity - Hi, I had an elective C section on 20 February 2018 at the PRM. Our care was simply excellent. From the anaesthetic, the surgery, the care in recovery, and the care from the staff in the post natal ward (and our brief visit to SCBU), I have nothing but praise. Everyone was incredibly professional, kind and compassionate. The wards were all exceptionally clean and well organised. We could not have asked for more and I would not have wanted to give birth anywhere else in the world. Thank you.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - Last year, we had fertility treatment the ACS in GRI. On 20 February 2018, I gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy. He has brought us happiness that we did not know was possible. The service provided at the ACS last year was fantastic from start to finish. All the staff was highly caring, professional and compassionate. We could not have asked for better care. Thank you.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I was an in-patient in Ward 21 during February 2018, and spent 6 nights as an in-patient. All the staff I met, in the Ward itself, at pre-op assessment, in Theatre, at X-ray and from Physiotherapy could not do enough for me. I found them to be very caring, professional, committed to patient well-being, and patient-focused. There was considerable evidence of a strong ethos of understanding the patient and their needs. I cannot fault my care in any way. Thanks to everyone concerned: that this was achieved amidst obvious staffing and other resource constraints is surely phenomenal but also ultimately unsustainable in the long term. I hope this feedback is communicated to the relevant staffing teams/departments.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - Had to bring one of my rugby boys in on Sunday 25th February. Thanks to all staff at A&E for prompt and reassuring care. Much appreciated one very grateful Coach - Thank you!

Gartnavel General - I had an out-patient appointment on the afternoon of 24 Feb this year, and would like to pass on my thanks to ALL the staff who were involved - reception staff were friendly and helpful with information, the Consultant was excellent, explaining things well and without jargon, the member of staff who did my Breath Tests was again helpful, easy going and explained everything well, and the poor frazzled nurse who amongst many other tasks it seemed, took my bloods, managing to appear cheerful and interested.

Stobhill Hospital - having recently attended for an MRI scan I can assure you I was extremely anxious about having this treatment done. I can only praise the nursing staff involved who were David, Lyndsay and Sarah who were very patient with me and allayed all my anxieties and helped me go through with the MRI scan, a great big thank you to the three of them for their professionalism and care they showed me

Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital - Having just completed my first outpatient therapy week within the Homeopathic Integrated Care Centre, I have to thank the famous five who appear to have managed to change my whole outlook and overall well being in only 5 days. Jackie, Katrina, Michael, Stephen & Stephanie... you are so undervalued by the NHS, I feel totally humbled & overwhelmed by your knowledge and compassion to help, I hope this is the beginning of a new adventure for not just myself, but the new friends I met and could relate to...The services you provide are so needed by so many more individuals, the number cannot be counted. I could say so much more ...Forever grateful x

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Fantastic emergency service in A&E acute receiving ward as staff were first class! Surgical ward and recovery from general surgery ward was great. Staff very attentive and helpful! Helped greatly with my recovery thank you.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I attended A&E at GRI around 2.30/3am Saturday night going into Sunday morning. I received excellent care from the senior nurse practitioner, staff in Xray and the medic from Plastics. The interior of A&E dept was clean and comfortable. The medical staff stayed calm and professional despite some aggression and foul language from other patients. I cannot praise them highly enough. Thank you.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I just want to say a big thank you to all the staff in ENT (and Urology for the bed ) for looking after my son, who was admitted yesterday with a quinsy. I am so grateful for the kindness, efficiency and care he received. Thank you.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Husband had chest pains, ambulance arrived within 10 minutes. Two ambulance men were wonderful, ECG and other tests done, taken to A&E, and more tests, ECG, blood , x-ray etc. Nurses and doctor were beyond excellent. Thank goodness husband able to go home with pain killers, antibiotics and mind at rest. Cannot praise everyone involved highly enough. Medals all round if I could.

Gartnavel General - Cannot thank the staff of the endoscopy clinic enough, although very busy, I was always treated with respect, dignity and fully informed. Well done to all staff providing a friendly, professional and caring service. The high standard of cleanliness and organisation is brilliant.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Reception at A&E was fast, efficient and kind. I was taken to a cubicle within 5 minutes of arrival with what could have been a serious problem and admitted to a ward later where the attention (1c) was excellent and again kind and caring, from the Professor and all his support staff.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Recently spent three weeks in ward 24 RAH and wish to compliment all the doctors, surgeons, specifically Ms Lindsay Chisholm, and staff who cared for me .....A credit to the system.

Royal Hospital for Children - My daughter had an MRI scan at 18.45pm on 15 Feb 18. She is only 6 and we worried about how she'd be during the scan. The staff we encountered was AMAZING!!! They paid such good attention to my daughter and explained everything to her in a way she would understand. Scan went without issue. Many, many thanks to those ladies.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I had my knee replacement on Tuesday 13th February under the care of Mr Leach. I would like to thank Mr Leach and his orthopaedic team on Ward 10A. The care and attention I received during my stay on ward was absolutely fantastic. The nursing staff went out of their way to help me and carried out their duties in a very professional manner a true credit to their profession.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - The cardiac rehabilitation team were amazing they helped me to relax and build my confidence. They are hard working caring and patient and are hopefully recognised for everything they do. I can't thank them enough.

Stobhill Hospital (New) - I have been attending Rheumatology at Stobhill for close to 10 years. Sister Liz McIvor and her team provide an excellent, professional and caring service. I cannot praise them highly enough and consider myself very lucky to be looked after by such amazing staff. Thank you to all!!

Royal Alexandra Hospital - The staff were amazing considering the workload they were under. Thank you and God bless you.

Princess Royal Maternity - I just wanted to say how amazing the PRM has been amazing I am expecting again after having three miscarriages . This pregnancy has not been without complication. The care I have received from a very senior consultant and the specialist needs in pregnancy team has been nothing short of outstanding . I suffer from severe anxiety and nothing has been too much for them to help calm me down thank you so much.

Royal Hospital for Children - My son was admitted to Ward 3A for one week. The patient care he received was without fault. The nursing staffs were so caring and cared for my husband and I as well as my son. Kerri my son’s physiotherapist was truly amazing and patient when working with my son. From the doctors to the catering and domestic staff, we were treated with great care and all our concerns and needs were met. Thank you so much.

Victoria Hospital (New) - I attended a gastroenterology appointment today at the New Victoria Hospital in Glasgow and would like to say the service I received from my consultant was outstanding! My consultant was warm and friendly, and took the time to explain everything in great detail with a sympathetic attitude. My consultant could not have been more helpful and for that I am extremely grateful. I would just like to say a massive thank you, his attitude and patience were greatly appreciated, he is a credit to the NHS.

Royal Hospital for Children - I would like to praise the excellent service at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow today. One week after referral our baby was seen in outpatient’s clinic 2 and 4 and we were very impressed by every staff member including the receptionists, healthcare assistants, nurse and doctor we saw. Everybody was very pleasant, courteous and efficient - please pass on our thanks and praise to all the staff.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I was recently treated by the High Dependency Unit 2 team after receiving a catheter directed thrombolysis. Both the team in this unit and the team at the CT lab were fantastic. I could not fault them in explaining everything that was happening and my after care. Half of a patient’s anxiety is due to not knowing what is involved in any procedure, this was not the case with the CT team they were outstanding in their approach and made me feel completely at ease. Once back on the HDU2 ward the team were faultless in my care and I was able to observe them caring for other less fortunate patients than myself. Their patience and approach to their work is to be commended. I have been in multiple hospitals as both an in and out patient over the last fifteen years and both the High Dependency Unit 2 team and the CT team are the best I have encountered.

Victoria Hospital (New) - I have had several appointments since breaking my ankle in December. On one occasion I had to wait almost 2 hours to be seen but this was due you high levels of falls (bad weather) the rest of the appointments have been on time. The staffs are all very welcoming, friendly and helpful. When you walk in the door you are greeted by friendly staff helping with where to go. The reception staffs at the Fracture clinic were also very kind. The nurses and doctors/consultants have also been incredibly caring. I have been incredibly happy with all the care I have been receiving and would like to praise all the staff very highly!

Vale of Leven District General Hospital - I just wanted to say how fantastic the nurses and radiographer at the VoL were (minor injuries, X ray and plaster room). Friendly, professional, reassuring and answered all my many questions. An impeccable service. Thank you so much.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Acute Receiving Unit and Ward 4C. My 91-yr-old mother was admitted recently to these areas and would like to thank ALL the staff for their care and attention given to my mother and resolving a serious condition very quickly. I was impressed with the number of personnel that were in contact with her and how reassuring they were leading to a stress free hospital stay.

Vale of Leven District General Hospital - I attended the Vale of Leven hospital on 6/2/18 for elective surgery. The reception staff where most welcoming and helpful. On arrival at the day surgery unit I was welcomed and made to feel at ease immediately. I was asked to wait in an appropriate area. My named nurse continually spoke to me while I was waiting, as did other staff members. I was informed at all times and the staffs were extremely helpful, courteous and could not have done more to put the patients at ease. My named nurse was very helpful and made me feel at ease, she took the trouble to find the surgeon to enable me to meet him. The surgeon was extremely nice, kind and very professional and informative about my procedure and options, giving me time to process these and to put me at ease. On entering the waiting area for my surgery I was handed over to the day surgery staff with great courtesy. I was introduced to the staff and was always looked after and made to feel that nothing was any trouble. After my procedure I was awakened very gently and told of how my procedure had gone. I was treated with the utmost care and attention by all. I cannot praise the staff enough and thank them all for the care and attention afforded to me that day.

Vale of Leven District General Hospital - I wish to thank all the team at Vale of Leven Hospital. They were very professional caring and attentive. Keep up the good work you are an awesome team!

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My almost 4 year old little boy was admitted with a suspected testicular torsion. Everyone I encountered from reception to the staff on ward 2c was first class. My little one is utterly terrified and every member of staff took the time to get to know him, chat, reassure and make him smile and for that I will be forever grateful. He will be attending the hospital some more as a renal issue was detected during our stay and I am so happy to not have to worry about his future visits. He may well still be a little reluctant but he knows, as do I, that he will receive the best care.

West Glasgow Ambulatory Care Hospital - I would like to express my gratitude for all the help I received from Vicki Harris, Chris Breslin, and all the staff I don't know the name of. In particular, Dawn at reception has been crucial to me getting through a change from Gartnavel, and without her support I would have given up. I would like these comments to get to all the staff at Physiotherapy: thank you very much for all your help and efforts - you made a huge positive difference to my quality of life.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - To the Accident & Emergency staff at the QEUH. My daughter and I would like to thank all of the nurses and doctor who dealt with us on Tuesday 6th February between 2.30am and 5.30am. They were all so lovely and amazing. We are extremely grateful for the fantastic work you do.

Stobhill Hospital - Hi what a service provided by the staff at the A&E Stobhill on Thursday 25th Jan 2018, 10pm. My daughter was ill and we decided as per advice from the NHS 24 service to visit A&E. As always myself and my wife were very impressed with the professional service provided to my daughter. Well done.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Delighted to give praise to the NHS. Magnificent staff from A&E, to all staff in wards, including the porters. You are all truly wonderful. Keep up the magnificent work you all do, if it weren’t for you all there would not be a NHS. The treatment my father received was exemplary, so proud of you all. They make such a difference to so many people’s life.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Today, having suffered chest pains I attended the A&E dept. Great service, kind attentive staff who displayed excellent customer care and emotional intelligence. A young doctor, Jamie had a wonderful manner and was reassuring as well as realistic. All staff was genuinely first class from A&E to ARU 2 staff and Doctors Very good humoured also an absolute pleasure.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - I received excellent care from all the staff that looked after me when I had my gallbladder removed. The nurses in particular were very attentive and caring. Thank you.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Had reason to bring my daughter to A&E in the early hours of 22nd January with severe abdominal pain. The nursing and medical staff who dealt with my daughter was fantastic. She was dealt with quickly. All the staff who dealt with her was kind and professional. A credit to the department.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My mum was admitted to orthopaedics via A&E last night and wanted to praise the health care assistant (William - mc 'something') who was finishing up his shift in the x-ray department. He made sure all of the patients were seen in the correct order, had a very friendly attitude and went above and beyond to take my mum to the ward because there were no porters even though he had finished his shift and it wasn't actually his job. The porters themselves were overworked and notably stressed and if it hadn't been for Billy we would have been left sitting for a long time. He took the time to chat to us and make us all more relaxed whilst also ensuring all of the patients were comfortable with water and sick bowls etc.

Royal Hospital for Children - My son broke his finger yesterday and was seen in A&E by ENP Mark Lilley, he was fab as always, x-rayed by the lovely Jess and then sent to see plastics doctor, Mr Thomson and then over to Clinic 12 to be greeted by Stacey who was lovely. Louise Ballantyne in orthotics fitted his splint, she was also lovely and very patient, all this was done within 2 hours!! Great team and great care given by everyone in RHC, good job xx

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Very happy with my recent treatment for prostate cancer . Very professional team . I could not have been in better hands. Thanks to everyone

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - On a recent visit for a bi-op I was amazed at the level of care and attention I received from all members of your staff from the reception, nurses, doctors who attended to me during my time there many thanks.