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April 2018

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Having broken my wrist yesterday and attended A&E, I would like to thank the staff there and in the fracture clinic for their care and kindness. They were a credit to the hospital and I am very grateful.

Gartnavel General - Excellent polite service today. A pleasure and please send my compliments directly to the staff member. Thank you.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I had been suffering, husband anxious about potential from flu for several weeks. Got up around 3.30am to go to the toilet, felt dizzy and fainted. Fell backwards, bashed head. I'm on Warfarin for permanent fibrillation, husband anxious about potential cerebral bleed, got ambulance and into QEU Hospital A&E. Within an hour of arriving, I'd had a CT scan of my brain, a chest X-ray, an ECG, and was hooked up to a monitor, blood oxygen, oxygen and a saline drip. I was admitted to a ward shortly after all these procedures and diagnosed with pneumonia. Released 2 days later on antibiotics. A&E team and medics and nurses on ward super efficient and super nice.

Victoria Hospital (New) - I attended the minor injuries clinic last night to have my foot checked over. Every staff member I came in contact with showed the utmost respect and professionalism. This is a great service; thank you.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I love coming here haha... It’s so colourful, the staff are always cheery and polite:)

Vale of Leven District General Hospital - High praise for the nightshift nurse Mary. I was in MAU at VOL between 10:20pm of 5/4/18 – 2:30am 6/4/18. I was scared as I felt rough from an iron transfusion. Mary reassured me, gave me a hug, talked me through everything that was going to happen. As a young person with kidney disease I often get looked at as if I’m at it. Mary looked at me with compassion and understanding. I felt listened too. I received the great care! she even looked after my mum who was concerned. Please please tell Mary she is a wonderful nurse!

Victoria Hospital (New) - I was treated this afternoon at Victoria minor injuries by senior nurse Julie. She was excellent, friendly, explained everything. She gave me good information on how to deal with my complaint. Well done Julie.

Victoria Hospital (New) - Would like to thank all staff today in the day surgery unit (Mr. Walker clinic) who looked after our 15 yr old son having ACL surgery, after a year of appoints at 4 different hospitals, staff were outstanding at the Victoria. Thank you all so much for looking after our son.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Thank you so much for saving my leg after a bad fall causing a compound fracture of my femur in three pieces. From initial reception at A&E through anaesthesia, surgery, aftercare on ward 23 and physiotherapy. I was treated and looked after throughout professionally and cheerfully. Many thanks. The one downside I observed was the awful behaviour of two of my fellow patients on ward 23 who between them demonstrated racist, verbal and physical abuse towards the staff who continued professionally and cheerfully regardless.

Royal Hospital for Children - My daughter attended the RHC yesterday for a tonsillectomy and I wanted to express how happy I was with the overall experience we had. Apart from a 2.5 hour wait pre-op (which we expected anyway) our experience was fabulous. The nurses, porters, surgeon and anaesthetist were fantastic in their level of care. Her room on the ward was fantastic and very clean. Staff pre-op, in recovery and on the ward were very friendly, approachable and attentive. The facilities for the children on the ward are fabulous. So all in all a great experience. A big thank you to the staff for taking such good care of our baby!

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I am massively impressed by my experience as a dermatology outpatient today. I only had a short wait to get my appointment and from arrival to seeing the consultant , to getting a follow up appointment, everything went so smoothly and efficiently. I appreciate not everything in the hospital and the NHS works perfectly all the time but this was the best experience I have had with the NHS and I feel it is appropriate to say so as there is more than enough negative feedback.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I just wanted to provide some feedback regarding my recent stay at Glasgow royal. Unfortunately on Tuesday last week I was awoken with serious gallbladder pain. I made my way to Glasgow Royal where I was seen at A&E very quickly and was treated brilliantly right from the start. I wanted to give special thanks to my surgeon Mr Mitchell. I was very nervous and scared about the prospect of surgery but he was very reassuring and answered every question I had with patience and a caring attitude. Some times with the NHS you can feel like “just another patient” but I genuinely felt like Mr Mitchell cared about his patients and was very knowledgeable and reassuring when it came to discussing my treatment. On the ward it was clear that he is thought of very highly by both staff and patients and is an absolute credit to Glasgow Royal. I obviously hope I never have to have surgeon again, but if I did I would hope it would be with Mr Mitchell.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would like to thank ESP Susan Morison for her total professionalism and understanding this morning. Also Dr Brown neurologist who Mrs Morison was working with in conjunction with my care. Its theses type of professionals that make Our NHS in Scotland what it is ( The Best) thank you both.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Thank you to the staff at RAH A&E last night who gave me prompt, excellent treatment to a vein which had burst on my ankle and which was spurting blood everywhere. Couldn't be happier with the courtesy and care which I received.

Stobhill Hospital (New) - I attended the breast clinic at Stobhill hospital yesterday and being an NHS worker myself, we do not often get praise. I could not praise the staff any higher within the unit I. From the reception staff to auxiliary workers, nurses, consultants, radiographers, they were all excellent from start to finish. In what is a very worrying time for a patient attending such clinic, they re-assured you and were extremely compassionate throughout my journey. The Journey through the clinic and imaging was seamless and I cannot thank them enough for their input and expertise.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I would like to thank all the staff, from reception to nurses to consultants, who all treated me with courtesy, respect and excellent care. I had a very angry and swollen finger & suspected an infection. I was seen fairly quickly by a nurse, then a consultant, who decided to take x-rays and blood tests; after which a decision would be made as to the cause. These were carried out and I was then seen by an orthopaedic consultant, who informed me that I had no broken finger bones, no infection; but did have arthritis and an attack of gout or pseudo gout. Medication was prescribed and I went home. I was so impressed with the diligence and quality of care, the attitude and efficiency of all the staff, and should like to say a very big thank you.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My wife is currently in ward 47 room 3 after having our 2nd baby boy in your hospital .... I’m taking this time to write a short message to just say I was absolutely bowled over by the level of care and genuine compassion shown by your staff . . I will be at the hospital tomorrow again this time with gifts to thank each and every one of them personally . Great job ... although I am please I would not want this or my details shared on any social media platform .

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I wanted to leave feedback about all the staff I came across during 5 nights as an in-patient at the RAH during the past week. From Dr McManus to the staff involved in ultrasound, CT & MRI scans, to the nurses in ward 4, everyone was so lovely, helpful and made me feel a lot more comfortable and at ease than I otherwise would have been. I can’t thank them all enough.

Princess Royal Maternity - My twins are 9 months old now. I wanted to email my thanks before now but haven't had a moment! I was quite anxious about giving birth to my twins with all the potential complications but it all went extremely well. There were lots of staff on hand to assist during the delivery. I think I counted 2 midwives (1 trainee), 2 anaesthetists, 1 anaesthetic assistant, 2 paediatricians and a consultant or registrar. The anaesthetist, took time the evening before I was taken to the labour suite to explain an epidural so that I could ask questions whilst calm and comfortable. The anaesthetic assistant was brilliant at keeping me relaxed when I had the epidural inserted. The midwife reassured and encouraged me during labour and gave me confidence I was in good hands. The midwives on the ward where induction starts were very kind and supportive. The staff I met at the Monday twin clinic and scan appointments were happy to answer my numerous questions and gave me clear information so I could decide on what delivery I wanted. The only issues I faced were having to wait a long time to get to the labour suite after induction was started and just after my twins were born we were left quite a long time and I didn't realise that the twins weren't yet able to feed. I should have asked for help sooner. All in all it was a very positive experience. Thank you.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - The staff was absolutely fantastic from the young girl that took great care keeping the room clean to the ladies that helped with my care they were absolutely fantastic. The nurses where so kind so attentive making sure I was well and took great care in everything they did I cannot praise enough the whole team and especially the nurses that night and day looked after me. They showed great skills in all they did and especially great qualities. This is what a great care team is supposed to be about. I cannot thank them enough even the ladies that showed me so much empathy and treated me with such respect and care. Thank you very much to the RAH 32 gynaecology ward.

Victoria Hospital (New) - GP out of hours service new Victoria hospital. Excellent sympathetic management by Dr Costello Wednesday 11th April

Princess Royal Maternity - I delivered my first baby in Ward 68 of the Princess Royal Maternity and wanted to feedback how lovely the staff were from start to finish. Consultants, midwives, and other staff treated me with kindness and respect and were available to me and my partner when we needed to talk about our care and treatment. I had a very positive birth experience. Thank you!

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would just like to thank all staff involved in making my unexpected visit to be as pleasurable as possible. I went to A&E first of all, I didn’t have to wait too long before being seen by a nurse, I was then told what would be happening and was moved to another room. The doctor who accessed me was very reassuring and gentle when applying my drip. I was then moved to the ENT ward where the staff made me feel so welcome from the moment I got there. After treatment I was kept in overnight, I did not feel that I was in a hospital, such a calm warming environment ward 11B was. Everyone went over and above to take care of you, this is quite scary for the first night in hospital on your own. I am now he and on the road to recovery and couldn’t thank the staff enough everyone from the porters to the medical staff.

Princess Royal Maternity - I had excellent care when I delivered my daughter on the 7th of April the 2 midwifes and doctors throughout were incredibly supportive and I will be forever grateful for the care we both received throughout the whole labour and recovery.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I was treated on time for my appointment, and with the most courteous and pleasant staff who helped me relax as I was rather anxious. I could not have been treated any better!! Thank you all so much

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would like to say how impressed I was with a member of staff in Clinic 2 today in the Children’s Hospital. Her name I noted is Tracey - she made many people feel relaxed & special - nothing appeared to be too much for her. I hope you congratulate her.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I have been seen twice this year at RAH once by the dermatology consultants and once by the breast surgeon, Mr McKirdy. I also saw a radiology consultant and registrar in the breast imaging department. I want to say that everyone whom I was in contact with was kind, compassionate, friendly and professional. I've also been an inpatient at RAH 3 yrs ago after a car accident under Miss Chisholm and her team of doctors, plus the surgical nurses and the HDU nurses again were just so lovely, professional, and most of all kind. I think you have a great bunch of doctors and nurse radiographers etc at RAH. The atmosphere is one of caring and compassion for patients - which can be unusual in a busy hospital! Hopefully I won't have to come back but I really appreciate the care I have had from RAH.

Victoria Hospital (New) - I had to attend cardiology on the 13th April 2018 . I was treated by the nurse and physiotherapist. I was given a treadmill test which was not a good result for me. I had artery blocking or more and was an urgent risk of a heart attack . The care and speed and attention I received saved my life. I was quickly found a bed in CCU in nearby hospital and treated. Highly efficient and team. I can never thank them enough at the new Victoria hospital.

 Royal Alexandra Hospital - I had a minor procedure in Day Surgery at RAH last week. The staff were courteous and kind from the moment I reported into reception until discharge. All to be commended.

Sandyford Services - I would like to compliment Janette (Appointment date/time - 28/3 @ 13:30 @ Sandyford Clinic) Throughout the appointment she provided clear and concise information. Actively listened to my issue/s as I had a bad experience before getting the implant removed/re-inserted. During the procedure itself Janette explained and reassured at each stage. Overall experience was very positive and I cannot praise Janette enough. Thank you.