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January 2017

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I would like to thank Staff midwife Jean Wilson who works in maternity daycare in the Royal Alexandra Hospital. She provided excellent care to myself and my baby on the 30/01/2017 and acted as a patient advocate when my baby's pulse was very high and reassured me. It was very appreciated.

Royal Hospital for Children - I took my daughter to the children's A and E department and I was surprised at how quick the service was I was in and out in 30min.

Victoria Hospital ( New ) - I attended an outpatient appointment today at the Gynaecology clinic. I would like to let you know that from start to finish I was very impressed by the whole experience. I was greeted at the front door, used the self check in procedure, and having arrived early I was taken early into the treatment room by a very helpful, kind and professional nurse. I was introduced to Dr Hawthorn and following discussion the procedure was completed. I was given advice and then left the clinic before my appointment time! This is evidence of how efficient and proactive your staff and the system have become. I then visited the cafeteria and had a lovely coffee and cake served by friendly and efficient staff. All in all on what could have been a difficult day I felt cared for, treated with respect and given all the relevant information and advice to recover completely. Thank you very much to all your staff for the ease with which they do a sometimes very difficult job. A perfect example of the correct way to run your hospital.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Excellent support today although I waited 6 hours for a bed. The staff were very caring and supportive really hope I get better while I am here.

Ravenscraig Hospital - I attended the dermatology department on Wednesday 18th Jan and saw my consultant for my skin briefly before I went to have 2 biopsies removed. My consultant Ann Brown is so caring, helpful and genuinely interested in my care. She always apologises if I have been waiting long and always reassuures me of my progress. I then had 2 biopsies removed, 1 on my chest and the other on my ear at 3pm, The doctor and nurse were fantastic. They are so good together and they both reassured me all would be well. The doctor also got a 2nd opinioin for my ear biopsy just for reassurance, which made me feel better too. The surgery was painless and both the doctor and nurse were very understanding of my phobia to needles and blood. All 3 staff deserve some kind of recognition for their patient care and genuine interest and understanding. Thank you

Victoria Hospital ( New ) - This morning I slammed my finger in the car door. The nail was quite gruesome. My husband took me to the minor injuries. I was initially against the idea because it's Saturday night after all. I arrived just after 5pm, leaving our son with his nana. We were anxious about how long we would be. We were greeted with a smile from the receptionist who took my details and kindly asked me to wait. I sat and got my phone out expecting a long wait. I was literally just texting my mum to let her know when we were called through. The nurse practitioner was simply fantastic. I'm a teacher now but I was an A&E nurse before I went into teaching 6 years ago. She took a thorough history and more importantly she was kind. I was sent to X-ray and again seen in less than a couple of minutes. Back round and the nurse explained in brilliant detail and reassuring confidence that everything was okay. My finger was numbed up, dressed and I was on my way all in under 40 minutes. I honestly cannot explain how impressed I was. I honestly can't thank you all enough. Please please pass on my sincere appreciation and thanks to the MIU.

Stobhill Hospital ( New ) - I came to Stobhill today escorting my 16 year old great niece for her colonoscopy, I had never been to the new Stobhill before , the building was immaculately clean , bright and airy , receptionist , nursing staff and a porter we spoke to could not have been more friendly , kind and approachable , the porter even stood up when we approached the reception desk , I'm very impressed . My great niece says she was very well supported by the nurses and practitioner who carried out the procedure . The only down side was that there was no snack bar available as closed on a Saturday.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would like to give the highest of praise and feedback to the ladies working as Nurses (including both those wearing dark blue and light blue - i.e. all nursing staff) in the Stroke unit - Ward 1C. They provided an exceptional service to both patients and us as relatives. I would like to formally request that they be nominated for awards relating to my comment.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - All staff from Ambulance Technicians to Staff Nurses actively treated my mother who passed away within 28 hours of call being made with great dignity and respect. I cannot thank them enough for their comfort and diligence in a very stressful situation.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Staff in WARD 9A were exceptional. Thanks you

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Big Thanks to the GP Medical Assessment Unit. I was referred by my doctor 23 Jan 2017 as I was very unwell with a chest/breathing issue. I was treated very well by all the staff who provided genuine concern and resolve to get to the source and cause of my problem which they did. I am very fortunate as I keep well and as such have had no interactions with hospitals but on this occasion for me it was 10 out of 10 Thank you once again.

Assisted Conception Service, Glasgow Royal Infirmary - Hi, I had successful ivf treatment last year and had a gorgeous wee boy on the 27/12/15, we got an absolute surprise and weren't even trying and had a gorgeous baby girl on the 21/12/16. I would like to thank all the staff at the ACS.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - very impressed especially with the meet and greet staff so helpful, equally medical staff were completely professional and courteous, on time with appointments. After much adverse comment we found it to be a well managed operation, despite being very busy.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - While visiting my Mum (a patient) I became unwell. The nursing staff on J South carried out an initial assessment, contacted A&E to pre-advise them of my imminent arrival and swiftly arranged a porter to take me down to A&E. The service I received in A&E was MAGNIFICENT. I was there for four hours and during that time I was fully monitored and kept fully informed as to what was happening. Thankfully there didn't appear to be any lasting issues and I was discharged to continue the visit to my Mum. A very sincere thank you.

Stobhill Hospital ( New ) - what a wonderful dedicated team. Everything explained clearly, plenty of reassurance during the two procedures from the Nurses. They are all worth your weight in gold. Thanks to Nurse FRANK for the nice cup of Bovril.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - Excellent treatment of sub acute obstructive bowel lesion from reception in A&E, through emergency CT followed by surgery. Post op management by all of team was excellent, including all nursing, ancillary, physiotherapy and medical team. Good to have this service available locally 

Victoria Hospital ( New ) - I was a patient on the 19th January on Day Surgery within the New Victoria. I was delighted with the care I received and as a fellow GGC worker it was good to see that care was equal to all patients. I would like to thank in particular Duncan Kerr, Staff Nurse, whose care was especially top rated. A real credit to the day surgery unit.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - I was admitted to A&E dept recently after a fall. I was seen immediately, assessed and treated by all appropriate staff, with a high level of respect, care, and professionalism. I felt completely at ease. From admission to discharge I cannot fault the treatment I received. Considering the bad press the NHS receives, my experience has shown me that the exact opposite is true. Thank you! 

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I am currently an inpatient in coronary care! I would like to dispel all the bad talk about this hospital! From entering A&E with chest pain I have had nothing but the best care! All the staff from porters to doctors have been both caring and very supportive. The nursing staff have been excellent & reassured me all the way at this obviously stressful time! I have nothing but praise for this team. Hopefully I'll have my angioplasty in the morning and get home soon! Once again thank you to all of the staff!

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I attended the specialist physiotherapist service for diagnosis and treatment for a knee problem. I was impressed that the specialist physio had so much expertise, knowledge and ability to order MRI's etc. Very impressed with the staff in physio at Stobhill for on-going care. Now my treatment is over and I have (as predicted) avoided surgery I cannot praise the service enough. As a patient I also witnessed some great interactions from staff to other patients. I am a member of staff so was a bit of a mystery shopper in a way and can report we passed!

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Since my operation in early June 2016. I never awake without giving thanks to the Queen Elzabeth Uni Hospital. It is because of their staff, and professionals that I am still here, on Planet Earth. Thank you so much, for saving my much valued life! I remain forever grateful. 

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - I am extremely surprised and grateful for the excellent service I received at Mr Chappell's fracture clinic on Friday 6th Jan 2017. My appointment was for 9.25 but I arrived early for it. I had my xray and saw the doctor and was out of the hospital before the time my appointment was due. When one hears the moans about the NHS I thought I would let you know how pleased I am with the service I received at Inverclyde Royal Hospital.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I unfortunately took ill on New Year's Day and was taken by ambulance to the Queen Elizabeth University hospital accident and emergency. I would like to thank all staff concerned with my care on arriving at the accident and emergency. I would like to specifically thank the doctor who was assigned to my care when I arrived. But I would also add that all the nurses paramedics and orderly's who I came into contact with that night were superb. I cannot thank all the staff at this new hospital enough for caring and respect for me the patient. Thank you again!

Nutrition and Dietetics - I contacted your Dietetics dpt at the Glasgow royal infirmary looking for advice, my 1 year old daughter has a allergy to the protein in cow milk, I was looking for advice regarding soya milk, I spoke with the Dietetics assistant, unfortunately I have misplaced his name, he was very helpful suggesting that I leave my name and number and he would have someone call me, the very next day he called me back to advise me that he had spoken to a few people, but that the dept I called only deals with adults, so he has contacted the sick children hospital Dietetics dept but could not get through, apparently he had called several times with out success, he has now given me the correct number for me to call, which I am incredibly grateful for, what he has done in my opinion is above what I would have expected, I wish I had his name wrote down but if it's at all possible I would like for him to be given some form of recognition for his service Thank you 

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - Big thanks to ward 45 for the care received after surgery

Victoria Hospital ( New ) - Hello, I received Day Surgery on the 5th Jan 17. The care I received made a highly emotional and stressful situation extremely calm. Staff nurses Linda and Claire were amazing , they ensured that I and the other patients around me were comfortable and well looked after. The surgical team were also outstanding. Dr Sastry and her team today ensure I knew exactly what was going on and it honestly made a difference to how I was mentally feeling about the operation. I would appreciate it if you could please pass on my thanks and gratitude. 

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - My family would like to thank ALL the dedicated and hardworking staff of the NHS that have supported our Mum during her recent knee replacement operation, especially those on Ward 62 at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, the Physiotherapists, District Nurses and Occupational Therapy. Mum is improving every day, it is amazing to see her mobile again so soon after such a major op. The NHS is a fantastic institution! 

Princess Royal Maternity - Fantastic Experience. Thank you so much to your wonderful staff.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would like to thank all the medical staff at the QE midwife unit for their care when I was in at the start of December. My widwife was excellent and made me feel at ease. She clearly loves what she's doing. Once things got a bit complicated and I needed an emergency section, the level of care I received was above and beyond what I expected. The consultants who led the EMCS were were extremely caring and are a testament to how great our NHS is. The aftercare from the midwives was excellent and I felt very well looked after.

Out of hours GP service at the Vale of Leven - I attended the service at the Vale of Leven hospital on the 1st of January 2017 as I was having problems with pains in my lower chest area. The staff at the hospital were fantastic and friendly! From the minute I walked in I was looked after by the reception staff, doctors and of course the nurses! The staff carried out many tests all late on and I also got the results back a few hours later which I wasn't expecting. The nurse who carried out my tests I think her name was Betty or Beth not sure but she was so friendly and chatty and put me at ease! She explained everything she was doing and also offered me and my partner a cup of tea etc which she didn't have to do! The doctors on the ward were really good as well! Thankfully it was nothing too serious! I don't understand why people moan about our national health service when you have amazing people working for you! So thank you to all the staff at the NHS for their continued hard work!!

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Would like to thank all the staff for their help after falling yesterday