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February 2017

A & E - I was referred to the Immediate Assessment unit by an out-of-hours doctor on Wed 22 at 8pm, where I stayed until 10am the next morning. I was taken aback by how helpful the staff were and how organised the unit was. I felt in particular the nurses did all they could to make my stay as comfortable as possible and make sure I had everything I needed. I felt very silly as I was very distressed about having my blood taken, however I was comforted by a very kind nurse and made a lovely cup of tea to take my mind off things. This was just one experience of many which the kindness and professionalism of the staff struck me. Oh, and I was made better too!

Royal Hospital for Children - The staff in the high dependency and ICU in this hospital were amazing and looked after my brother amazingly and kept him laughing all the way through his stay. They may not have known what was wrong with him but they did make an attempt to find out. The nurses were amazing and so were the doctors, thank you.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Nurse C was extremely supportive, reassuring, calming and went the extra mile. I was sad when her shift finished in the morning, and wanted to put forward an official praise and thank you message for her. Thanks to her I managed to get some rest.

Lightburn hospital - My family and I would like to compliment all Nursing, Therapy and Domestic staff within ward 2 of Lightburn hospital. My mother was transferred to Lightburn from Glasgow Royal Infirmary for rehabilitation recently to ward 2. The immediate and continued care, attention and therapy that she received while an inpatient was excellent. Her progress from admission to the ward until recent discharge was much more than we could have expected .Every member of staff treated her with respect and dignity. Communication and information to the next of kin was delivered daily and we were kept up to date with every step of her journey ,Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy staff involved myself in therapy sessions wherever possible...Nothing was too much trouble for any level of staff on the floor and it was greatly appreciated, follow up care package and community teams were put in place prior to discharge, taking the worry from the family of how to proceed further. Support from the staff to myself and the family during the admission was greatly appreciated. We would like to thank all members of staff in ward 2 and know that you all do an amazing job....

Stobhill Elderly Mental Health Unit - I was a patient at Stobhill ... and the care I received was exemplary. The nurses and another lady who wasn't a nurse but fitted me for stockings etc could not have been more polite or caring. My grandma used to be a matron in a hospital and the description of how the wards ran reminded me of my experience. The lady who fitted my stockings especially could not have done more for me and was so kind running backwards and forwards getting me drinks and biscuits. I'd be so grateful if my feedback could be passed on.

General Surgery - I was admitted to the day surgery unit for a minor procedure on my back while under the care of the pain clinic team. I wish to feedback that the care and treatment I received throughout my time attending the clinic has been exceptional. From admin staff to the medical staff. All deserve recognition for the standard of care delivery.

Emergency Department  - I attended the accident and emergency dept with a broken wrist about 6 weeks ago on a Thursday evening. Whilst the dept was very busy, I was attended to by everyone there receptionists, nurses, doctors in a very thoughtful and caring way. I and my husband who accompanied me, have nothing but praise for the entire dept. Unfortunately, I didn't get everyone's names but I managed to note a few down so, amongst others, I was seen and helped by Alan Whitelaw, Johnny Gordon and Susan Young and they were all absolutely delightful to me and dealt with me quickly and very professionally but also with very great care and kindness so, if it's possible, please pass on my heartfelt thanks to them; they were just truly fantastic. They actually made the whole experience positive and even pleasant for me! Thank you for all the wonderful work you all do. Please know that it is very much appreciated by me and all my family.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My older sister was in ward 7 a recently and unfortunately died after a serious bout of pneumonia. The staff in the ward provided high quality and very compassionate care to the family who were with her constantly for around 40 hours. The end of life care provided was of a very high standard and appreciated by the family during this tragic and traumatic time.

RAH Out of Hours - I would like to say what a wonderful service we received from NHS24 and from Dr Gallacher (I think) at RAH Out of Hours on Wed 22/02/2017. My young son had a very high fever, and it was incredibly reassuring that the GP examined him thoroughly and didn't rush. My son has had ongoing health issues since birth, and I often feel checks are rushed on scheduled appointments due to pressure and time constraints. The OOH doctor also took time to explain fully what he was doing and what was going on with my son - again something that doesn't always happen due to lack of time. Very much appreciated, and a pity that day services don't have the same time. Perhaps if they did have that time, it might reduce worry and resultant appointments.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I had a sigmoidoscopy today in what was clearly a day ward under tremendous pressure due to patient numbers and bed space. The treatment I - and those I observed around me - received is a credit to your wonderful service that we all at times take for granted despite the very real threat to its existence that this present Government poses. I have always received the best treatment wished for from your staff - from Dr Gaya, my Consultant, to the hospital Porters who kindly stop to offer directions when obviously under pressure to carry out their many tasks (as a former Porter in my Student days, I know exactly how important their work and presence is) - and today's experience was no different. If you could pass on my very grateful thanks to all for their care and attention and indeed inspiration due to the professional, caring endeavour they show despite the adversity they face on a day-to-day basis.

Royal Hospital for Children - All of the staff in Ward 1A were fantastic yesterday. We were kept fully informed throughout the day about the processes and procedures. Each member of staff introduced themselves and made my son feel more relaxed about the procedure by giving him the opportunity to ask questions. Faultless care and attention from the team and a big thank you from us.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - Was a patient in June 2015 arranged admission to gynaecology ward for removal of an ovarian cyst and underwent a full hysterectomy, later diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Care was second to none surgery performed by Mr Mohammed Mhusab (?), sorry about spelling. Any lady awaiting surgery you will be scared but trust this team you will be back to work and back to normal once all is healed x

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Paisley Maternity - In October last year I was admitted as an emergency when my waters broke almost 4 weeks early. Having other pregnancy health related issues, there was no hesitation, admission it was. 36 hours later I ended up with an emergency Caesarean section when my baby became distressed and she was delivered safely...I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the care and attention I received, which was outstanding. Every staff member I encountered showed great compassion and care, acted swiftly when it was required and spent time reassuring me all would be well. Having my first child at the age of 43 was scary enough without all the complications; however everyone went out of their way to take exceptionally good care of me. I'd like to thank Sister Mannion and all her staff in ward 31A, all staff at triage and labour suite and all clinic, ultrasound and community midwifery staff for their excellent care and attention during all my pregnancy visits. I would also like to give special thanks to the early pregnancy unit who took superb care of me when I miscarried my pregnancy previous to my successful one. They truly are doing an outstanding job at Paisley Maternity, long may it continue. Thank you all once again for helping me bring my cheeky wee rascal into the world.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Was admitted to A&E on 5th and then again on 17th. Had surgery on 6th January and the care and treatment I received was wonderful.

Princess Royal Maternity - My partner and I have been in the PRMH on numerous occasions since my pregnancy began in Sept 16. The staff have been so thorough and helpful through what has been a difficult time for us. Our sincere thanks go to Marion McKeon, Dr Fiona MacKenzie and most recently Dr McMillan all within the daycare maternity unit. We have been in for scans at short notice, had concerns re the baby and all of these staff have gone over and above to look after us and give us reassurance. Thank you. They have a very difficult job to do and do it with such pride and respect for your patients.

Anchor Mill Medical Practice - I am writing to give feedback on the outstanding treatment that I received when I had a brain haemorrhage in December 2016. I became unwell at home over the space of a few hours and Anchor Mill Medical Practice admin staff quickly arranged for a home visit for me. Once the GP came to my house her quick actions potentially saved my life, within a very quick timeframe she had carried out an assessment and arranged for an ambulance. Whilst waiting she swiftly carried on assessing me, siting a cannula and administering anti-emetics. This was all carried out with the calmest and most caring manner I have ever received from a doctor. Once at the RAH hospital I was again quickly assessed, given a CT scan and rushed to the Queen Elizabeth neurology dept as a brain haemorrhage had been identified. I was then an inpatient in ward 65 for 8 nights whilst I recovered and waited on further assessments. The care I received by the nurses in this ward was of the highest standard, bearing in mind that this stay was over the Christmas period and the nursing staff never let their standards drop in anyway despite probably missing their own families. I hope you can let the staff know how wonderful and how much myself and my family appreciate everything they have done for us.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I was seen at RAH minor injuries. All staff were lovely, reception, nurse practitioner, porter and x ray. Got seen quickly and was well cared for.

Stobhill Hospital (New) - In these times of such pressure and with such a lot of negativity targeted towards our NHS, I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on my family’s recent experience in Glasgow of a hospital team that merits special recognition. We sadly lost our 90 year old mum in December and with her we had many, many experiences of the NHS in primary and secondary care and also community responses over the last 5 years or so, following a diagnosis of dementia. Many of those experiences left us frustrated and sad. I am very glad to say that her final months were spent with a team who, for me, fully exemplified what modern health care can and should be about. Following a stroke and short admission to GRI in September 2016, my mum was moved to Ward C in Stobhill for rehabilitation, where she remained until her death in December. It is a very large and busy ward with a team of around 30 staff, making it very easy to get lost as quiet wee lady with few demands to make. However the passion commitment and personalised values that I seen every day continued to impress me and the attention to detail to deliver a personalised approach that recognised who and how my mum could best be cared for was beyond anything we had seen in recent years, other than in some wonderful individual staff members within other wards. We never felt that the demands of the ward and simply managing all the challenges that threw up were ever the main driving force, quite the opposite. It always felt that my mum’s needs were the focus and the whole team took a very personalised approach, filled with compassion and caring. I know how challenging it is to make that the case in such demanding circumstances, the routine machinations of this busy ward were never the obvious priority, nor were they ever intrusive or obstructive to my mum's comfort or our time with her, which has not always been our experience. The full clinical team engaged with my mum and each of us with consummate professionalism and expertise, balanced so beautifully with a wonderful human touch, as they genuinely shared in our trauma and stress as my mum suffered one set back after another. She was never written off as just another older person who now needed care; they worked and creatively endeavoured to support her to regain as much independence as was possible. Again this had not always been our experience, particularly within targeted older people's provision. When it became clear that she was not going to recover from yet another infection the handling of her end of life care was just exceptional, as was the support, space and genuine empathy with which we were all treated over the course of what turned into quite a protracted period, as my mum fought with every ounce she had to hold onto life. For a ward unaccustomed to end of life care (they said perhaps twice a year) the attitudes and values that were consistently demonstrated across the whole team went well beyond what we had expected. A very important element being the time, space and comfort we were all afforded during those last very difficult days. Again to achieve this within such a large dynamic and challenging ward environment feels like something I want to give huge credit to. I know that managing such a consistent, targeted and positive culture within such a large team is no easy task. The Ward Manager, Stephen exemplified that culture in how he took the time to ensure we felt engaged directly with him and ensuring we felt my mum was being cared for very much as an individual and that her dignity and comfort were always paramount. He has an exceptional team there, with a few notable individuals who were simply brilliant (we can share more details if that is helpful), again I know that doesn't happen by accident and again would want to give Stephen huge credit for how he leads delivery in the ward. ..On behalf of my whole family I just wanted to hold up this shining example of how I am sure you would wish all of GG&C NHS to be viewed.

Gartnavel General - My wife and I have had an immense amount of great care and support across several Glasgow hospitals in recent years, but I was particularly impressed by the attitude and helpfulness of Pamela, at the reception desk of the eye out-patient department in Gartnavel General.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - There had been a mix up with my appointment and I spoke to Cath at the neurology outpatients appointment department she was really wonderful, friendly and very helpful and efficient. She deserves a star!!!

Stobhill- I attended the minor injuries recently at Stobhill. The service was excellent, the staff were simply great. Thank you very much for attending to me so well.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My partner has spent a long time in the PDRU unit. He will be discharged on Friday which is fantastic all thanks to the wonderful staff in the PDRU. From doctors to nurses, catering everybody on the ward all too many to name but I have to say big thanks to mo, Karen, Imelia, Rosy, last but not least Jackie and her side kick Maggie special thanks also to young Stuart who is a wee star . All these people are the salt of the earth and thanks to them I have got Ian back. Jackie keep on being you every one of yous are fantastic. I will never forget all of your kindness and all the good laughs we shared. THANK YOU EVERBODY AT PDRU.
This is just a little follow up post as I have forgot to name a couple of people ...would be very upset if I did not say thank you to his wee pal Laura also Lyndsay and a angia xxx

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - Was admitted for a lap chole last week and if being in hospital can be considered pleasurable, then this is how I'd describe my experience. The staff in both ward H south and theatres were all friendly, courteous, treated me with dignity and respect, and made me feel safe. And by this I'm not just talking about the nursing staff, the house-keeping, portering, catering and medical staff all contributed to this. Hopefully their team work is recognised

Princess Royal Maternity - I have recently just had a baby at princess royal maternity. The care that I received was second to none. The midwives that cared for me were fantastic and each and every step explained to me. I also had a student midwife looking after me and felt confident that she was more than capable of doing the job. Communication was of an extremely high standard with each and every person/department knowing my story and everything about us. I would like to thank everyone at the maternity unit for the service they provide and the care and attention they gave to both myself and my baby.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Was not looking forward to A&E on a Sunday morning but we were taken right away and immediately my husband had various tests then sent for scan and 3 hours later we knew it was a kidney stone and he was admitted. Can’t fault the NHS at all. Keep up the good work.

Vale of Leven District General Hospital - Recently I had to attend VOLH out of hours during the night. I was taken very quickly by the nurse and then see by the on call doctor quickly. All the staff were fantastic and gave me the treatment before being allowed home. I was seen and discharged all within 45mins cannot thank the staff enough.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I would like to take a moment to thank the A&E staff on duty when my father was admitted in a very poorly condition. As an NHS employee myself and as distraught relative I cannot thank the staff enough for their professionalism, kindness and determination in their attempts to help my father. The Doctors and Nurses who attended to my father were simply lovely and whilst our outcome was the devastating loss of my father they made an unbearable situation so much more comfortable, treating my father and our family with such respect. We have told them in person; however we would also like to formally provide this feedback particularly to these hardworking and dedicated staff. Thank you

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Outstanding care and attention from every member of staff in Ward 65. Mr Taylor and his team were exceptional.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Urology, Staff were first class from the minute I checked until I was discharged

Victoria Hospital (New) - Recently had to make contact with receptionist [Janice] at the New Vic Glasgow regarding an appointment and advice on my 94 year old mother. This receptionist is one of the nicest people I have dealt with in many a long day and you should be proud to have her in the Physio Department a credit is the word.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Thanks to the staff who helped me after a fall from a horse really pleased with the service they made everything easier very supportive and professional

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I have to highlight the excellent service I received today in your A&E department. On Sunday morning I fell on my friends kitchen tiles and split my head open I went to your A&E department on Sunday morning and was sent home with a bandage on my head and a leaflet. I returned to your department today with grave concern regarding the massive black eyes I had. Their staff (including Nicola Hunter) were very concerned that I had not received a CT scan on my previous visit and done their best to have me seen as soon as possible and that I was completely at ease. After having the CT scan my doctor (Seung Kim) then even chased the results and delivered the good news that I was all clear and had no fractures and was safe to fly long haul on Friday. Very grateful for their hard work and dedication towards my care and wanted it to be known. Thanks

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would just like to say that after my surgery in November last year, I cannot praise the staff enough. Was my first time ever getting surgery and a general anaesthetic, but the staff and anaesthetists put me so at ease. From recovery to my ward then the physiotherapists and occupational therapists who made sure I had the right equipment when I got home were absolutely fantastic. I know you get people who complain but we are very lucky especially with the strain the NHS is under just now. Also the outpatients I hi attend, orthopaedics and rheumatology, you are absolutely wonderful with smiles and chat every time I attend. Fantastic hospital and fantastic staff. I will forever be grateful. Kind regards. Angie. X 

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - Visited Glasgow Royal infirmary (O.P.) with an elderly person .Each member of staff was so helpful and considerate of ... needs and gave assistance. Thank you.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - I was in for Day Surgery, Stephanie P was my allocated nurse. I could not fault her or any of the staff whose care I was under. The care and attention I received was of excellent standard and at no point did I feel they could have done more for me. 

Royal Hospital for Children - We just want to take the opportunity to thank all the staff at RHC during our daughter’s treatment. In particular consultant Miss Lee and her team including her PAs. All the nurses and staff on ward 3C and a special thanks to student nurse Amy who went out her way to help our daughter feel settled and reassured her before, during and after her surgery. We really cannot thank you all enough for the service provided and our daughter is recovering really well at home. There are not enough words to express our gratitude to you all. At a hard and stressful time the staff were all there for us and looked after and guided us along the way. The ward nurses were extremely busy but always made time and nothing was of bother to them.

ICU and Ward 3C - My 15 year old son was admitted recently by ambulance after he was knocked down. He was a very sick boy! The care and attention from every single staff member we met was amazing! They were all caring loving and very professional. I've read many reports in the media of the NHS which isn't complementary but my experience was outstanding! Well done to ICU and Ward 3C

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - This might not be the most appropriate forum, but I have long wanted to feedback to the staff working in the Intensive Care department. My mother was cared for by staff after an unexpected illness which sadly resulted in her death, aged 57. She had attended my wedding just 4 weeks previously and so her sudden decline was a shock to everyone. Although years have passed, I still remember the nurses who compassionately cared for my Mum and sensitively explained the stages at the end of her life. I will never forget the consultant anaesthetist who broke the terrible news, his kindness without hiding the truth in euphemisms or technical language. I have often thought what a burden this must be, and what a hard days' work it is for these staff. Although those particular members of staff have probably left, I wanted to express my gratitude to the Drs and nurses who care for ITU patients, and their loved ones. I'm sure there are bad days, and the NHS is under such pressure and staff can feel so unappreciated, but please know that you actions, your thoughtfulness and the human touch make an impression that is remembered years later.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Just wanted to thank all the staff from triage nurses at A&E to the doctors seen afterwards in the emergency room. Huge thanks as well to doctors, nurses and the rest of staff at the acute injury admission ward and the S2 medicine and dermatology ward. Everyone was professional and caring and treated me and the people who visited with care and compassion. Keep it up, no complains about the NHS at all, you all do an amazing job.

Gartnavel Royal Hospital - The cafe at entrance is a good meeting point for patients, visitors and staff. It has a good feel to it, less noisy and busy than other catering on site. Staff are friendly and attuned to patient needs. Prices are good.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I really want to pass on my praise to all of the staff at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary. I fractured my foot in November and chipped a bone in my ankle. I had been to my GP 3 times and was sent away with painkillers and told it was a sprain. My foot was swollen and I couldn't walk. I had to borrow crutches from a friend because my GP told me I didn't need them. I got an X-ray and went back to the GP a fourth time. She identified the chipped bone and loose bone fragment, phoned minor injuries unit at Hairmyres who told her I had to weight bare and take painkillers and wait 12 weeks for physio. At this point I couldn't walk on the left side of my foot and the pain was unbearable. My friend told me to go to the royal infirmary A&E to see if anything could be done. I work for the NHS so I'm conscious that going to A&E with a minor injury is not how treatment should go, but I really was at a loss at what else I could do. I went on a Friday night at around 5pm. I was only seated for around 30 minutes and then taken to a cubicle, waited another 15 minutes and was seen by a doctor. She did a thorough examination and referred my x-ray to orthopaedics. I was home by 6:30pm which was fantastic; I expected to be there all night. The next morning I got a phone call from Stobhill fracture clinic who told me orthopaedics had looked at my x-ray and there was a definite fracture. I went to the royal and was seen by a lovely staff nurse who administered my boot to keep on for 4 weeks and advised I would stay a patient of the fracture clinic for the next 6 months should I encounter any more problems. At a time the English NHS is under intense scrutiny and their patients face 12 hour waits in A&E with life threatening conditions, I cannot help but feel extremely grateful and privileged to have received such an outstanding service from the royal infirmary. After attending 6 appointments in my locality to be turned away with painkillers, for then to be discovered to have a fracture in less than 2 days just shows me the high standard to which your hospital work. I understand that people are quicker to give complaints than praise. But I thought it important that you know the quality of service I received has made a massive difference to my daily life and my recovery, and ultimately proud to be a part of a workforce delivering such excellent care.

Princess Royal Maternity - I gave birth to my 4th child at this hospital 29/1/17. I would like to thank all the staffs that have been so helpful during the process and for the length of my stay there. A special special thank you to the midwives during the delivery who are so amazing and made everything more pleasant, Anne and Audrey from Labour suites, Thank you so much! I had a water birth and I have to praise PRM for this wonderful experience. The checking out service was smooth as well. Had the paediatrician checked the baby and was discharged an hour later. Excellent service!

Vale of Leven District General Hospital - The team that handled my endoscope were absolutely brilliant. Put me at ease and were very professional. Thank you.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Thanks to all the A&E staff involved in dealing with my dislocated shoulder tonight. Treated by competent, professional, friendly, helpful people at all stages - administrators, nurses, radiographers and doctors. Too easy to take this level of public service and the high calibre of the staff who work in it for granted.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Haematology (Blood), X - Ray, A & E, Respiratory (Breathing / Lungs), Other
The staff were superb; I wouldn't be alive without them

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I've been attending the gynaecology physiotherapist, Nicky, and she has been absolutely fantastic. This is my first real engagement with hospital staff as a patient. Nicky is knowledgeable, approachable and so easy to talk to. Can't really say I'm looking forward to my next visit but Nicky makes it bearable. If I always got this treatment, I'd be delighted.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Treated at RAH for stroke AE staff excellent very reassuring to me and relations...staff wd 2 all very caring transferred to wd4 again staff very caring and encouraging and meals lovely with good many thanks

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I attended NHS 24 and was fortunate enough to be directed to MAU where I was given an ECG followed by a scan and blood tests. I was treated so well and wish to thank everyone for their help and advice. So efficient and so nice - especially the doctor in NHS 24.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Just wanted to say how excellent the treatment I received in both the AAU and stroke unit.....triage in AAU was absolutely brilliant.....although the place was packed with patients the level of care was second to none....a big well done.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - A & E, Endocrinology (Glands / Hormones)
The staff and treatment were fantastic. I have only just moved into adult services from children's and was worried about the transition however the treatment I received was great. The only things that I had any issue with was having to go into a receiving ward first before moving to the actual ward as a regular in RHC this was new to me and quite scary especially having Autism. In RHC I was always moved quickly from A & E to my ward where everyone knew me. Also trying to get any food in GRI when I have severe allergies is an issue especially with the move from one ward to another. It takes a few days to organise because of this. Having said that my stay in the Endocrine ward was great.

Stobhill Hospital ( New ) - Been in for endoscopy, colonoscopy and hyperoscopy and uterine ablation. All services were excellent

Emergency Department - In A&E last night with chest pains 12.30-7.00am. Brilliant and thorough treatment. Thank you so much; what a team.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - This is the second admission my husband has had in the last 92 days with strokes and from the ambulance men who were so caring to us both on and after the journey to hospital. To the staff in the stroke unit who are second to none .to now the rehab unit as of 2 days ago who have been so supportive to my family and my poorly husband. I cannot praise every one of you enough. Thank you so very much for making this terrible journey. We are now on a bit more bearable.

Other NHS Services - The GP referred my mother to be immediately assessed at the hospital. She was assessed and treated for a suspected blood clot and we were out the door within 45 minutes of arrival. We were very pleased with the quick turnaround as she was scared and worried. The only other thing I would mention is that the first and second waiting rooms we were shown to as she was undergoing assessment were nearly full, only one seat remaining in each on a Friday night at 6.30pm. however they were clean and the radio in the second waiting room was a welcome distraction/ we were also pleased that she was able to take injections away for daily use pending a scan on Monday, otherwise she would have had to attend daily, so this was a good use of resources and freed the hospital up to deal with other patients as she was dealing with the problem at home, most convenient, thank you. Thank you for your excellent service

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - On behalf of the ... family I am writing to express our heartfelt thanks for the incredible care that Mum received during her all-too-brief time in IRH and in particular on J South. It would be unfair of us to single out any particular member of staff for special praise – all, whether domestic staff, nursing staff or doctors – that looked after Mum did so with incredible dedication, courtesy, friendliness and professionalism. Nothing was too much trouble. This care was extended to us when we visited and all kept us fully informed which was hugely appreciated.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I attended as a GP referral. On arrival it was obvious that the department was very busy. However I found the staff to be courteous and efficient in both check in and work up. I was then taken round to the surgical Sept where again bloods taken and see by doctor. Due to high white blood count it was decided to admit me for obs, however I was discharged later that night. I would like my appreciation to be passed on to the front line and support staff who keep these departments operating with professionalism, care and indeed good humour in what is obviously a very busy and overstretched NHS

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I would like to thank everyone concerned in my care from my admittance on 26/01/2017 to discharge on 02/02/2017. The staff in A&E, wards 24 and 26 were very caring and professional and a source of great comfort to me during this time. Top marks to my Consultant, Nursing Staff, and everyone else including Cleaning Staff for their professionalism and care. ALL STARS. Thank You

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - Just had excellent attention and care from Dr Chris (young lad from Derry) and Staff in A&E. Many thanks.

Stobhill Hospital (New) - A big thank you to all at Stobhill Day Surgery. My husband had excellent care and I was kept well informed. Thank you. They all work so hard.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow
Oncology Staff at the QEUH are amazing. Everyone is so kind and helpful and I couldn't be any better looked after at my hospital visits. The NHS is an amazing Service! Keep up the good work!