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August 2017

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I have used your facilities over the last couple of years for myself and my family - elderly/teenagers. I have been very impressed both with all of your staff even the golf cart transport and treatment. You have been wonderful with my elderly parents particularly as my mother has alzheimers. The only complaint I have is I refuse to use the new (hated) name. It has been forced on the people of Glasgow for political reasons. Thank you again for your care.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My son was born 23/01/2015 after a very long Labour my wife had to go into surgery .My son was born with the help of forceps. The midwife who took care of us from the beginning to the end - 2 hours after her shift was fantastic. She even came to see us the next day. Above and beyond her duties. A credit to the midwife job. She kept me calm and I would just like to thank her ever so much xxx

Victoria Hospital (New) - I visited my GP 2 weeks ago with a gynaecological problem. One week later I received an appointment to be seen today Aug 30th at The New Victoria. How's that for service? So this morning I was seen at Clinic K by Dr Ali and his Junior Assistant, (I’m so sorry I didn't catch your name). Both of whom were just wonderful. No matter how old in the tooth you are, a visit to a Gynaeecology clinic is at least embarrassing and awkward, but both the doctors and my “chaperone" made the whole thing bearable, and we even managed some light humour. I cannot express my thanks enough. Thank you everyone!

Glasgow N E - I do not go to my GP often. However, I recently made an appointment to see Dr Candy at Springburn Health Centre and was overwhelmed at how compassionate, empathetic and professional he was. It was a difficult decision for me to go however after my consultation I felt that he not only listened but also understood. In a very busy practice that opens early mornings and runs late nights so people like me who work weekdays can get appointments. I was overwhelmed at how this wonderful doctor made me feel, cared for and listened to. I cannot sing his praises loud enough and think his combination of knowledge, skill and bedside manner (even though I was sitting in a chair lol) is admirable!

Gartnavel General - My elderly aunt of 89 required op for trigger finger and had to be in ward for 7.30am. As she is in care home in Coatbridge this would be very difficult but was advised that was time. Linda on Ward 2A was fantastic and arranged for my aunt to stay overnight on 10th July for op on 11 July, but op was cancelled. Op went ahead on 17 Aug and I cannot find words to tell you how well all the staff, including from admissions office, treated my aunt and me as because she is profoundly deaf. I had to wait in ward in case needed for any info etc. Everyone was so kind they took the pressure off an old lady and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - Five months ago I was admitted to the Burns Unit of the Royal Infirmary in Glasgow after having an accident that resulted in third degree burns in both of my legs. During the week I spent in the hospital, I was taken great care of the hospital's wonderful staff, which helped with both of my treatment and my psychology towards my accident. All of the nurses and doctors I interacted with were fantastic at their job, really friendly and always there to help and answer any question. Their positivity and dedication to their job really made a difference for me and made my experience as pleasant as possible. Even after my discharge, the staffs have been looking after my scars and have been providing me with valuable information on how to look after my injuries and minimise scarring. Overall, I feel very grateful that I have been sent to this hospital and been treated by this amazing group of people.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I would like to say a big thank you to the consultant and nursing staff on ward 32 for all their care I received on my recent surgery and after care. Glasgow Royal Infirmary - Hi, I had a hysterectomy at the hospital and it was a very positive experience. My surgeon was very confident and I had keyhole surgery with no problems. I was only in hospital for 2 days with no pain, infection; complications etc then or afterwards and recovered within three weeks or so. It really did not feel like major surgery thanks to the staff.

Princess Royal Maternity - During my induction, labour and emergency c-section I was given outstanding care by the midwives, doctors and support staff. At what ended up a fairly traumatic birth they were professional and reassuring - I trusted them entirely. The post natal care was also excellent, and I felt much taken care of - they were very vigilant. However, I cannot praise the labour ward midwives highly enough - in particular one midwife who was with me over 2 shifts was amazing, she set my mind entirely at ease and explained everything to me in detail.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - On 1st August I was admitted after a stroke and on 5th August and transferred to Ward 56. The care there was exemplary. I HAVE to identify in particular Lyndsey, David, Charity and in physio Ben. BUT all were brilliant and they looked after me so well up to my discharge on the 22nd...and beyond. As today Lyndsey helped me out a hole when Abbot Nutrition failed to deliver my feed. Thanks to all for such superb care always carried out with a smile on their faces

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Was recently in hospital for a full knee replacement. Just wanted to comment on the fantastic treatment I received from all concerned during my brief stay in hospital. Difficult to say where the staff concerned could improve. Top marks all round. Grateful thanks.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I was admitted with a kidney stone. My father was a surgeon and I worked in a hospital and am familiar with the culture of different hospitals. The staffs at the Royal Infirmary Glasgow were exceptional. Patients were provided with information before each interaction with what was going to happen. The staff used patient's first names and made sure there was a relationship established. One nurse even found a charger for my mobile phone.

Gartnavel General - I cannot praise staff highly enough after my visit on August 25. Team in surgical admissions are outstanding, particularly Caroline at the reception desk. All staff in ward 4A was so kind and caring. Every staff member I encountered (radiography, nuclear medicine, surgery) made me feel safe and comfortable and made the whole experience totally stress free. Thank you all.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I will in to have a hip replacement and I cannot praise the staff from the specialist to the nurses in the ward enough. From the minute I arrived until I left the staff took fantastic care of me and I respect what they do 100%. So I do day in day out and always nothing was a problem even though they could be dealing with 5 or more buzzers in one go. People may complain about that hospital but not me NHS staff deserve huge respect and they get that from me.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I want to feedback on the great treatment we had at the Assisted Conception Service in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary in autumn last year. All of the staff was brilliant in their knowledge and time for us, despite clearly working in an overstretched service. They listened to all our queries with patience and kindness. I appreciated the consultants understanding, the nurse’s care and professionalism and the kindness and patience of all the other staff. I never had to chase a test result or appointment or phone call and felt like I was in brilliant hands throughout.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I was referred for tests on Friday 18th August by my GP. On arrival I was told to go to the Acute Assessment Unit. The staffs were extremely helpful and professional, and the tests were carried out in a timely manner. I was diagnosed and sent home with appropriate medication. Fantastic service and staff, thank you.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I was in for an HSG test today and the two ladies who were in the room with me were lovely. They gave me lots of information on the procedure and put me at ease. One lady in particular stood by me during the procedure comforting me and taking my mind off what was going on as it was quite uncomfortable at times. I have been to this hospital on quite a few occasions now and I have found the staff to not only be professional but also always very friendly.

Gartnavel General - Congratulations on the efficiency of your staff. I attended my annual check after having breast cancer four years ago. I was seen by the doctor within five minutes. Referred for a mammogram .Only waited for ten mins. Procedure completed in a friendly professional manner. Wonderful organisation. Such an improvement. Well done!

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would like to thank all staff from arriving at A&E reception taken through seeing nurse, doctor, porter ARU 1 staff to be taken to ward 6C everyone thank you. You don’t get enough praise for all the hard work and the pressure that is put upon you every day so from me and my family Thank you.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - Please pass on my thanks to those at X-ray and Fracture Clinics at IRH - yesterday my appointment was for 10 am, I turned up a few minutes early, and within 20 mins I was X-rayed and seeing the Registrar, and out by 10.45. Everyone was so helpful, friendly and professional - my experience of all the various NHS parts involved throughout the whole process of initial treatment and recovery from my dislocation/ fracture has been brilliant. My thanks to everyone.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would like to commend Sister Collette Campbell (Ward 8A QUEH Glasgow) and her entire team for the excellent service they provided. They delivered excellent professional care. Always going the extra mile to encourage and motivate my Father during his lengthy stay in hospital. THE LITTLE THINGS, MAKE THE DIFFERENCE both to patients & families. Thank you for making the time to care.

Stobhill Hospital (New) - Thank you to all the staff at Stobhill endoscopy department and the staff at ward A day night shift 21st22nd August everyone was so nice kind caring and considerate I really appreciate how hard you all work best wishes to all NHS.

Gartnavel General - On the 11.08.17 I attended the day surgery unit at Gartnavel General and was then admitted to Ward 4c for aftercare. I would like to praise all the staff, receptionist, auxiliary, trained, student nurses, theatre and medical staff for their professionalism and kindness. In particular I was impressed that every single member of staff introduced themselves to me, informing me of their name and profession.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital - I spend time in QEUH A&E dept yesterday. My situation was not of a serious nature so I understand the wait. The staffs from start to finish were so friendly, understanding and helpful. We should be so grateful for this service, the thorough care and attention we receive is incredible. A great hospital which wouldn't be so if it wasn't for the wonderful staff. Thank you.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - My son who is profoundly autistic (with a fear of doctors) was admitted to A&E on 10/8/17. He had fallen at home and broken his arm the staff that treated him, nurses, doctors, x ray staff were extremely sensitive to his needs and very patient with him despite being very busy. They took into account his difficulties and were very accommodating. The staff who dealt with him worked very hard to ease his distress. Thank you.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - Unfortunately I have been in Ward 10 and 7 recently and cannot thank the staff enough for the care and attention I had during my 3 admissions. From medical to nursing and porters I cannot praise them enough for the care and attention I received from them all Thank you.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I have been in and out of hospital for 20 years and since the new hospital was opened my treatment in my opinion has greatly improved I am admitted with functional neurological disorder which is rare and not much is known and I have always struggled with treatment as opinions vary on treatment but I am in through A&E and in to ward 3 within an hour or two the staff are amazing respectful and always treat me with dignity which has been a problem in the SGH there are more outpatient treatment plans like I have been given an injection at home that is not normally given at home and in turn I have been able to deal with flair ups at home so less time in hospital I just wanted to send my appreciation for the staff and Dr Lassman and gastroenterology.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I visited Fracture Outpatients on Friday to see the Orthopaedic surgeon re an appointment for O/A knees. We were greeted very politely by the lady in the appointments office, warned re the waiting time and then taken down to x-ray. I was x-rayed pretty well straight away and waited a short while to see Mr Stuart Bell. He was extremely nice and explained treatment very well. I then saw a very pleasant nurse from outpatients who proceeded to do my vital signs. What a pleasure my experience was --- well done RAH.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My husband was recently a patient in Ward 64.We would like to thank Dr Newman, Mr Dunn, Ms Littlejohn, Senior Charge Nurse, nursing staff especially Rosie and Lesley and all staff of Wd 64, Parkinson Nurse Socialists Tracy Murphy and Claire Tyrell. From the moment we entered Wd 64 we welcomed and were treated with respect and dignity. Care was of a very high standard and environment was very clean thank you once again. We felt it was important to make you aware of out positive experience.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Was admitted to ward 7D with a chest infection and spent two weeks there, the staff and Doctors were absolutely fantastic, from the cleaners and tea ladies to the nurses and Doctors, the care and attention I received was first class.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Good afternoon, I have attended the GP referrals service on Friday evening with my stepfather and on Monday evening with my partner. On both occasions there was a fairly lengthy wait to be seen over 5 hrs in the waiting room on both occasions before being called in. Once being called in to see a doctor we had the pleasure of meeting and being looked after by the senior Doctor Andrew Kidd I believe his name is. On both occasions he had a fantastic bed side manner and ensured the highest standard of care was given to his patients at all times. From only meeting him on these two occasions I believe it is apparent that he is a true asset to the department and his patients so much so, when he saw us in on Monday evening he came into speak to us to ask how my stepfather was getting on and told us how he had followed up by writing a letter to the GP. Once again he ensured the highest standard of care was given too my partner on Monday evening by one of his junior doctors (Claire) who was also outstanding and deserves recognition for her bedside manner and standard of care she gave. I feel it is incredibly important to recognise the hard work and commitment by these professionals. It was a exceptionally busy night for the staff and for the hours and shifts they work I believe they are truly exceptional individuals who deserve recollection and thanks for all their hard work! I hope this praise and feedback is passed on. Yours sincerely.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My mum suffered a significant stroke on 17 July 2017 and sadly dies on 25 July 2017. The care my mum received in ward 1C stroke ward was outstanding. Myself and my family could not have asked for better care. Although we were told mum would not recover the doctors, nurses, clinical support workers and domestic staff were excellent. My mum was treated with such dignity and respect, she was kept immaculately clean and was given medication to ensure she was comfortable at all times. We stayed with mum 24 hours a day for 7 days and were given a bed to rest in within mum’s room so there was always family with her. The staff also took such good care of us during this very difficult time bringing us a cup of tea and a reassuring word that we would get through this awful time. The doctors and nurses constantly kept us up to date with any changes in mum that they saw and nothing was a problem for them, they were all so kind. Everyone who works on the stroke ward are my hero’s because they do such an amazing but difficult job at times. As a family we will never forget the compassion they gave us but most importantly the excellent care they gave my mum.

Vale of Leven District General Hospital - Very professional treatment for a leg injury incurred in the kitchen at home. Wound checked 2 days later and very professionally treated.

Gartnavel General - Fantastic staff at the appointment that put us completely at ease with their friendly nature and understanding regarding my brothers complex learning difficulties. Keep up the fabulous work girls! A huge thank you from us. Please can this be passed on to the staff at the Endoscopy Unit at Gartnavel. Thank you.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would like to bring to your attention the absolutely incredible care I received in the QEUH recently. I was discharged 25 days ago (July 20th). I would firstly like to thank the Doctor who agreed to both admit and treat me. In the interests of privacy - as stated earlier on this page - I can only confirm that he was from Southern Germany. He afforded me every respect - even although I was being presented to him with acute alcoholic poisoning - and agreed with minimal fuss to have me treated as an inpatient. A huge thank you to him. Lastly, I would like to bring to your attention the incredible work ethic of one of your student nurses. Again, in the interests of privacy, I can only identify her as Leighanne who was working in Ward 5C on the day of my discharge. I found it difficult to believe that she was a 1st year student nurse. Her care and compassion were a very great credit to NHS Scotland. I have waited until four weeks after my admission (completely alcohol free) to send this feedback. I didn't want it to be late or vague, however, it was important to me for the feedback to be taken seriously. Her 'can do' attitude, professionalism, people skills, care skills and compassion were unrivalled in any clinical care setting I have previously experienced. Before I became alcoholic I was a senior manager with a large telecommunications company. During that time I employed someone who went on to become Nursing Times' (Post Grad) Student Nurse of The Year (she is a good friend who now works in Critical Care in Newcastle). I explained to Leighanne that she had 'at least' the same potential. She was fantastic. Her care towards me has given me the strength to abstain from alcohol - therefore she's saving the health service money! I honestly feel that she has given me the motivation to stop drinking forever, and work towards building myself back up to a state of mental and physical health where I may be reunited with my estranged daughter. I've spoken to many psychiatrists who haven't been able to deliver that message... Superlatives are hard to come by, but Leighanne was simply incredible, and I predict a bright career for her. She's already at an advanced stage when it comes to compassionate humanity. Please thank her line manager for me. And a huge thank you to 'everyone' at QEUH. Very Best Regards.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Nancy Scarf who is Mr Smith's secretary has been so incredibly helpful to me. She has been friendly and professional, has taken a genuine interest in me, remembered exactly who I was a year after previous contact. I cannot commend her highly enough for her attitude and commitment to her job, what a wonderful woman.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I was seen by Dr Susan Daisley in A&E who removed a damaged toe nail for me recently. The care and attention I received was exceptional. She is a credit to her profession.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - Dear Sir/Madam, could you pass on my grateful thanks to all the staff of Wards 64/65 for the care afforded to my son when he was a patient in these Wards over the last ten days. The treatment and care he received was second to none, and I am glad to say he has now returned home after a successful operation. Once again, many thanks.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would like to thank all the nursing staff for making my stay very comfortable they were all very friendly and kind and that makes such a difference to your recovery thanks to all. Royal Hospital for Children - My daughter was in for a tonsillectomy. I wished to thank the surgeon Miss Kunanandam for her excellent care. Also the Extremely friendly staff in day surgery ( Gail the nurse and Eilidh the Fy1, Claire the ODP) They made the experience for my daughter in no way traumatic and even fun. Finally ward 1a staff were are very caring and helpful. Everyone from Miss Kunanandam's secretary to the clerical staff have also been efficient and friendly . Again thanks to Miss Kunanandam and her team.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - I was recently a service user within IRH PDRU department and I feel the male nurse (HCSW) deserves the most praise his skills and smile on the ward made my stay a lot more comfortable. He provided me and my husband with person centre care and his positive attitude made my stay more pleasant.

Victoria Hospital (New) - I would like to thank all the staff who helped me when I was in yesterday for surgery. I felt extremely nervous about being put to sleep and they helped me feel more at ease. They were all happy and helpful. First time I have been in a hospital where the staff don't look grumpy or fed up. I honestly can't thank them enough especially when the surgery I had was regarding a D&C.

Victoria Hospital (New) - I attended the Day Surgery Unit at the New Victoria Hospital, Glasgow on 8th August 2017 for a procedure. I cannot praise the staff highly enough for the excellent standard of care received - all nursing and medical staff were so attentive, respectful and friendly. I was fully informed of all aspects of my proposed procedure, step by step care and had all my questions fully answered. I was helped to feel at ease and welcome. What a first class service. I left feeling so proud of our NHS! Thank you so much to everyone and keep up the fantastic work you do.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I am visiting from England. I had cause to visit the RAH 07.08.17 @ approx 1500 hrs. The care I received was excellent. I saw a nurse practitioner who kept me in the loop at all times. She explained treatment options and I felt involved in the plan. Her name was ENP Filmed. She was friendly, personable and a credit to your hospital. Another mention for the x-ray dept. Again, excellent. Everything explained. Thank you.

Renfrewshire - I would like to thank Dr. Smith from Strathgryffe Medical Practice and community midwife Elisabeth Corbett and all other midwives and doctors in RAH I met during my recent silent miscarriage and subsequent surgery. They were so sensitive and kind. Dr. Smith went out of her way during my GP appt with her afterwards to discuss a referral for further investigations and other aspects of the loss.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I would like to express my husband's and my massive thanks to staff from out of hour’s doctor and paediatric ward 15 who examined our daughter last night. She developed rash and was diagnosed with HSP. The staff was just so wonderful, both professionally and personally they were amazing. I only remember name of one nurse - Eunice - and one doctor - Marie MacA. Our daughter actually enjoyed all the examinations and had fun. We were kept informed and everything was explained and everyone was so kind. Thank you.

Gartnavel General - I have had excellent treatment by superb staff on three out-patient visits: two for cysts, one for eye biopsy Royal Hospital for Children - My wee girl was in ward 3A quite a few times and the staff and nurses were amazing. It’s a good ward and my wee girl got looked after well.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - My son had an accident while on holiday and ended up having surgery at RAH Paisley. Everyone we came into contact with was friendly and helpful and showed great kindness, making an otherwise traumatic event more manageable. From the car park attendant to the surgeon and everyone in between, thanks to everyone for being so kind.

New Victoria, Treatment Room Nursing - Hi, we used the services at the minor injuries clinic at the new Victoria Hospital on the 4th August 2017, around 10:30am. Unfortunately we didn't get the full name of the member of staff who attended to us, we believe his first name was Carlos. We received incredibly great attention and care from him and felt so re-assured by his demeanour and manner. He was an absolute credit to the facility and already great services offered at this hospital. Kind regards.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I am currently a patient within ward 14, and also a trained nurse although no longer practising. I, unfortunately, am the type of person that watches everything and spots where there could be improvements etc. Within this ward I cannot praise the staff highly enough. They all seem to be working under tremendous staffing pressure. The ward was run by charge nurse Darren (sorry cannot spell his last name) and in my opinion he did a great job. I understand that the SCN was on annual leave so I cannot comment on her, but it is evident to me that she runs a tight ship. The one thing I really liked about CN Darren was that he was constantly able to maintain his authority in the ward, without the staff having "fun" at work. I use "fun" because I do not mean they were laughing and joking all the time, but none of them ever appeared fed up, tired, or to put it bluntly "pissed off". To me that take a great deal of effort from the manager downwards. My only concern with this ward is that it always appeared short, and there was always bank staff on nights and sometimes days. If this could be addressed then this ward would be much better for all.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Neonatology level 1 RHSC. May 2017. Faultless excellent care by dedicated staff. Our heartfelt thanks to all nurses, medics and surgeons especially Boma Lee who did our baby's operation. Royal Alexandra Hospital - Would like to thank midwives at RAH for excellent care during admission in April and early May this year. They couldn't have looked after us better during long admission. Special thanks to Midwives Labour Ward Rhona, Amanda, Julie, Laura, Sandra,, Jacqueline and Maternity Ward Linda, Susan, Donna, Sharon, Adele, Dawn.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - On Friday the 28th July I was on a return trip home after completing the nc500 with a group of friends on our motorcycle, when I hit a diesel spill on the road and lost control of my bike. All the staff that I met on ward 22 were very helpful and I was along way from home with no family or friends nearby. The staff looked after me till I was fit to leave the hospital. Also all the staff from porters to scan and X-ray staff A&E staff were great thank you all. I am home healing and my other half has me on house arrest till I am all better.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Had a very positive experience when admitted to Medical Assessment Unit at RAH Paisley on Tuesday 1 August. Staff were excellent and had a scan arranged that day the results of which put my mind at rest. Please pass on my sincere thanks to Dr Alastair Mackay and to Laura the lovely Nurse who looked after me - it was all very much appreciated!

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I recently attended the ARU. The care & attention I received from all staff was excellent. I was admitted to the stroke ward to await further tests & again all staff were excellent and extremely pleasant. I would like to thank everyone involved in looking after me for making what was a worrying time as relaxing and as stress free as possible.

Princess Royal Maternity - During a very difficult and stressful pregnancy, I cannot praise the staff enough. From my consultant to the intensive care staff who looked after our son for 11 weeks. I could not of asked for better treatment from start to finish and the ongoing care and attention for our son is amazing.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I had a really angry rash and went to my doc on Fri 14th July. He gave me piriton and it got worse over the weekend. I was given naproxen for a sore back 10 days before, and thought that caused the rash all over my body. I went to NHS 24 on sun 16th July. Thye changed the antihistamines and said I should have a blood test on Tues 18th . Came home very ill again and was worse on bank holiday Monday, my body was turning purple. I went to the A&E dept in the Queen Elizabeth, and they were amazing. A nurse called Alan looked at my rash and didn't fob me off. He did blood and urine tests, still no answers. So he asked a dermatologist to see me and they discovered I had vasculitus and admitted me . I was in for 2 days. They started the treatment straight away, organised a chest X-ray, a skin biopsy and gave me steroids to get it under control. The whole staff of ward 2a were fantastic and I couldn't fault anyone in the hospital. But want to thank Alan in A&E as he could have sent me home with other tablets . Please pass this feedback to the hospital. Thank you!!!

Princess Royal Maternity - When I went into premature labour with my twin boys on the 13.12.16 (7 weeks early). It was a very emotional and nervous time for myself and my husband. Every single member of the NHS staff team were exceptiona,l helping to keep us relaxed and calm. I was taken for an emergency caesarean section and I felt calm and relaxed about everything. James and Lewis were born and the neonatal staff team who were in the delivery room were outstanding. I was able to see my sons a few hours later, James in the SCBU and Lewis in intensive care. The neonatal nurses could not have been any more helpful. I was full of emotion and they made the experience a very positive one. I was discharged a week later and attended the neonatal unit every day between 10am-10pm. The staff have such an amazing attitude towards their job and it made me feel confident leaving my sons knowing they were going to be in great hands. We went home on the 2nd of January after just 3 weeks and I have praised the staff and department every since I have left. I will never be able to thank the staff enough for everything they done for my wonderful sons, myself and my husband.