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June 2017

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Hi I just wanted to say how impressed I was by staff in the Acute Receiving Unit for the service and customer care delivered to me on 25/26 June but more particularly to a patient directly across from me in the same ward. This patient had clearly been in and out of hospital due to drug and alcohol addiction issues yet the staff made no judgement about the reason for him being in and gave him very high quality care in the time I was there.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I was admitted on the 2 June with liver complications. The level of service that I received was above and beyond the call of duty. The nurses and auxiliary staff did everything in their power to ensure my stay was as comfortable as possible and nothing was too much trouble. If I wanted a little sandwich at midnight they would do their best to accommodate. These little things go a long long way to keeping patients relaxed - which when you are unwell is an absolute must. The consultants that I dealt with explained what was wrong, what the cause was and how they were going to treat me (Being of an inquiring mind and a bit of a control freak due to being the MD of three companies) I was full of questions and possible problems, these were all discussed in a calm patient manner putting me at my ease. I am happy to say that was discharged some ten days later with a good prognosis. Unfortunately, I suffered an internal bleed on Sunday the 25th very early in the morning so I went to A&E again I was dealt with in professional manner and was discharged on the 28th after more tests, all of which were carried out with the minimum of fuss. I have to say that I feel that all the staff of ward 27 has to put up with a lot, in times of staff shortages, budget constraints and patients who quite frankly in some cases do not appreciate how lucky they are to be treated by such a competent and patient team. I would like to thank all the staff at the RAH, especially the staff in ward 27.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - On 22 June I attended A&E having dislocated my shoulder. I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent treatment I received from Dr Justin Long and his team. Could you please convey my thanks to him and the A&E Department?

Princess Royal Maternity - To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to express my satisfaction with NHS and the service provided during and post my labour. Before the actual labour I had never been hospitalised in the UK, therefore, I had no idea what to expect from NHS. I was admitted to Princess Royal Maternity Hospital for inducement on Friday afternoon (9th June 2017) where I was given two hormonal pessaries. I was very uncomfortable at night. I had to call a midwife at night on a couple of occasions. The care there and the medical staff were very professional and helpful. I had no qualms calling them for help at night time, which I appreciate a lot. On Saturday morning, 10th June 2017, I was sent to the labour ward. This was available for me instantly. Caitlin McFadyen was my midwife [please accept our apologies in case any of the name spellings are incorrect as these are all from memory].  Caitlin is a very professional, calm and knowledgeable midwife who is devoted to provide the best care to her patients. As I was not passing water regularly, she took a quick and accurate decision to catheterise me. She monitored baby’s heartbeat religiously.Caitlin  been very helpful in guiding me and my husband during the labour, so we both felt that our joint efforts were leading us to the intended result, i.e. successful, natural delivery. Thanks to Caitlin explanations my husband was able to monitor my gas and air intake. Trisha, a lovely midwife, who helped Caitlin look after us, was present at the actual birth. Trisha provided advice on when to push. Trisha stayed with us till I was transferred to Ward 68. After I had given birth there were sudden gushes of blood and, in total, I lost 950ml of blood. As Caitlin understands the concept of teamwork and doesn’t hesitate to ask for help if this is something that her patient needs, she called for extra help and additional consult. It turned out that I may have had a 3rd degree tear during the labour. I had asked in my birth plan for episiotomy but because the labour was progressing fairly quickly there was no time for Caitlin  to perform the surgical incision. Due to the tear, I was given a spinal and had been stitched. The staffs at the OR were very professional and made me feel relaxed although I had been terrified of being given a spinal anaesthetic. Postnatal I was looked after at the Ward 68 where, again, the midwives provided me with excellent care and showed how to change my baby. Busy as the ward is, the midwives made the time to show me how to bathe my baby and explained how to latch my baby on successfully. I was also given some literature on breastfeeding and postnatal care. After I was back at home I was paid home visits by Lisa (midwife), Jillian (breastfeeding consultant), Christine MacInnes (senior charge midwife), Dyanne (midwife), Emma Curran (health visitor from Bridgeton Health Centre). All of the ladies have been extremely professional and provided valuable advice on how to deal and cope with my baby son. The ladies regularly inspected me and Anthony making sure we both were in a good shape. Lisa recommended an ointment for my postnatal piles. Jillian monitored my breastfeeding positions for three days in a row. Christine checked how Tony attaches. Christine checked Tony thoroughly and took a swap of Tony’s pimple. Thanks to Christine’s examination it turned out that Tony needed some antibiotics due to his skin infection. Dyanne guided us how to arrange for Tony’s antibiotics. Emma took a careful look at Tony again and recommended Bepanthen ointment for his nappy rush. Thanks to the ointment the rush was gone within two days. As Tony did not put on weight over three days, Emma assured us she was happy to be back after three days to recheck his weight. With this letter I would like to stress that as a first-time-mum I feel that both my son and I have been fully attended to and we have been provided with an excellent care, for which we are grateful. 

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Fantastic staff at ward 7b don't know how to thank the wonderful work they do as a team. Nothing is too much for them, they have been excellent and caring and a credit to the nursing profession. Well done and thank you to ward 7b.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - Attended ward 48 today for a minor procedure. The staff on ward 48 were efficient caring and did everything to put me at ease. Also the doctor and theatre nurses who treated me were amazing".......thank you!

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I had a skin biopsy and the doctors/nurses that did it were extremely busy and while they were great, they didn't have too much time afterwards to answer questions. One of the nurses, I think her name was Suzanne was absolutely fantastic - a credit to the department. She sat me down, answered my questions and reassured me as I got very upset. Truly a massive thank you goes to her.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - For a variety of reasons my home birth wasn't possible and we finally gave birth to our beautiful son in Paisley. All the staff was incredibly welcoming and human but I really want to thank the midwife who accompanied us. She respected my birth plan to the letter, the delivery room in the midwife led unit was spot on, I felt safe, respected and supported on my choices. I managed to have a drug free birth in a very comforting environment, but the people, all the midwives, consultants and nurses were the best asset! It was such a big experience for me, an unforgettable time of our lives and I'm so grateful.

Glasgow N E - Following years of making suggestions about how to improve this service can I compliment you on the wonderful improvements made when scheduling a first appointment. They are faster than a private service! I handed in a self referral on 6th June, received a call on the 8th offering an appointment on the 9th! Unfortunately it was a little out of the way for follow up appointments but I was offered an appointment in my local preferred centre, Shettleston, for the following Monday, 11th. I called a private provider on the 6th could not get a private appointment until the 13th. Please keep this up Glasgow! Thanks.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - At the age of 74, I consider myself fortunate to have never needed to stay in a hospital before my recent hospitalisation at Inverclyde Royal Hospital. For about two weeks I had been experiencing breathlessness and dizzy spells and I discovered that I was bradycardic with a heart rate of less than 40bpm. I was quickly transferred by ambulance to IRH, where I spent four days in the Cardiac Care Unit (Ward J Centre). As you may expect, I was rather apprehensive about being admitted to hospital. My apprehension was totally unwarranted. After many tests, including ECGs, blood tests, an ultra sound, chest X-rays and heart monitoring, I was informed that the solution was a heart pacemaker, which was fitted on Friday, 23rd June. I was discharged from hospital on Saturday, 24th. I was totally overwhelmed by the high level of care I received and the professionalism of all of the staff. Everyone, including senior consultants, surgeons, doctors, nurses, technicians, cleaning and catering staff, were friendly and reassuring – without exception. The ward was maintained to a very high standard of hygiene and the food was excellent. We are so fortunate to have access to this standard of excellence from the people who make up our NHS. I don’t wish to politicise this message, but it is worth remembering that the main purpose of private health care is to make money for shareholders, whereas the main purpose of public health care is to improve people’s health. We should be strongly supporting our NHS. After returning home and a long sleep, I have been out walking the dogs. No more breathlessness or dizzy spells. I feel like a new man. Thank you so much to all of you who helped me through my spell in hospital and turned what could have been a worrying and anxious few days into such a pleasant and positive experience. It was a pleasure to meet you all. Thanks to all of you for the good humour and for everything you have done for me.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I fainted in the street and injured my head. Was taken to GRI by ambulance and then A & E. Treatment and staff were so reassuring and in depth. I was admitted for one night only and I am so very grateful for all the services I received.

Victoria Hospital ( New ) - My 12 year old daughter cut her hand quite badly this evening, we took her straight to minor injuries and within an hour we were home after receiving first class care and treatment. Every member of staff treated her with the greatest care and kindness, she was in quite a bit of pain and shock as well as being scared but everyone made her feel so much better. Thank you so much, we are lucky to have such amazing services.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - We would like to say a huge thank you to Midwife Melanie at QEUH. We gave birth to our beautiful daughter Daisy McGowan on 30/11/16 under Melanie's care. She is kind, caring, professional and calm under pressure and an asset to both the NHS and Glasgow. Kind regards.

Gartnavel General - I had to have an urgent appointment at the endoscopy unit at Gartnavel hospital, Endoscopy Unit. I can only say how great the whole team were on the Saturday morning the 10th June 2017. They were welcoming with a friendly approach. They quickly reassured me and when I went in for the procedure they were cracking jokes with me and the next thing I knew it was over. I just want to say a big thank you to all the team there that morning you were the best.

Victoria Hospital (New) - I would like to thank Linda McBride in imaging for her kindness and support today.

Royal Hospital for Children - I wish to sincerely thank Dr Carrie Morrison of the A&E department at the Royal Sick Kids in Glasgow. After being referred up with my young child by our GP for a strange rash, the staff especially Dr Morrison were fantastic. Very reassuring and supportive.

Royal Hospital for Children - I was in for three days/two nights with my baby boy who was diagnosed with a UTI. From our experience of A&E to our stay, the staffs were amazing. I can't thank them enough for how thorough they were. Thank you to the staff and the NHS. We're so lucky to have the Health Service we do.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I attend the gastro treatment unit every 8 weeks, and I am always made to feel welcome. The staffs are kind, caring and friendly. They make time to listen to you and follow up any concerns or problems you may have. Treatment is carried out carefully and thoroughly. Aftercare is also good, with regular contact from the staff.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Hi there, I would just like to make my gratitude abundantly clear to the staff in ward 11B (ENT) who were working between the evening of Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th of June. I'd been admitted unexpectedly with a severe bacterial infection in my throat and was unable even to talk but the admitting staff went to incredible lengths to make me comfortable during examination and my overnight stay. Particular praise must go to one of the, I believe nursing, staff working that night, first name Gemma (unfortunately I was unable to find out her second name). She went to much greater lengths than was ever expected to make my stay as issue free as possible. This included organising a good deal of food that was not only soft enough for me to eat with my throat condition but also vegan to meet my dietary needs. With it being a fairly late admission my phone had run almost entirely out of battery and as I was not expecting to be in I had no provisions so no charger with me. Without even asking she provided me with a spare charger so that I could let people know where I was, I know this was a great comfort to them as previously the only thing I'd had time to send were brief texts and e-mails. Even in the morning one of the support staff, first name Joe didn't flinch before offering me a towel and some toiletries so that I could clean up, along with giving me a rundown of when breakfast was likely to come around and the doctors after that so I could plan my morning accordingly. Small gestures like this make all the difference. I genuinely received an incredibly kind reception at the hospital and would just like to make that abundantly clear. The hospital staff cannot receive high enough praise for maintaining such a welcoming and warm attitude in the face of patient issues which are understandably trying to their patience.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Amazing! My nurses & doctors were lovely & especially the nurses on the Acute Receiving Unit, Cheryl & Carol I'm sure their names were! As I'm only 16 & my first time in hospital they were so reassuring and always making sure I was okay! & in Ward 5B I can't praise the nurses enough! Made my experience a lot easier! Thank you QEUH!

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - After my daughter had a fall down the stairs on a space hopper we attended A&E at the QEUH in which we were referred onto plastics to fix her mouth. The waiting time was very minimal. All staff was very patient, kind and helpful. During surgery there was a complication in which she aspirated and was admitted for overnight observation and IVAB. All staff was fabulous. We would like to thank all the nursing staff (ward and theatre), medical staff, anaesthetist and plastics for making this journey as easy as it possibly could through this stressful time.

Victoria Hospital (New) - I had an appointment and attended on Wed 7th June only to be told when I arrived that the clinic at Urology was cancelled. I was NOT happy - I didn't even get an apology. However it was rescheduled for Mon 12th and with a nurse: ELIZABETH NORMAN who, she told me had come from another department. She did not solve my problem BUT HER MANNER WAS EXCEPTIONAL: KIND AND INFORMATIVE - I was also out within an hour......previous visits to this department have lasted hours!!!!!

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would like to thank surgeon doctors nurses occupational therapist and pharmacist on ward 63 for all the. Care and utter professionalism. I have never received as much care in any hospital I have been in. I had 2 prolapsed discs in my spine operated on. I was walking to the toilet hours after surgery. I still feel gobsmacked that I could walk so quickly after surgery. I am so grateful for everything that they have done for me. I think they should receive a reward for the care they gave me. Thank-you very much for all your care and support I have received from ward 63. Yours sincerely.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - On behalf of my Brothers and Sister I would like to praise the staff of Wards 60, 61 and 62 ITU for caring for my mother just before she passed away her care was exceptional and they helped her die with dignity, we will never forget it. Thank you all so much it meant a lot to us.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would like to thank the staff in QEUH ward 49 for the fabulous care I received as an inpatient. From pre-op assessment through to discharge they demonstrated complete professionalism & an outstanding duty of care. They are a credit to our NHS & I feel privileged to have met & been looked after by the team there.

Princess Royal Maternity - Had a great experience recently when having my son. Was admitted for induction on 26.05.17, gave birth on the 28th and was discharged on 31st. From start to finish my care was excellent, the staff professional and caring. Even during an emergency section was kept calm and informed. Special thanks to midwife Bernie and Therese plus Dr Brace. And the on call anethitist. My only negative is the open visiting policy which is quite intrusive and stressful when recovering from a section and caring for a new born. Extremely busy ward and constant stream of visitors made it difficult. Preferred the set times that were in place when I had my son in early 2014.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I attended the A&E dept yesterday following a car accident. Please pass on my thanks to the very caring professional staff that treated me. Particularly the doctor who allowed me home!!! And the nurse who gave me a cup of tea. Grateful thanks.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Would like to say thank you for the treatment and wonderful care from staff in theatre and ward 9D after my operation. This was my first experience of hospital admission and can't praise you enough for my care. Thank you.

Princess Royal Maternity - Excellent treatment on ward 56 b Princess Royal Unit at Glasgow royal infirmary. Overwhelmed with all aspects of my care.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Can’t praise the staff enough for the way they looked after me when I was in the Neurological ward with Miller Fisher syndrome.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - Excellent treatment from Nurse and Dr on Friday 2 June. Although her shift finished at 9pm the nurse was still on duty at 9.30pm. I am extremely pleased with the care and attention I received. Thank you.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I cannot thank the staff of the Immediate Assessment Unit enough! From the minute myself and my mum arrived, we were booked in quickly and seen by Triage Nurses within 10 minutes. Blood tests and an ECG were taken and sent to the Labs for testing. The Medical Staff were absolutely outstanding and we had to wait less than an hour to be seen by a Doctor. All staff from Nurses, Auxiliaries, Reception and Doctors are all a credit to NHS Scotland. Thank you so much.

Gartnavel Royal Hospital - I was taken into hospital (for first time in my 60+ years!) as emergency admission having lost consciousness. My treatment before A&E in the ambulance, in A&E and then on ward for four days was outstanding. I could not believe the thorough medical tests I was given. The ambulance staff came to see me! The doctors and nurses were so quietly efficient on a very busy A&E. well done to the staff and management fir delivering an outstanding service.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I have had to attend A&E at RAH 3 times this year - once with my mum who took an overdose, once with my daughter who collapsed at home and once with another daughter who had a shoulder injury at school. I would just like to say that the staffs on every occasion were absolutely amazing despite the incredible pressures that they are under. At each visit the A&E was extremely busy but each member of staff I came into contact with remained professional, patient centred and kind. As a community nurse myself I am in awe of the great skills and talents of my acute colleagues.

Victoria Hospital (New) - Really lovely staff in the day surgery from reception to nurses, anaesthesia. Everything was explained well got my surgery done given plenty time to come round had tea something to eat staff could not fault them came home same day was a bit nervous when I went in but there was no need cannot fault my treatment start to finish.

Gartnavel General - I've been treated at Gartnavel Hospital for the last two years for a shoulder injury following a fall. I would say the care has been outstanding, in particular from Martin Kann (physiotherapist) who is absolutely excellent - takes time to listen, is caring, considerate, knowledgeable: an absolute professional. I was referred back to Mr Angus Arthur for a shoulder procedure which took place at Gartnavel in Sept 2016. Again, the care was excellent, from both nurses and doctors. I only had one less than positive experience in that I waited a number of months (possibly 6-9?) to be seen initially, and then a number of months more to have an MRI with contrast, but on the occasions when I phoned to check the admin staff were very considerate and helpful which I very much appreciated as I know this must be a difficult job. Just wanted to say thank you for a great job done, as this injury happened initially when I was living in Australia, and the care I received there couldn't have been more different, as well as being incredibly expensive. Thanks GGC.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - My wife had to go into A & E at Glasgow Royal Infirmary on the 6th of May and had to be admitted into ICU west ward. She was there for 2 and a half weeks where she was then moved to ward 8 but her condition got worse. She was moved to ward 52 high dependency and sadly she passed away on the 31st May. She had cirrhosis of the liver non alcoholic fatty liver disease. I would like to thank everyone who has helped my wife and us through the most horrific time as she was only 50 years old. It has come as a massive shock to us all especially me her husband but I am glad that she is at peace. Thank you Glasgow royal you are a great hospital.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would like to thank everyone at West MARC for the very efficient and helpful way they dealt with adapting my wheelchair everyone was so kind.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My Dad was admitted via the GP referral unit, he has advanced Vascular Dementia. Within this unit he was dealt with admirably. Within an hour a specially trained dementia nurse had spoken to my mum and myself to explain about delirium from which dad was suffering from. My dad was later transferred to elderly medical ward 51, the staffs on this ward from top to bottom was excellent, very professional in every aspect of their work, even under very trying conditions.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - On Saturday 27th May my wee boy fell and broke his arm in 2 places. He was in a lot of pain. I attended RAH A&E with him. As soon as we arrived at the department staff were friendly, porters offering help, paramedics asking if he needed anything. I cannot praise the medical staff of RAH higher. The conditions they work under are intense and stressful and the department was busy that day. All medical staff was friendly, caring, happy and polite. It is amazing to me that they can remain so upbeat under so much pressure. My child's treatment was immediate, smooth and waiting times were minimal. I cannot tell you how smoothly the whole time went from entering to leaving. Thank you so much to the medical staff of RAH A&E for their time, care and support.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Attended RAH A&E on the evening of 7th May for an infected cut to my RH forefinger. Subsequently spent total of 8 nights at the hospital being treated for cellulites. During this period, I had 3 operations on the finger to address the infection. I wanted to express my total appreciation for the wide range of support from all the NHS staff from the moment that I arrived at A&E on Sunday 6th thru to the point I was discharged on the afternoon of Monday 15th – I can only praise the attention to detail and level of care that I received over this period especially from the team in Ward 19. I would be grateful if you could pass on this feedback to all concerned Thank you.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I would like to forward my thanks to the staff at RAH for their hard work and professionalism during my daughter’s recent emergency admission. Throughout our whole journey through the hospital, from ambulance staff, A&E, porters and in particular HDU staff and specialist nurses, we were overwhelmed by the outstanding level of care provided by everyone. We cannot thank them enough.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I attend the gastro treatment unit every 8 weeks, and I am always made to feel welcome. The staff is kind, caring and friendly. They make time to listen to you and follow up any concerns or problems you may have. Treatment is carried out carefully and thoroughly. Aftercare is also good, with regular contact from the staff.