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September 2016

Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital - I have been a patient of the Centre for Integrative Care since earlier this year, and I was an inpatient in the ward in April of this year for a few days. I am also due as an inpatient again soon. I would like to pass on my sincere gratitude to all of the staff involved within the CIC, for all their wonderful efforts in providing a truly invaluable service. My experience as an inpatient at the ward helped me a great deal in terms of coping with my long term health condition, and also helped to create a positive shift in the process of what I feel is now the early stages of a recovery for me. There has been some improvement in my condition, and over time I hope to have a full recovery. My health condition has been preventing me from leading a full and normal healthy life (work and social life, etc.), and I am so grateful for this service provided by the CIC, in particular the inpatient award. The environment the ward creates for the inpatients, is that of a fully supported, relaxed and healing one, where patients are able to feel great benefit just by this alone and the time spent within the ward. There are then further healing benefits and tools provided within this safe and supportive environment through the various classes which are held, and the treatments which are available. The service overall through the inpatient ward really is something which can be found nowhere else, and is a lifeline to so many people with long term chronic health conditions, as I realised during my stay there. I have recently learned of the possible closure of the inpatient ward at the CIC, and I truly do hope that this will not go ahead. For I feel and certainly know through my own experience, and having also seen firsthand, the great benefits which patients are able to receive through this service, and that it would be a great loss to so many. I am aware from my previous stay as an inpatient, that the benefits which some of those patients with lifelong conditions received by their stay, are such that there is no alternative to be found elsewhere. Overall I feel and know from my own experience, that the benefits received within the inpatient ward regardless of the patient’s health condition are just incalculable. I extend all my thanks to the many staff that provide and have input to this service at the CIC, and I hope to hear much more positive news soon about the future of the inpatients Ward. Best wishes and kind regards to all.

Princess Royal Maternity - I had a very positive experience throughout my pregnancy and childbirth at the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital, thanks to the amazing support of all of the staff and the high quality of treatment offered. From my booking in appointment at the beginning of pregnancy, to my delivery and after care, I felt continually supported and safe in the care offered by the hospital. My worries were always acknowledged and taken seriously, and extra support was offered when I was struggling with anxiety about pregnancy and birth. When I was taken in to give birth to my daughter, the staff were extremely attentive and considerate of all of my needs, and even when things started to go wrong with my birth, the support and treatment offered reassured me that both myself and my baby were safe in the care of the doctors and midwives. After birth, I suffered from postnatal anxiety, but the support I was offered from the various midwives and mental health professionals helped to build my confidence when looking after my baby, and I was able to manage my anxiety, so that I could be a good mum to my daughter. I am overwhelmingly pleased with my treatment and care throughout my pregnancy and have every faith in the services offered to new mothers.

Victoria Hospital (New) - Earlier this year I received a text 'out of the blue' from my older brother, advising that he had been diagnosed with acute cardio-myopathy. His consultant had told him that other siblings (I'm the only one) should also be checked. To be honest, I was a little embarrassed to go to my 'new' GP (we only moved to Glasgow in January this year) and request tests, but I needn't to have them. The genuine care, speed of appointments and exhaustive nature of the tests that I have been given has been quite outstanding and unexpected. Each appointment has been prompt with a full explanation beforehand of what will take place and why. I simply cannot fault or say enough to good things about the care I have received from all of the staff I have dealt with and encountered. Thank you.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I just wanted to thank the staff at the QEUH for their excellent care from admission through to consultation, surgery and post-op care. I had heard only negative things about the hospital from the news which does not at all reflect the excellent care I have received. The acute admissions, porters, cleaners, catering staff, CT scan staff, surgical and anaesthetic teams, and all the staff in the general surgery ward have been fantastic. Staff professionalism was great. Thank you QEUH & NHS for saving my life (again). They do a brilliant job.

Stobhill Hospital (New) - I attended the day eye clinic today . From the minute I walked into the hospital until I left I was extremely impressed with everyone I met. What an excellent service! It is second to none. Private medicine cannot compete with this service. Kevin and his team were extremely kind, helpful and professional. I was also very impressed by two staff at the door if I could be helped leave. How can I write to the Board to express this?

Royal Alexandra Hospital - On the 28th of September my father was taken from home by ambulance to A&E the receiving nurse a tall blonde young girl looked after my dad, her first name Rachel was a delight and so very lovely and caring her manner to my dad, just a wonderful experience, he was then transferred to ward 51 and the nurse there who welcomed my dad, was another lovely girl...a very big thanks..

Vale of Leven District General Hospital - My comment is simply to thank all the staff at VOL for the way they have treated my wife on a few occasions now, including resuscitating her in 2014 when she suffered a heart attack and went into cardiac arrest. My firm belief is that if not for the Vale, my wife would not be with us today. The RAH, whilst being a good hospital in many respects, is not the answer for us on the North side of the river Clyde. Thanks VOL.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I was an anxious wreck, when entering ward 20 for removal of my gallbladder. From entering the ward, meeting the staff and promptly being shown to my bed, nothing was a problem to these wonderful, smiling nurses. My partner was given time to reassure me, then this lovely nurse admitted me constantly reassuring me. I was very tearful, and she spent time explaining the journey to theatre. This ward was very busy, ENT, Orthopaedics, General Surgery and other patients arriving constantly for different types of surgery. The staff was amazing as I could only see 3 nurses and 1 assistant, very high praise for these girls under high pressure from various doctors, anaesthetists, patients and other staff. I was discharged later that day, and would like to thank all the staff in WARD 20 for their dedication to their work, especially the nursing staff.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - The 3 nurses on ward 10 working over night into the 28th September 2016 are the perfect example of what a nurse should be! Being in hospital is a hard enough experience but they were friendly, kind, supportive, reassuring, funny & general lovely ladies but they each took it in their stride as part of their work! Keep up the amazing work ladies.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I was admitted during early hours of last Monday, with a pneumothorax. After being rapidly stabilised in A&E and having chest drain inserted, I was taken to your admissions unit then on to Ward 2. I cannot say strongly enough how well I was treated, by every department I passed through. The staffs were under pressure at times, but still managed to make my stay comfortable and pretty much stress free. I have had lung issues for several years now, but most hospital treatment has been in England, where I now live. If I am unfortunate enough to have another pneumothorax, I will be telling Kent Ambulance Service to bring me to GRI!!!!!

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My father was admitted to Ward 53 of the hospital. We as a family cannot praise the entire staff, doctors, nurses, health care assistants even the cleaning staff enough for their friendly nature, devotion to duty, professionalism and team work. Sadly dad passed away however whilst within the ward he had treated with kindness and dignity at all times. Take a bow you are all stars

Gartnavel General - My sub-acromial bursitis was accurately assessed and most effectively treated by BD, whose professional manner, knowledge and judgement cannot be praised highly enough. After months of pain and restricted movement I was shown how to overcome them and it made a huge psychological difference to my daily life. This comments box is not big enough to hold all my gratitude. Please pass on my thanks to your entire physio's, especially the one who helped me.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I wanted to bring attention to one of the male nurses on ward 11c I think his name was Victor, a young male nurse with excellent bed side manner and brilliant care skills I recently got out of the ward a few hours ago and even as I was leaving he was very well mannered and wished me all the best, he was very busy but still made time to connect with patients, I hope some form of admiration or acknowledgement is brought to his attention thank you

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - well I would quite like to identify the staffs that were so helpful and kind. So to Tony and Barry the nursing staff at children’s A&E a huge thank you for their excellent treatment of my 8 year old boy who needed stitches in his knee? Although clearly the departments were under a lot of pressure he was dealt with patiently and with kindness and skill. I would like to thank all in the involved for their help and commend your staff on their professionalism.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - On 17th September 2016😊 l was made to feel so comfortable and was really treated with the upmost care and dignity. The staff who were on that night were all pleasant and very reassuring not only to me but l was hearing them with a lot of other patients also l never knew how to say thank you or give them there well deserved praise until l found this site. I hope these doctors and nurses and even domestics who made it a very happy atmosphere realise they made a lot of unwell people feeling in genuine good spirits and care. So thank you all. May I include even though it was busy it was still quite a fast service all in.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Doctor Gill in A&E last night (17.9.19) was so kind to my son with his cut knee. Myself, my husband and my son would like to thank her for an excellent job and for her kindness and sunny attitude.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I have spent the last couple of days in ward 11B with tonsillitis complications and I have been so impressed by all members of staff. To a man everybody has been lovely, friendly and very helpful. A true credit to their professions. Additionally, very comfortable room and facilities.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - Ok I can't name this person but she works in ward 50 and has blue hair, during a recent stay I was in severe pain and got very emotional, she sat with me held my hand listened to me and advised me, before she finished her shift she came to check on me and to see how I was. Don't get me wrong all the staff I came across in ward 50 was very nice, but in my opinion she showed genuine and kind care. I work in the hospitality trade and I always try to exceed the guests expectations by going the extra mile, the care she showed me put me at ease and showed genuine care and thoughtfulness. She is a credit to ward 50 and to your hospital and the NHS. If you could please pass on my heartfelt thanks to her, and I hope she stays in nursing (if not I would employ her in my hotel in a heartbeat). People are all too quick to moan and complain about the NHS but thanks to most of your staff especially the above mentioned blue haired nurse made my stay in hospital as good as a stay in hospital could be. I would really appreciate it if this could be passed on to ward 50. Can't name you but blue haired nurse I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you all the best for your future, you are a true credit to your profession. I will never forget their kindness.

Spent a few hours in A&E on Sunday 10th Sept with my little girl during a weekend away, she lost her Ellie (elephant teddy) which is her comfort. Lucky we had another one with us. A few days later Ellie turned up to our house in Belfast with a lovely letter. Thanks so much to the staff in A&E who posted it to us, you went the extra mile and we are so grateful! She is one happy little girl. Lots of love x

Victoria Hospital (New) - I attended the Breast Clinic. From the welcome at reception through nurses, doctors and the radiographer I received outstanding care and kindness.

Inverclyde Community Midwifery - I am currently pregnant with my 2nd baby I cannot praise the midwives enough at Inverclyde maternity unit. They are caring nice patient people who don’t make you feel rushed and if u have any questions or problems they are happy to listen and give you advice. Shutting the maternity unit down would be a massive mistake that the NHS board could make. These midwifes have been there for plenty of births and been there for plenty of patients I can’t recommend them enough. Like I said I’m 28 weeks pregnant and they help me so much the service they provide us 100% better than Glasgow and definitely Paisley. I have a lot of respect for these people and their jobs in bringing the next generation into this world would be a massive mistake to take that away from Inverclyde.

Royal Hospital for Children - To whom it may concern, My son, was recently diagnosed with heart problems, following his 6-8 week check. We were transferred from the Sick Kids in Edinburgh to the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow on Monday 22nd August where we remained until Tuesday 6th September. I am writing to praise the staff who cared for him (and kept my husband and I calm and sane!) before and after he underwent open heart surgery to fix an ASD, VSD and Coarctation of the Aorta. Mr Danton, who carried out the surgery, the staff in Ward 1E and the nurses in Critical Care Ward 1D were absolutely fantastic and we cannot thank them enough for the efforts they went to in supporting us and looking after Cohen. The staff always had a friendly smile and took the time to talk us through exactly what was happening, when and why. Mr Danton spent a significant amount of time talking to us about the surgery and answering all of our questions, reassuring us that all would be okay. We were very impressed that he then came to visit Cohen every single day after his surgery to check in on him- a nice touch, given how clearly busy he is. All of the staff in 1E took time to interact cheerily with our 10 week old son. Our particular thanks to Pamela McGarvey, Lee-Anne McCabe, Maureen Rankin, Kirsty (the play worker) and Isabel Waite (student nurse) who was most involved with us in 1E. They all went above and beyond, as far as we are concerned- clearly love their jobs and work super hard! Pam Scott and Debbie McDougall in Ward 1D. Pam spent two day shifts and one nightshift caring for Cohen in Critical Care, with support from Debbie during breaks, doing infusions etc. At the lowest and hardest time for us during his surgery, they were the right balance of professional and caring, taking time to speak with us and put us at ease with all that was going on. Every member of staff we came across at all stages was hardworking and diligent. I hope that you will pass on our comments and gratitude through the appropriate formal channels.

Stobhill Hospital (New) - very pleased with my physiotherapy, I feel a lot of difference, very nice, helpful people, and professional care

Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital - Would like to praise this ward as a whole, having an inpatient service, gives us time to absorb the classes overnight, and rest after each treatment. This is the best kind of treatment, ward for people with complex chronic conditions. Classes are short and spread throughout the day, and easy to relate too and nurses make sure you completely understand. Treatments are ongoing throughout the stay, And the fact you can go to your bed and rest after each treatment and class is important, Drs and nurses really understand what you’re going through and cater your treatments to your individual needs. A service that truly goes above and beyond for each patient individual needs

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - Sunday 11th Sept. excellent INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION both A&E and Ward 53 (admissions?) The doctor of discharge letter very apologetic for very long wait I fully understood It only confirms The NHS in United kingdom cannot go on like this Particular praise for Cardiologists

Gartnavel General - I was admitted for general surgery on 15/8/16 and discharged on 16/8/16. From start to finish I was treated with professionalism, dignity and respect. Staff from all departments demonstrated commitment to ensuring that my needs were assessed and met, Thank you for everything.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - As someone new to Glasgow I was worried about having to visit the hospital due to the media and the focus around such long waiting times. The NHS in general just falling apart. I put off going to A&E for two days for the reasons above. On Saturday though the pain became unbearable. What made me even more concerned is that it was Old Firm. I have to say though the A & E department was filled with people who were extremely drunk and had there were many difficult patients. Within my short one hour in reception I counted 9 police officers. All staff done their best to ensure everyone was being seen. This meant checking toilets, going outside to try talking people to come back in and be seen. Just in general dealing with a lot of people that were not the easiest to treat. Despite this times were a lot quicker than expected. I must highlight not everyone was of the same opinion. A woman and her partner arrived not long after myself. The woman was very vocal about that she had fallen from a Cow and hurt her foot in the process. Both were of course drunk. Like every other patient staff had done everything they could and more. A male nurse appeared and called her name for her not to reply he then repeated this three times her to eventually realise it was her name. The woman’s partner wheeled her over in a wheel chair, the nurse told them an area where they could wait and he continued reading the rest of the names, mine also called thereafter. By the time I had walked across the waiting room the woman and man had walked off, naturally the male nurse called after them to ensure they got to the correct area so he has shouted "wait". Straight away both had become vocal about how he was rude and should be struck off. The male nurse chose not to react, seen them to a room and then myself. The woman began shouting calling him all kinds of names. The nurse walked off and asked if one of the police would mind reminding her where she is and the is just trying to help. The next room had a male in handcuffs being escorted by two police officers again calling abuse which was resolved. After he was treated he left with the police. The woman who had fallen of the cow had begun stealing the purple gloves. After she was treated by the A&E duty doc, an Irish woman. Given I was straight across and how loud she was being I could hear the conversation. The lady began again shouting because she doesn’t want to take pain killers or meds in anyway. The doc did manage to resolve the issue and was happy for her to leave, after seeing her for five mins, but the woman again went back to being vocal about the meeting with the male nurse. The womans partner then demanded a complaints form. As someone who went into this hospital expecting a collapsing NHS I was really impressed by the standard. The hospital was clean. The staffs were all really helpful and appeared to keep up with the extremely busy A&E. Safe by following procedures and asking police to step in where needed. As well as an amazing duty of care. Not to mention the abuse these staff were faced with people walking out and refusing treatment. It was really a shame to see so much wasted public spending by people being drunk police having to be called and all because they bumped their head but duty of care says they need to be checked for concussion its upsetting to see such a waste of money, time and staff but yet everyone was seen and was encouraged to do so. I think it is clear to see although I do not wish to visit a hospital I didn’t think this one coped really well. I think if negative feedback is given by people who waste this service like the above woman I strongly suggest this email as used as no staff had done anything wrong and rather well.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - First admission to QEUH after suffering Asthma attack due to lung infection. I must say I was disorientated on arrival at immediate assessment unit. Partly due to being so unwell. Also Monday morning and the unit were full of GP referrals from all over the city. My first impression of Immediate Assessment was not great. Crammed, noisy, chaotic in such a small space. I suppose it helped that I was nodding off from time to time due to lack of oxygen but did not know that at this point. After 3 and half hrs I was called for x ray I was then sent to AAU1 where I was looked after very well by a young male F1 who is 4th generation in his family training to be a Doctor. It was soon discovered I was suffering from exacerbation of Asthma due to a lung infection. I was very well looked after and in the thru of a physical mot. I was treated with great dignity respect. I was then transferred to the appropriate ward for my condition which is respiratory ward 7a. I came here late on Tuesday night around 9pm. I took another Asthma attack and was immediately put at rest with the kind blonde nurse on nights that looked after me and reassured me. I have heard a lot of negative comments regarding the hospital. As it is such a large hospital taking in such a large area of Glasgow it's bound to have enormous teething problems. I can only go on my experience. The staffs in AAU1 is second to none work their button off and still have time to smile and be pleasant. The staff in ward 7a is absolutely wonderful. Patient care is obviously top of their list. Everyone I have come across has made my recovery all the more easy due to excellent bed side manner. Dr Leigh is wonderful and is very caring considerate in her approach. I can see she and her colleagues work tirelessly to achieve top standards of care in a new and challenging environment. The down side. 1) Immediate assessment unit is nowhere near immediate and name should be changed. It's also a very poor environment. For example, crammed, noisy, poor lighting, badly signed, confusing. Time managed not patient focused. 2) I think the target driven environment is OK but it doesn't work with people who are ill. They can't put a time on this and it's dangerous to do so. 3) Environment cut down noise, use larger aired space, lighting ect. 4) Code area. For example cuts, burns, heart lungs/ orthopaedic/ GP referrals could colour code before arriving at Immediate assessment to prevent queue and dangerous waiting times. 5) Air conditioning. Must be looked at not only for patients but the poor staff who are working their buts off in what I would describe as Caribean heat. (not healthy). I do believe this hospital to be the best in Europe if a small amount of issues are dealt with. It certainly has the best staff in the world. Thank you to everyone for looking after me. X

GRI & Sick Children's - My son attended accident and emergency at both Glasgow Royal and sick kids for a concussion. The care and attention was first class in particular from a young doctor named Richard Tran. The admistrstion staff were friendly at both sites and every nurse encountered were caring and ultra professional. God bless our NHS.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would just like to praise all the staff on the maternity ward and recovery team. I was induced which unfortunately turned into an emergency C-section. I had some complications with blood loss and damage to my bladder. The whole experience was frightening. The staff in surgery and HDU were amazing. They made me feel at ease and helped me through the hardest few days. Sandra, June, James, Maryanne and Fiona are only a few of names I can remember. My experience as a whole in the hospital was good (minus the pain) all staff were happy to help.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - All staff, doctors, consultants & nursing staff in all areas of my care were very helpful & courteous, explaining each stage of my treatment care along the way. Which made me feel at ease when I was anxious in any way about my forthcoming treatment & operation?

Yesterday I was at A&E at the QEUH from 6pm until about 10pm. A very wonderful young lady receptionist helped me in such a kind and caring way. It is a long and involved story but suffice it to say I was so very moved by her empathetic and thoughtful help. I am happy to be identified and to identify her and her fellow receptionist. My name is Edith McMillan and her name I believe is Jacqueline McDermot. She is a credit to her profession and to your hospital. Please pass on my sincere thanks to this lovely young lady. Also, you have a complaints site but no compliments site - why, don't you want to hear nice things?

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - As you said, do not enter personal information here that would identify me or any other person. I would like to thank the staff in Ward 66 who looked after me recently after an endoscopy. After 50 hours without solid food, my choice to obviate the need for another similar test, I was constantly hungry, even after meals, since my alimentary canal was totally empty. However, one senior nurse in particular, arranged a sandwich when I was desperate, on the last of 3 evenings there recently. Please let her know I was grateful. Also, the other nurses who arranged hot water for my ground coffee and the nurse who loaned a mobile charger to me since mine gave up. Show ward 66 this narrative. They all know who they are. Very helpful and compassionate. I now realise that the meals must be small since the NHS is not made of money. Thanks again.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I have recently been discharged after delivering my second baby at QEUH Maternity and just had to write to praise and show my appreciation of the wonderful midwives and staff. We were so well looked after and both of my births (although relatively complicated) were made so special by the amazing midwives. I really hope they know what an amazing job they do.

Princess Royal Maternity - I had a baby in the PRM on 21/08/16. I was very well cared for by staff in maternity assessment, labour ward and ward 68. They were all attentive and supportive and put us at ease when we encountered some complications. I can't praise the staff enough. My only issues were having to leave my baby to go to the dining room for meals and also ideally I think fathers/birth partners should be allowed to stay overnight as I struggled with my baby being awake all night on my own.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I had a right hip replacement on the 25th of august. My surgeon Mr Luke Campton and his staff were amazing. The ward staff, 10 A, are highly professional and caring. Each and every one of you from my tea lady to the charge nurse went out of your way to make sure I had everything I needed. They work hard all of you and you are a credit to the health service and the Queen Elizabeth hospital

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Picked up by ambulance after being run over by a car, taken into QUEH hospital. Intensive care for a while then high dependency unit for a week or 2 then into ward 65. Was in a coma for most of the time but from what I can remember the staff were brilliant, treated for various other things in the hospital that happened when I was in a coma (collapsed lung, they discovered internal bleeding as well in 3 different places) I will never forget what the staff done for me, been back in with chocolates and shortbread etc to every ward/area for all the staff that looked after me and in my opinion it’s not enough because I owe them my life, I’m only 27 years old and whatever I can do with the rest of my life was made possible by the staff of these wards. Thank you for everything

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - All of the hospital staff from Consultants to the Domestic Staff, but particularly the nurses in Wards 1A and 1C were wonderful, I couldn't fault any of them. Please extend my thanks.

Victoria Hospital (New) - I was in The New Victoria for wisdom teeth extraction in June 2016. The service & welcome I received from all the many nurses that looked after me, the porters, anaesthetists & two dentists were just fantastic. I was a bit nervous but they all put me at ease, explaining every step, and answering all my questions. The only downfall were the unhelpful / unfriendly receptionists I encountered, both at pre-op & on admission, which was a shame. But I can't thank the medical staff & porters enough for looking after me so well.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I had a surgical procedure carried out in the QEUH this week. Initially I was in awe of the place, but everything worked out better than good. Everyone from my surgeon right through to the men on car park duties and everyone in between displayed friendly competent professionalism. What an excellent modern hospital. Thank you!