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January 2016

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I just wanted to pass on my praise and thanks to the team at the x-ray department who dealt with me yesterday during my appointment for a CT scan. I was an outpatient, and I am not used to going into hospitals and was extremely nervous. The staff who I dealt with were absolutely brilliant from the moment I came into the department. They were reassuring, friendly, and got me in and out as quickly as the process would allow. My thanks to them all.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, A & E - Arrived with my father who was bleeding from a procedure two day previously. We were treated within 15minutes and received excellent care all through the night until bleeding was eventually stopped. The staff were professional and attentive. Doctor Andrew nursing sister (sorry have forgotten name) and named nurses Lainey and Julie worked as a great team and I thank them all for their care and attention.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - My husband was admitted to the RAH having fractured his leg, following a fall he'd had in the house. Over the 2 weeks he was a patient there, which included a spell in the High Dependency Unit, we cannot praise the RAH staff highly enough. From the young female doctor who tended to him in A&E to the ward staff, they were all so attentive and considerate of my husband's needs...My husband was subsequently transferred back to the RAH as his health had deteriorated so much ... I was called in the early hours to come to the RAH as he was so poorly. I wish to commend the staff that supported my husband in his final hours before he passed away - especially the nurse who had sat by his bedside, and the doctor who had the unenviable task of telling me that there was nothing more they could do. The news was delivered so well to me, considering the circumstances and I cannot praise them enough for the thought and consideration given to me.... my thanks to the staff there for the high level of care and service they delivered. It meant a lot to me and my family.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow - My mother was admitted to ward 54 in November 2015, and remained there until she died a few weeks later. During that time she received excellent care from all staff, delivered with courtesy and respect. This standard of professionalism was extended to the care my family received, when it became evident that my mother was unlikely to recover from her illness. We were treated honestly, sensitively, and with compassion. I am aware how difficult this is for staff to deliver in a busy ward, but have nothing but praise for all the staff we encountered in ward 54. Thank you.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Health Improvement, Physiotherapy - I was an in-patient in the Glasgow Royal; the staff couldn't do enough for me. Nothing was any bother the docs explained everything they did, from scans x-rays blood tests. If you didn't go in with all the fancy toiletries, you where helped out. The only word for the nurses is Angels, ... God bless these good people and take care of them.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow, E N T - My husband was in ward 11b wonderful nursing staff doctors domestics carers, amazing team excellent care as a nurse myself I can't express how kind and caring everyone was from entering at the front door to discharge my husband was quite ill and I was very anxious they were amazing professional and a credit to the NHS.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Plastic Surgery - To define “best”, in my opinion Mr. Morley is an outstanding plastic surgeon, highly knowledgeable, skilled and experience second to none. Very personable, empathetic, compassionate and understand fully holistically the importance a ‘smile’ is to a patient. He is a complete perfectionist in every aspect of his work and provides gold standard treatment from a patient perspective. Inpatient Experience - Plastic Surgery Ward 48 this ward should be a held as a beacon, a centre of excellence and a model of outstanding care and treatment. I have nothing but the highest of praise for the team. I have had 2 experiences in this ward. ... Each of my stays, I have been looked after incredibly well. Nothing but the best care and attention from all the wonderful staff. I cannot praise highly enough their dedication, compassion and empathy they have showed towards my health issues was tremendous. Very patient focussed delivering outstanding patient care. The cleanliness on the ward as immaculate and hospital food lovely. If there is ward I would want to be treated in, this is it?

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow, Baby or Child, Pregnancy - I wanted to thank everyone at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for taking extremely good care of me and my baby. I was admitted in wards 44, 47, 48 & 50. All the staff in these wards were very friendly and helpful especially the ones who were assigned for me. I am so thankful to my midwives in 44 for helping me go through my labour without any tension. Though my labour lasted almost a day I felt happy I was in good hands. My midwives always ensured me and my baby was happy through the whole procedure. Towards the end I had to be checked by doctors and the anaesthetics to ensure everything was fine who were very pleasant and friendly. The team who did my c-section were so good that we were having a good laugh as they prepared me for the operation. I was a little nervous but all of them were very reassuring. I am so happy they did everything to make me feel comfortable. Thanks to them my memory of delivery is a pleasant one. Thank you so much for everything. Our baby is doing great and she is very happy, thanks to all of you. :)

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow, A & E, Psychiatry (Mind) - Was treated with such kindness, patience, and professionalism following a self referral to A&E following an overdose. From the reception staff, to triage, to A&E consultant, I was made to feel at ease at all times. The staff in the HDU (though not an option here as far as I can see) were also wonderful although (and I can't be sure of this due to the nature of the situation) some nurses were dismissive of my distress whilst in a full blown delusion episode. On the whole, staff were very efficient and caring, explained things to me in a clear and honest way, and strove to put me at ease. Follow on referral to psych hospital also was a relatively smooth process. The only thing I might raise concern about is the distance between nurse’s station and single rooms, especially if someone is suicidal. I know I had some opportunities which, although no one's fault on the ward (ward 5), could have been easily followed through.

Vale of Leven District General Hospital, Endoscopy - Recently I attended with my husband who was having a procedure carried out. Staff in the department could not have been nicer or more helpful - they greeted us warmly, told me how long I should expect to wait for my husband, kept me informed of progress and even brought me a cup of tea with biscuits. Full marks to them.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow, A & E, Falls - Every member of staff with whom I came in contact was very professional, caring and kind. I have nothing but praise for the hospital facilities and the staff.

Royal Hospital for Children, Scan - I wanted to let you know that our experience in the RHC 1 B day surgery yesterday was really positive and that the staff worked really hard to accommodate our son who has very significant learning difficulties. He can be very impulsive and lash out at other children, we called to explain this in advance and when we arrived for his MRI appointment we were shown to a pristine bedroom where we waited apart from other families. This removed a great deal of stress for us and we were really grateful. Our experience of the children's hospital is that staff are extremely kind and compassionate and yesterday was no exception. Thank you for all you do.

Princess Royal Maternity, Pregnancy - I recently suffered a miscarriage at 11 weeks. I was seen at the Princess Royal Maternity hospital in Glasgow and would like to express my gratitude to the midwifery staff that treated me at the Early Pregnancy Unit. This was a very emotional and traumatic experience for me. The midwifes and auxiliary staff were absolutely wonderful. I cannot thank them enough for helping me. Unfortunately we often only hear negative comments about the NHS but I received the very best of care and attention and could not fault them in any way. The midwifes were professional and compassionate at all times and made me so thankful that we have such an amazing service available to us. I hope that my thanks can be conveyed to the staff at this unit.

Victoria Hospital (New) Urology - I recently attended as a day patient for a minor procedure. From admission to discharge the staff were, kind, helpful and caring. I have attended day surgery at New Victoria on a few occasions in the past and each time the care is faultless. Congratulations to all the staff in day Surgery Unit for providing such a wonderful service.

Royal Alexandra Hospital, General Surgery - I would like to praise the service given to me at a recent General Surgery procedure at the Royal Alexandra Hospital Outpatients' Dept in Paisley. I was seen 15 minutes ahead of time and was treated with the utmost courtesy and professionalism. Well done NHS.

Gartnavel General - I accompany my mother to the Out Patients Eye Clinic in Gartnavel General and we were there today. This is a very busy clinic with a lot of waiting and a great number of elderly patients. However I have to praise all and I mean all of the staff for their patient and caring attitude. I watched many staff patient interactions today and all of them were carried out with patience and genuine care. One male member of staff took so much time with also the elderly carer of a gentleman who was attending the clinic. Priceless! A doctor came out to call a woman who was in a wheel chair on her own, no hesitation, came out and wheeled her through. No issues with doctors in their ivory towers here. This attitude runs through the whole floor from consultant to the guy on the reception desk that has a wee natter while he's printing out and folding the letter to hand to my mum. The doctor my mother say today was just lovely, introduced herself and told my mum to call her by her first name. Explained to mum how her eyes were and treated her with respect and with a genuine caring attitude. Thanks to all as I work away and sometimes am not at home when my mum attends but knows she is well cared for when she is there. Also the car park attendant is lovely too!

Royal Hospital for Children, A & E - Thank you for the wonderful care my 2 year old son received when he was sent through by the GP with an infection. It was a Sunday evening; the staff at reception were friendly, efficient and extremely professional, as was the triage nurse on duty. We felt very confident that our son was getting the emergency care that he needed. When he was admitted for diagnosis, the nurse, doctor and senior specialist were extremely caring and professional. They asked us the history of his case in a structured way which was easy for us to give the critical information. They discussed their diagnosis with us in clear language and explained any possible complications to us. The care was fast and thorough, and at each stage the professional who was with us explained what they would do next. We no longer live in the UK and were just back for a visit. We did not expect to see the inside of your hospital, but were extremely glad to have been close by and for our son to receive treatment by you. Thank you very much for your caring, professional and simply outstanding approach. We appreciate it very much indeed. Please pass on our message to the staff who were working at the children's A&E on Sunday 13th December in the evening. We are thankful that they work these long and anti-social hours to take care of our children.

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Physiotherapy - I would just like to say thank you for the great service I received at the RAH # Clinic and Louise the physiotherapist attached to this clinic. It benefitted me greatly to see the physiotherapist in the clinic on the same day following my appointment with the consultant, thank you so much from a very grateful patient.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Rheumatology - The nursing staff showed such patience and kindness, both to me and to some very needy fellow patients in the two wards that I was in. I was astonished that they can keep this up day after day, year after year.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Neurosciences - After a recent visit where I ended up in a coma and in ITU the staff were amazing in Glasgow ITU from my parents being told to expect the worst to being awake 3 days later and home in 7 days it was truly amazing what you did for me thank you so much especially to one nurse who truly made a difference

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital - I was admitted to A&E on Monday 28 Dec with Haemoptsis and breathlessness. The patient care was excellent, and I had a scan and an x ray on same day discharged later that night. All this and on a bank holiday. I wish to thank the staff for the prompt and efficient treatment that I received.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - My husband was a patient in the Stroke Unit in IRH over the Christmas period. The care he received was exemplary. The nursing and auxiliary staff were extremely professional but also positive and cheerful throughout his stay, helping us both to cope with a difficult situation. His named nurse kept us fully informed about his situation. The entire unit was spotless and festively decorated to cheer up patients and visitors. We were very much impressed and so grateful for the care he received. Thanks to them all.

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Respiratory - High quality care provided in Medical Assessment Unit, High Dependency Unit and, in particular, Ward 11 staff whose caring attitude for a seriously ill patient could not be bettered.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital - I would like to thank the extremely kind and thoughtful member of staff within the Maxillofacial Surgery dept, who went out of their way to provide tea/coffee, sandwiches, fruit, biscuits for my elderly mother and her partner on 19/10/15 after they were kept waiting for over 2 hours. I wanted to make it known how impressed and grateful they both were to receive this service. Please pass on all of our thanks and our appreciation to someone so thoughtful and kind. My mother is 82 and her partner is 89years.They are an asset to the NHS. Thank You.