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August 2018

Victoria Hospital (New) - Absolutely excellent service at imaging department of new Victoria hospital, I was in and out in 5 minutes. Well done NHS.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - The lady that saw me in A&E was very patient and helped calm me down and my elderly dad who had brought me in. The 3 porters that I came across on my visit were lovely too. I was moved to K north where I can honestly say each and every person from the domestics, to the nurses, to the doctors was absolutely amazing! I was so well looked after by each and every one of them in the ward and in the theatre. I have encountered other wards over the last few years while my mother was ill but this ward have very special and caring people and they should be praised for the great job that they do!

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I attended the podiatry department with my daughter who is 18, very very nervous and severe needle phobia. The appointment was for wedge resection for chronic ingrown toenails I cannot fault or praise the service enough the waiting time for the procedure was minimal the service, compassion, understanding, skill set and professionalism of the staff we encountered was amazing. I would like to mention Louise, Izzy and David by name as they were outstanding. Thank you all so much.

Princess Royal Maternity - My daughter was admitted to the Princess Royal Maternity with pre-eclampsia and low platelets on the 14/8/18 - 36wks gestation. The plan was to give steroid injections, then induce labour. All of which was carried out to plan, my daughter progressed with labour and was transferred to labour suite where she met her midwife. Things progressed and all was going well, however it became apparent that my daughter was having problems delivering baby so medical staff decided to help with a forceps delivery. The baby was born on the 15/8/18 weighing 5lb 13. Paediatricians were on standby and other staff. It quickly became apparent all wasn’t well, baby was struggling and mum was bleeding out. The reason I am writing this is if it weren’t for the expertise of all the staff things could have been so much different. My daughter was rushed for emergency surgery and baby transferred to Neonatal Unit. Staff kept us informed about mother and baby. I personally would like to thank them all from the bottom of my heart for their professionalism and kindness. From my daughters admission till discharge mother and baby are now doing very well. THANKYOU!

Victoria Hospital (New) - I attended an appointment at the Hearing Aid clinic on the morning of 28/8. The receptionist was very kind and helpful when I arrived and I was directed to a very pleasant waiting area. My hearing tests were done by Catriona (sorry, I've forgotten her surname). She was kind, thorough and cheerful putting me at ease. She explained the results and what they meant really clearly too. The whole experience was calm and reassuring - thank you. (Also I love the exhibition of Shetland photos on the wall - they were a delight to explore and took away the 'institutional' feel of the building).

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Staff within the day surgery unit were extremely welcoming and reassuring when I was in today for a flexible cystoscopy. Comfortable waiting, polite staff and immediate feedback once the procedure was completed. Excellent service.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I was admitted to QEUH via patient assessment area and transferred to the ward a total of five night and six days as inpatient. My care and management was excellent, very professional, kind, caring doctors, nurses, X-ray staff, porters, domestic and catering staff. I was an employee of GGHB for 40years before having to take early retirement due to ill health. I am very grateful to all the staff involved in my care and can't thank everyone enough. I was particularly impressed by how the staff worked as a team very professional and able to reassure me at all times and nothing was too much trouble I was kept informed of my treatments and management and greeted with happy smiling staff at all times. Thank you for making me better.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I visited the hospital today as I was having pains in my chest. On arrival I was taken into the room where I was assessed and the nurse was lovely and made me feel relaxed. She explained what would happen next and I was called through into a very busy triage area to be met by yet again a lovely nurse who carried out my ECG. The doctor that came to assess me was most caring also. I just want to say thanks for everything you done to help me today. They guys work so hard and do an amazing job and can’t thank you enough

Vale of Leven District General Hospital - I cannot praise the Nurses and Doc at VOL for the professional care they gave me as a Day Patient. I felt remarkably calm throughout my stay.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - On the 21st of July 2018 I was admitted to ward 6D general medicine in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. I was being treated for a kidney infection, sepsis and lobar pneumonia. During this time I spent in this ward I was looked after by many nurses but one who stood out and was amazing, nurse called Zanelle Nkommo. As I was very unwell at the time of admission, I found breathing quite difficult, Zanelle reassured me on the bad days and praised me on the good days. She made me feel safe during times where I felt I couldn't breathe and stayed with me until I had settled. I would like if there was some way in which she could be recognised in her profession and for everything she done for me including going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I was okay whenever she was on shift. I never got the chance to say goodbye or personally thank Zanelle in person but I did leave a small gift as a token of appreciation. Zanelle is a true inspiration and example of how a nurse should be. Thank you so much Zanelle.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Thank you for the treatment I received at the X-ray and A&E depts. on Friday 17 August. I was seen quickly and treated courtesy by the staff in both depts.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Thank you for the care attention I received during my appointment at the cardiology outpatients. Please convey my thanks to the staff.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - My name is Peter Coyle and following a fall at home on Thursday 23rd August I was admitted to A&E late at night! I would like to express my gratitude and praise for the staff working through the night in the ward! In particular a young Doctor called 'Shona' who was under extreme pressure as it was unbelievably busy , however I was still treated with dignity , compassion and kindness throughout the night Thank you.

Victoria Hospital ( New ) - Although it is too early to determine how successful my SMR surgery was, I would like to give my sincere thanks to all the staff - Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Ward Staff - at the Day Surgery Unit (New Victoria, Glasgow) for looking after me during my admission. Their kindness & attentiveness was and remains greatly appreciated.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Ward 9c and the acute receiving unit & ward. Much praise to everyone involved in both these departments. From reception through to catering , nursing and medical staff #thewholeteam thanks for making a very unscheduled stay are good as it could be . Nursing care on the whole got how needy a patient I am and when I did have occasion to speak to the senior nurse he was most receptive to feedback and very reassuring . Also the doctors I spoke to were very approachable and listened . The relates to everyone I encountered during my time there this week . Thanks everyone , your efforts and care are appreciated

Victoria Hospital (New) - I’d like to thank the Day Surgery Unit for their great care yesterday. I’m a regular and it’s very reassuring to know that I’m going into such a caring professional environment.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Ward 9c and the Acute Receiving Unit and ward. Much praise to everyone involved in both these departments. From reception through to catering, nursing and medical staff #thewholeteam thanks for making a very unscheduled stay are good as it could be. Nursing care on the whole got how needy a patient I am and when I did have occasion to speak to the senior nurse he was most receptive to feedback and very reassuring. Also the doctors I spoke to were very approachable and listened. The relates to everyone I encountered during my time there this week . Thanks everyone, your efforts and care are appreciated.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My father (in his 90's) has just completed a 3 week stay at Langland’s building, Ward 55. The staffs were all very kind and respectful, but I particularly wish to comment on 2 members of staff. First of all - Robert (staff nurse) his ward is run like clockwork and though always busies him was completely available to family to discuss any worries we had. He has this very calm demeanour and instilled confidence in me that dad was being well looked after. I thank him for his kindness and respectful manner. Secondly I appreciate the compassionate care and understanding of families shown by Mary Jo the OT who came out to our home to assess if everything was in place for dad's future needs. She was both encouraging and knowledgeable and made the process much easier for us. Well done Ward 55 and thank you.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Having recently being admitted for a Heller Cardiomyotomy at QEUH I wanted to let you know that I was extremely impressed with all of the staff that I encountered from check-in to discharge. Pre-Operation staff in all areas was friendly and helpful in putting my mind at rest. Post-Operation staff in Ward 9C was absolutely fantastic. They were friendly and attentive at all times. There had been a minor complication during surgery which resulted in a further test being required. I was provided with regular updates as to when that was likely to take place. Everything that could be done to make me comfortable during my stay was done with the minimum fuss and I was looked after extremely well.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - My GP sent me up for a chest X-ray this morning. Was in and out in less than 20 minutes! Linda (the radiographer) was lovely. Really put me at ease and made the whole experience far less stressful than it could have been.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I would like to thank Mr Shaw and the theatre staff for the way in which they helped me when I was getting my total knee replacement on 15/8/18. Also the staff in Ward 60 orthopaedics for the care given to me when I was in I can't speak highly enough of them thank god for our NHS.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My daughter was admitted through A&E from her GP's office with very worrying possible diagnosis. I am in Canada which was most distressing for me and so I phoned to access information about her condition and plan of care. I was met with such kind professionalism from everyone I had the pleasure to contact. I was able to access her primary nurse who was able to answer my questions and took the time to acknowledge the distressing situation for a mother so far away. What a difference it has made knowing she has been in not only extremely competent but very caring hands.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I had cause to attend the GRI due to concern about my health by my GP. From entering A&E to receiving my treatment the staff was friendly and very helpful and kind. Reassuringly no nasties were found but an answer was discovered making me a happier person today. So please thank all the staff of A&E and the Acute Assessments Unit.  Excellent guys.

West of Scotland Cancer Centre, The Beatson - I would just like to praise the Beatson Cancer helpline I phoned yesterday after taking my relatives observations, a temp, high pulse compared to baseline and higher reaps were noted. The helpline immediately faxed over notes to our nearest accident and emergency at Wishaw general and we were taken within about 20 minutes of arrival into one of the triage rooms. The staff on the helpline were very helpful and friendly and the staff at out A&E were great, I cannot praise them enough. Fantastic service.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Yesterday I fell while training. I am 73. Ambulance staff Michel & James excellent. Xray first class. Treatment nurse Lindsay first class. Doctor Tony made me a cup of tea. Susan, Virtual Fracture Clinic phoned today and excellent advice. Manner of all including those whose names I cannot recall a credit to NHS despite being extremely busy. We have private medical insurance which we had caused to use could not tell difference Thank you and please convey my thanks to all staff.

Gartnavel General - I was in yesterday having breast surgery. I was terrified about the entire thing right down to my anaesthetic! The staff allowed my mum to stay with my right up until it was time for me to go down. The anaesthetic nurses were beyond amazing with me. The surgeon was amazing and the staff in the ward went above and beyond for me! These people really are heroes without the capes!

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - After another three weeks in ward 5 of GRI. I cannot praise all the staff highly enough. The treatment and care I have received is second to none. I have been appalled at some of the treatment from patients the staff have to endure but the do so with great dignity. Their cheerfulness as they go about their duties has definitely aided my recovery. The Doctors on the ward have been amazing. My sincere thanks to all concerned.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - This is a thank you for Helen, Nurse Practitioner whom I saw on Monday 30th at Mr Gupta’s outpatient clinic. Helen removed my staples and also gave me additional advice re wound care and vigilance. I did as she suggested and had a district nurse come out yesterday 2nd August. He removed dressing and reapplied and organised an antibiotic as there were signs of redness , itching and discomfort. I just wanted to thank Helen ( I do hope that’s the correct name) as her advice was spot on and maybe saved me further discomfort during my healing phase. So a big thank you and appreciation of time and advice during my appointment . Excellent treatment all round including surgeon etc.

Victoria Hospital ( New ) - Yesterday afternoon I had an ultrasound scan. The quality of staff care and professionalism was excellent, and staff were supportive and reassuring. I was not kept waiting to be seen, and I was also impressed by the general cleanliness of the department. Please convey my thanks to those involved.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I took my 18 month baby boy by ambulance and all I can say is how outstanding every member of staff was! We have only just moved up from Scotland and the treatment and caring shown not only to myself and Oliver was far superior to what I have experienced in England. Thank you to all of you in Children’s Emergency.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Good morning we would like thank everyone for the care and support my dad received whilst in hospital. I can only praise the dedication and empathy my dad and we as a family were shown. My dad started on ward 11 then was taken to HDU. I can’t praise the staff enough, they were fantastic. He was then in ICU which I can honestly say the level of care was beyond approach and we were very grateful for the support and care shown to us at an extremely difficult time. My dad was then moved to ward 14 were he didn’t leave and died on the 2nd august I cannot express enough how much the staff helped us and most importantly my dad through his last days nothing was too much trouble for them when they are already stretched during their working day. I cannot praise enough the staff from each shift who treated my dad and family with the utmost respect. They all deserve some sort of recognition for the fantastic jobs they do. So from the bottom of my heart I would like to say thank you to all staff including Dr Ling who were all fantastic and deserve the praise. We would especially like to say thank you to Lorna, sorry I don’t know her surname, but she looked after my dad and even came to see him even when he wasn’t under her care on the ward. In my dads words "they are all stars". All that is left to say is thank you for the support and care shown to us over the past two weeks as a family x thank you.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I send with sincerely gratitude to Dr Alani and his dedicated staff for all the support and care my sister had received Thank you so very much and God bless each and every one of you.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Huge thanks to SAU (Imran and team) and Urology (two different Registrars) for their excellent care and attention over the last 3 days. They should be very proud of the staff there and in X-ray and CT departments. I am very grateful indeed and can’t fault them in any way. There’s too much negativity about the NHS - it’s time we realised that they make us well and are very good at it. If it takes time then so be it. I for one would not want to be rushed in and out. So only gratitude and thanks from me.

Royal Hospital for Children - My little boy attended the A and E department of the Royal hospital for kids in Glasgow. We were in and out in 2 hours. The staff we met with had a fantastic manner with my son, putting him at ease and making him laugh! They spoke to him about his injury and treatment, he was even shown his X-ray. Really cannot fault the department in any way - keep up the amazing work!

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Excellent service and attention from staff in A&E at RAH today. Thank you so much for your kindness. 5 star service which I truly appreciate.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to all the staff that helped me during an emergency admission relating to a cardiac illness. Despite attending A&E on a busy, chaotic Friday night I was dealt with in a kind, compassionate, speedy and professional manner. I was admitted to the Coronary Care Unit within 2 hrs of my arrival to A&E. During my short stay every aspect of care and treatment was of the highest standard. From the Nursing staff to the Domestic staff. I was included in each step of my treatment and procedures and care plans were patiently explained to me. I would also like to comment the excellent stand of cleanliness within the physical environment of the ward. Please ensure staff in the relevant areas are mad aware of this. Thanks again.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - We had the need to attend A&E recently. The service was very efficient, staff were professional and pleasant. Care was well coordinated with a clear plan of what were to expect. From reception to admission to a ward took under 3 hours, treatment being started while still in the department. I would like to thank The A&E team for their great care and attention.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My child was brought in by ambulance on Sunday with a suspected fractured ankle. From the minute we stepped in to the hospital, from the moment we left, your staff were outstanding!!!! What a wonderful example of NHS service.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Please let me take this opportunity to say thank you so very much to Dr Alani and all wonderful dedicated and professional staff in ward 9A for all amazing support nursing and excellent care that you all wonderful people have given to my sister. May God bless you each and every one of you.

Princess Royal Maternity - I cannot thank the NHS enough for the care we have received. Our son was born early at 25 weeks and it certainly was a shock. The neonatal unit at the PRM were amazing. They not only looked after our son they looked after us. Staff became friends over the months we were there and they never let us lose faith. We beat sepsis, collapsed lungs, infection etc and the staff still rallied! Our family are so grateful to the hard work, attention, love and compassion given. The acknowledgment is not just to the consultants, doctors and nurses but the auxiliaries, the domestic staff and other professionals who frequented the ward. Everyone asked for and genuinely cared for our son. We are not finished the journey yet however we owe everything to everyone associated and affiliated to level 4 at the Royal. Without them we would not have a family!! The staff are forever in our hearts!! Praise is all that can be given and the NHS should be proud.

Royal Hospital for Children - Would like to say a big thank you to all staff at ward 2c and the surgical team who helped my little girl who at 3 weeks old had to get a little operation on her tummy. She's doing so much better then she was and like a different baby. They all do a fantastic job.

Victoria Hospital ( New ) - I would like to thank everyone who looked after me during my surgery this August. Tony, the student nurse, was very attentative and will make a brilliant qualified nurse one day, I wish him well for the future! The other nurses, doctors, anaesthetists were very calming and put me at ease as I was very nervous about going under General Anaesthetic.

Royal Hospital for Children - My first grandson Connor is under the care of the specialist unit.  I have nothing but praise for the surgeon Tim and his team.  Everyone makes you fell at ease.  A wonderful hospital.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I recently had a procedure and spent 2 nights in Ward 49 of maternity unit. I cannot thank staff enough for all there help during my stay. Each and every single staff member on the ward was fantastic. At every changeover staff always introduced themselves and made me feel at ease. They could tell that staff were rushed off their feet but at no point did they ever make any patient feel like they weren’t valued. Thank you so much, great job done by everyone.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I was in 9c, room 82, and I want to thank the nurses, porters everybody who dealt with me, also the surgical unit at the bottom. I was discharged today, but there was 2 nurses on ward 9c, who calmed me down as I couldn't stop crying. The nurse with blonde hair, was an angel, the younger nurse with red hair, was a wee sweetheart too. I can't thank them enough for the way the staff dealt with me, and Ms Dorran the surgeon, she was so nice too, what a lovely woman. I just want it to be known, your staff are amazing, and I'll never be able to thank them properly for their help. x

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I have had 3 stays at the Royal over the past 4 years and everything has always gone very smoothly. Staff can’t do enough to accommodate and make you feel comfortable and at ease. My last surgery has had a couple of complications and the nurses have been an absolute pleasure to deal with, making sure I was able to be seen and adjusting my after care to alleviate my pain - i can’t thank them enough for helping me.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Was in for an MRI. I’m disabled with limited mobility. Can’t thank your staff in building 5 enough for making everything as easy and informative as they did.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Ward 4c Staff provide an excellent standard of care. I was a kidney recipient & my husband a donor and we were treated like royalty. I have 32 years NHS employment & I am stunned as to how this ward can do this. I witness the stress and strain that all staff are constantly under. I praise the renal unit daily and thank them for the lovely life my husband and I have thanks to the whole team.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Last week I had to take my adult daughter to A&E at Queen Elizabeth hospital. I have to congratulate all members of staff, especially the young doctor who looked after her. I haven't attended an emergency room in over 20 years, and I was shocked at what your staff had to deal with. Their staff were all simply amazing working under quite stressful conditions. I can only thank you all.

Stobhill Hospital ( New ) - Today I went in to minor injuries at the new Stobhill hospital for stitches after I slipped on some cobble stones. The wait time was a bit long, however, it was very busy so it’s to be expected and the waiting room was very pleasant and comfortable so that doesn’t matter . I saw Nurse Audrey Mitchell (I think that was her name) she was lovely. I become like a little girl again when it comes to injuries but she was so very gentle, kind and caring. I was terrified but she made me feel so much less scared and comforted me. I really cannot thank her enough. So professional so kind and warm. If she is the standard of nurse the NHS have I’m very impressed. My gratitude cannot be expressed enough. Thank you very much.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I would like to take this opportunity to thank and praise the staff and service my mother received following her accident. She fell, giving herself quite a sore face. She presented at the RAH A&E where she was promptly seen and dealt with by a very competent and caring nurse practitioner and advised they would arrange an outpatient appointment for ENT. The appointment was given to us before we had even left the hospital grounds and on the day of her outpatient appointment she was seen again very promptly and dealt with by a team of excellent staff. The surgeon who saw her could not have done more and when the decision was made to schedule surgery, the pre-op assessment was carried immediately, saving us a return visit. Sheena the pre assessment nurse was fabulous and all is now in place for her pending surgery. In a climate where people jump to complain, I feel it’s very important to praise the work of the staff and would be grateful is this could be passed on. I have to apologise that I don’t remember the name of the surgeon but I believe it was Mr Surata.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I just wanted to pass on a heartfelt thank you to the team of midwives, obstetricians and paediatricians at the RAH who ensured the safe arrival of my baby boy on 31st May. When he got in to a bit of distress at the end I was in awe of the teamwork and expertise put in to action to deliver my baby quickly and calmly. I will always be grateful. This made me proud to also work for the NHS. They are superstars.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I really want to commend Sister Boggie ward 11 upon my partners visit on Monday 13th August 2018 - Sister Boggie was formidable / caring / helpful / reassuring - she was everything you could wish for - please thank her.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - My husband was admitted from Hairmyres to the pancreatic team who were absolute wonderful in the treatment of him and support to us as a family. We were always kept fully informed of his illness and never had to ask what to except next. We are so lucky for our NHS and there dedicated team. Forever grateful. X

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Today I had an MRI of my small bowel and I just wanted to say how well I was treated in the department. Everyone from the receptionist to the Radiographer went out of their way to be friendly and make you feel at ease. I had to be in the department for a while and the staff checked on me to make sure I was ok. It was so refreshing to come across staff that actually put patients first.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Having been in for an operation last week, I wanted to pass comment on the check-in process for surgery. Perhaps a little rushed as I was first on the list for the day but this was a very quick and efficient process which actually helps to take your mind off of what is about to happen. Massive improvement from getting settled into a ward and feeling like you are hanging around.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - A few weeks ago I attended A&E for a head injury to which I was seen to within a couple of minutes of waiting. The nurse who seen me at first was very pleasant and referred me to a doctor ASAP. The doctor whose name is Kevin was great throughout the whole process. He was kind and very informative and made sure I was comfortable the whole time he stitched the gash in my head back together. He was very precise with what he was doing and you could tell that he knew exactly the best way to fix it. When I got the stitches out at the doctors the nurse said she could tell that the doctor (Kevin) was highly skilled due to the way that he had stitched and the way my injury had healed. So I would like to just say thank you to all involved and in particular to Kevin as he was brilliant and for ensuring the scar will not be as prominent as it could have been.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I recently had surgery and was a patient in ward 48. I was so impressed by the level of care I received. Every staff member I came into contact treated me with kindness and respect not to mention absolute professionalism. Well done! They are a credit to our wonderful NHS.

Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre - Was recently an inpatient in the Beatson. All staff were fantastic. So professional and caring. Also treated by the vascular access team. They were caring kind and professional at a difficult time. We are so lucky to have our NHS.

Vale of Leven District General Hospital - I was treated at this hospital today and found the staff doctor and nurses very efficient. Better than any other hospital I have attended. Well done Vale of Leven you can be very proud of the work you do.

Glasgow N W - Just wanted to say how pleasantly surprised I was once I took lift up to Breast Screening Clinic in Glasgow City Centre. Really nice inside, such a friendly lady at reception and great service! Great signposting of everything, clearly been well thought through. Although early taken very quickly and again such friendly professional and supportive service. Thank you and well done. Great example of what can be done in NHS!

Victoria Hospital ( New ) - Hi, I had an appointment on 20th August at 3pm, I saw the physiotherapist and knee specialist Alasdair and found him to be very helpful and understanding and patient. He took the time to answer my questions and help me understand what was going on with my knee and also put me at ease about my concerns. He’s a credit to the NHS.