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October 2017

Royal Alexandra Hospital - From arriving at A&E to being sent to the eye clinic, I can only commend all staff for their professionalism and prompt treatment. I have no doubt I may have lost my eye had Dr Lai not put into place a theatre, a team and a consultant from another hospital, with super efficiency and quickly. From entering the hospital to entering theatre it was less than 4 hours!! All the team in the eye clinic were great and should be commended too. Thank you all. RAH you went above and beyond.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - This relates to the dermatology clinic in the Glasgow West Ambulatory Care Hospital at Yorkhill. Can I just congratulate you on for employing Dr Porter? He has a wonderful manner that combines a friendly, relaxing way but provides you with utmost confidence in his professional abilities. A fantastic ambassador for what's best in the NHS.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I was brought into the Ward 47 on the 19th August, little did I know my stay would have lasted a week! I'm a first time mum who came in absolutely terrified of what was to come. The staff in the induction ward were fabulous, although they were busy I never felt forgotten about. I received a very personal experience and the staff got to know their patients and visibly cared for everyone. I remained on this from Saturday until Tuesday morning as my body did not respond to the pessaries they gave me. Throughout my time I got frustrated as my body didn't respond to the drugs and I also found myself getting upset. The staff provided wonderful support and reassurance and kept me going throughout. I was transferred down to the labour ward on Tuesday 22nd August, I was in this ward for almost 24 hours. On walking down to the ward I was so scared and on my own as my family were on their way in. My first midwife managed to calm me down quickly and prepare me mentally for what was to come, throughout the whole process I was fully informed of what I was given, what was happening and what would happen next. Unfortunately the hormone drip did not work for me either. When the time came for an emergency section I was terrified however every member of staff was wonderful. Baby finally joined us on Wednesday 23rd. Once on the post natal care ward, the midwives helped prepare me for my life as a mummy and I have not looked back since! I cannot thank everyone enough! There were times throughout my stay when I felt broken, when this happened there was always someone there to pick me back up and prepare me for what was coming next. I fully believe I wouldn't have got through it all with a positive experience without the wonderful staff that you have in your wards. I was initially due to have my baby in the Princess Royal, however asked for the move due to recommendations from close friends and this was the best decision I've ever made. I am looking forward to returning when the time comes to expand my family. The staff are an absolute credit to the hospital.
Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Cannot fault the staff on ward 6A. They looked after my mother with the utmost care and compassion. A credit to the NHS.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Excellent experience on Friday 27 October, quick caring and professional, my dad is 92 and my mum and I were with him in A&E, we were all looked after brilliantly by nurses and doctors. Especially happy to have been offered a sandwich and tea, mum who is 90 and I had not had a chance to eat for hours before the ambulance brought dad in, this is world class service, thinking about care of relatives too is amazing, we are very lucky in Scotland to have this quality of NHS service and excellent staff, thank you very much!

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I was a recent patient in the medical assessment unit at the RAH where I was receiving treatment for sepsis there was a lovely nursing auxiliary Andrea who made me feel at ease when she was putting in a cannula as I have a phobia of needles I cannot thank her enough for her amazing bedside manner and her overall care for me

Gartnavel General - MRI Staff. Thoughtful, caring and I formative, work well as a team. Thank you for making my appointment as comfortable as possible.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - The care my father received in the Coronary Care Unit and Ward 43b was excellent. The staff treated him with respect and consideration and his family are very grateful for the support and comfort they experienced from the CCU when he died.

Vale of Leven District General Hospital - I recently attended the Day Surgical Unit for an operation to my right foot. I was feeling quite nervous about this but upon my arrival the staff could not have been nicer to me. I was treated with kindness, professionalism and humanity by all of the staff. I cannot praise the staff enough and wanted to extend my gratitude and thanks to all of those who looked after me. Thank you very much.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I took my daughter to A&E on Tuesday early evening after a bad fall. I cannot fault any aspect of our experience here. From the minute we arrived the staff were kind, professional and wonderfully caring. I cannot praise the staff highly enough - from triage, the doctors, X-ray team, nurses - they were fantastic. Huge thank you!

Renfrewshire - I wanted to express my overwhelming gratitude to Dr Cramspey and Dr Galloway who have offered the best of medical care and support. I initially went for my adoption medical where Dr Cramspey found a lump on my breast, my husband left me the following week and I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Not only did they save my life physically but the emotional support I received and attentiveness was outstanding. I am so grateful for their professionalism. P.s I do not want this publically visible.

Mearnskirk House - My Dad spent the last 8wks of his life in Lanrigg ward in Mearnskirk House and I as his daughter cannot praise the staff high enough. Their care to my Dad was excellent. My dad was not the easiest of patients but they treated him with up most respect and were very tolerant of his demands. All the staff were very kind and compassionate towards the family-nothing was too much effort. I was very impressed with how the nurses managed my Dad's pain control. The last 24 hours were very difficult for the family but all the staff were very supportive and showed professionalism. I cannot raise the staff high enough.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - When I arrived for the first time at the QEUH today (24 October 2017) I was met by a kind volunteer who showed me how to register and guided me to the appropriate section of the hospital. The staff in Ophthalmology were very considerate and efficient in dealing with me.

Vale of Leven District General Hospital - I had a CT scan at the Vale of Leven DGH yesterday. Very efficient service, polite, friendly and professional staff. The buildings and ground were all clean and tidy. Couldn't fault anything.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I was delighted with the care I received following a recent short term admission. Thank you to everyone on Ward 32

Royal Alexandra Hospital - When I came in for my appointment I was staggering everywhere not through alcohol. The staff realised I needed assistance but thought I would be ok. As soon as some members of staff realised they got a wheelchair and never let me get out of it until I got home. The staff don't get the praise they deserve sometimes and I am one who has a lot of praise for them . Thanks again to staff of the outpatients department 1 and the staff for the day patients for their hospitality until I got my lift home.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I took a TIA at 6.15pm on Wednesday 11/10/17 and was in the A & E Dept of Queen Eliz at 7.45pm. After tests it was confirmed a TIA and told I would receive an appointments within a week. Got them on 13/10/17. 1 for Mon. 16/10 and 3 for 18/10 for Victoria. Excellent service. Thank you very much too all the doctors, nurses and ambulance medics. They are the best.

Victoria Hospital (New) - On Monday 9th October I had an appointment for a MRI scan, I had been booked into the smaller of the two scanners and the tack and diplomacy the staff handled me with was way beyond compare. They tried to use the scanner but as I had to go in head first my larger than normal frame shall we say, was too large for the machine. It was just too tight a fit to be in for 40mins as I had travelled from the other side of Glasgow they managed to get me reappointed for the next day. I returned the next day 10th October and again the staff (different from the day befor) could not be more helpful. This time I was put in feet first and the 40mins passed really quickly. I have long hair and had put it up in a scrunchie, when I was getting changed back into my own clothes I stupidly left it behind. A member of staff very kindly posted it back to me. Now it wasn't an expensive scrunchie but the fact that someone had gone to the bother of returning it was just amazing. The staff in this department deserve some form of recognition, as all we ever hear is how bad the Health Service is. The staff from reception to imaging in this department are all wonderful. Thank you from a very grateful patient.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I found my appointment to be informative and helpful. The doctor and staff were very reassuring throughout a nerve-racking experience and made me feel at ease.

Royal Hospital for Children - I wanted to make sure that our doctor, Shona, and nurse, Claire, received the praise that they are due after our visit with two ill children yesterday. Shona had an excellent manner and spoke very clearly to both me and my wife and also to our children. Claire was also excellent with the children and had a great camaraderie with them. Please pass on our appreciation for their work yesterday.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I recently was in Medical day care for a lung biopsy and the staff were all first class and so caring and made me feel at ease they are all doing a great job

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I wanted to highlight how fantastic the staff were in both the surgical assessment unit (ward 20) and urology department (ward 28) of the RAH. After spending 4 days as an inpatient with severe pain I cannot praise them enough. Although clearly exceptionally busy they looked after me so well. Particularly nurses Rebecca and Grant in ward 28 who were the kind of people who you can only hope to be caring for you when unwell. Thank you very much.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Travelled from Manchester to visit a relative and working in the NHS myself cannot praise all the staff enough for their hard work and dedication. As we were unfamiliar with the hospital a member of staff took us directly to the area we needed to be and even explained the layout. The staff on the CCU were very friendly and approachable.

Gartnavel General - Twice now I've had to contact the appointments desk to help me and I can't thank them enough. They are so prompt with their replies - it makes such a difference when you're worrying. THANK YOU.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would like to praise and also thank the staff in the Acute Receiving Unit (ARU) for the care, attention and treatment I was given my three days with them. I was admitted with a pain in my side and the nurses were fantastic. Couldn't do enough for me and provided me with pain relief when I really needed it. I had my doubts and anxiety about staying in hospital as it was a first for me and I'm 33 years old. The ARU staff were out of this world. Never again will I let someone bad mouth the NHS or the QEUH for that matter in my company as my experience was 1st class. Thank you.

Community Adult Mental Health - The service I have received from the NHS in Scotland over these past few weeks has been nothing but positive , I have not only managed to see a dentist and a doctor within 12 hours of phoning for an appointment they have been polite, attentive, really good at listening and provided a first class service, I have been astounded by this as I was under the impression that it was a service in crisis if you watch media reports, if that's what you can do in a crisis what would you achieve if it was properly funded.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I would like to pass on my sincerest thanks to the staff within the High Dependency Unit at the RAH for their professionalism and compassion shown during the passing of our mum on 12th October. They are all a true credit to your profession. Thank you all and keep up the great work that you all do.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My father was recently admitted to H.D.U - unit 6. He was there from 03/10/17 - 11/10/17. I just wanted to praise the excellent care and attention he received while he was there, especially from the nursing staff, and from the doctors and other staff who were involved with his care. Thank you!

Vale of Leven District General Hospital - my dad was really ill the staff at the Vale of Leven hosp have been amazing with him , would like to thank them for their care for him and they have looks after him brilliantly thank you.

Stobhill Hospital (New) - I attend the renal clinic and I would like to say that the nursing staff the doctors and reception staff at the clinic are so amazing team how they go about their job and helping you feel so relaxed.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I attended the Queen Elizabeth maternity hospital near the end of September for my first midwife appointment. Having no one to watch my one and a half year old (the only person who could was picking my other son up from nursery) I had to bring him to my appointment. Whilst at my appointment I was to get blood taken which resulted in me fainting. The midwife who was attending to me was extremely helpful and comforting. She ensured I was ok but also that my son, who after snacks, drinks and a dummy, was becoming increasingly restless was also entertained. I offered to move to the waiting room as I was aware I would be taking up more time than my appointment and causing a delay in other people's times but the midwife told me to feel better first and let me stay in the room a little longer much to my relief as I certainly wasn't feeling up to moving. It took me a while to feel able to get up after been giving a snack and drink to help and whilst I was lying on the bed the midwife had got help from the auxiliary to see to my son also. This was a huge help to me as I already felt enough of a burden never mind my son acting up too. The midwife and auxiliaries were extremely helpful and I could not fault them at all. In future I will think twice of complaining about my appointment being late as until I have been in this situation I haven't properly gave any thought as to the many different reasons these appointments could be running late. I am sure there were plenty of appointments running late due to myself and I fully appreciate how the midwife did not rush me to get me back on my feet or make me feel bad about bringing my son to the appointment. I had also mentioned I would be fine to drive home myself but after a while the midwife convinced me to get a lift which I did and ensured someone was able to come in and get me. I was also glad I did not drive home. If it were not for this midwifes compassion and support I feel this appointment could have left me feeling a lot worse than the results of fainting.

Victoria Hospital (New) - Every time I have to use the hospital I've been treated with respect and speed and All staff have been Great and courteous ! From reception to porters and technicians even consultants ! I Thank you all!

Royal Hospital for Children - Thanks to the staff of 2c for the great service they provided my child who was in on his 2nd birthday 2/10/17 for a day op. A+ all round.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I was an inpatient last week I just have to praise the very high standard of catering service I received. It was exceptional.

Royal Hospital for Children - I feel I want to give a huge thank you and lots of praise to all of the staff we encountered on Thursday/Friday when my son was admitted to A&E then had an emergency operation. From the moment we walked in at reception until we left the next morning we were met with the most lovely, caring and professional staff we have ever experienced in a hospital. Each one took time to tell my son their name and explain everything to him. From the receptionists to the nurses, doctors, surgeons and anaesthesiologist as well as the play leader and porters every single one was welcoming, friendly and professional they could not have done more for us and our son. My son was terrified but then said it is the best hospital he has ever been in and if he is ever unwell again he would wont to go here. Thanks again for the fantastic job you all do. We are so grateful for the care we received.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I cannot express how grateful I am for all of the support and kindness shown to my dad and my family during his recent stay in ward 19. I will never forget how you made us feel and thank you doesn’t seem enough but it is all that I can say.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I want to thank the staff of A&E, wards 20 and 29, the anaesthetists team and surgical team who cared for me on my recent stay in the hospital. Everyone gave me excellent care and I'm very grateful to them

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I would like management to know how pleased and impressed my brother, sister and I were with the kindness shown to my mum and us by the nurses, auxiliaries and doctors in Ward 5 during the last few days of my mum's life. It made a huge difference. Thank you.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Top class treatment the consultant Ms Fiona Macgregor and her team were great the nurses were absolutely brilliant they hospital is second to none thank you and all the staff QEUH.

Princess Royal Maternity - I had an amazing experience throughout my pregnancy and the birth of my twins with this hospital. All of the staff throughout the whole journey have been amazing with us. Thank you all so very much.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I would like to thank each and every one of the fabulous people in the intensive care unit who looked after my mum with so much dedication, without you all I would have lost my mum and our family would have been devastated. After 10 weeks walked for the first time with the aid of a zimmer today a sight I never thought I would ever see, thank you all so much, as hard as it was to be in this position thinking I would lose her, you all took time out to talk to me and help me and all of our family, you are all so busy and amazing and you will all forever be in my thoughts for everything you all done for my mum, thank you again.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - My Dad was admitted to Inverclyde last week and we cannot praise the hospital enough. He received excellent care both in A & E and on the ward. The nurses were amazing, full of cheery chat and very professional. The doctors ensured that a thorough assessment was carried out and every test that was required was carried out timorously. Dad even commented on how nice the food was and always piping hot. Thanks so much for your wonderful care and as ever, we are thankful for the amazing NHS that we have in Scotland.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My bother in law was on Ward 9A for several weeks and was cared for with such care. I can’t praise Mr Glen and his surgical team for the outstanding attention given to his care. The team on A were amazing and gave him so much care and attention and especially at the end. The palliative care team were also so kind and compassionate they made him so relaxed about how things would go. So thank you to all that cared for him his family appreciated it all.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I had my first visit to minor injuries at the GRI this weekend and was very impressed with how quickly I was seen - examined, X-rayed, treated, discharged and follow-up arranged in around 2.5 hours. All the staff; reception, clinical support, nurse practitioner and radiographers were patient, empathetic and treated me with dignity and respect and as an individual. The phone call the next day from the virtual fracture clinic was both informative and reassuring, it is good to know that I can contact them should I have any worries and that I will be seen for a follow-up in such a short space of time. I believe that patient flow is expedited due to this virtual clinic and would like to see it expanded across other medical branches and MIUs/A+Es. It was obvious, however, that several people did not need to be in an emergency department and were therefore slowing down the system. It would be advantageous to have some public education to reiterate when visiting A+E is necessary and when to attend MIUs, pharmacies or self-refer for physio. I have not included attend GP clinic as at my last attempt to do so I had to wait a fortnight for an appointment and this is one of the reasons people end up attending A+E instead. However, despite these misgivings of a slightly inadequate primary care system I was very happy with my experience of the emergency department at GRI and will be praising them to everyone I meet.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - On Saturday 30th September I arrived to visit a relative who had just been admitted. Steven the night shift security guard (in the old building) had just began his shift and promptly escorted us to exactly where we needed to be as doors were locked all over the place and it’s easy to get lost. He went over and above providing a fantastic service with a smile and made a horrible experience so much more comfortable. Thank you Steven!

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My father was admitted to ward 51, Langland’s Unit , medicine for the elderly several weeks ago, sadly his battle recently came to an end . The staff of ward 51 showed professionalism, help, support, care, kindness, compassion and respect. The care given to my father and my family was above and beyond, no words could ever describe my gratitude towards the staff of ward 51, medicine for the elderly, at QEH . The nurses were always approachable , nothing was ever a problem and their " can do and will do " attitude is much to be desired and admired. I would ask that management take these comments and praise the staff of ward 51, Langland unit for all their hard work. Forever eternally grateful.