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April 2017

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Physiotherapy - I left hospital a few days after a replacement ankle operation. Even before I left I was seen by a Physio, given some exercises and given an appointment with a colleague in Johnstone (A Renfrew). I had regular appointments there to great effect, not only physical but also encouragement not to let slow progress get me down. I was referred to the RAH gym for an assessment and attended for 6 weeks, undertaking a series of recommended exercises. My reassessment was recently completed back at Johnstone and I have been "signed off". I am back at work, looking forward to my holidays abroad in 2 weeks with hearty thanks and appreciation to the Physio team at RAH and beyond. Please pass on my gratitude.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - I was an inpatient in H North at the end of March for 5 nights & cannot praise the staff enough. The care I received for second to none. It was a difficult time for me but was made easier with the way I was treated by the staff. I will never forget how the staff made me feel. They are a credit to the NHS. Keep up the good work!

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I would like to thank Dr Quinn at the RAH maternity, this doctor made my experience with my second child amazing. I was diagnosed with IIH and although this wasn't affecting my pregnancy Dr Quinn seen how anxious I was and really went out his way to make me feel settled. My baby was delivered by planned section and we had issues getting the spinal administered, Dr Quinn came down to theatre and told me everything would be okay just before I had to be put to sleep. He is an asset to the hospital and I can't thank him and all the surgeons and team for delivering my baby and giving my partner and I such a positive experience. I would also like to thank all the staff on the labour ward that looked after us before and after surgery. So many exceptional people who don't get the credit they deserve. I had many appointments during my pregnancy that were unrelated to pregnancy.....I had a lumber puncture and eye fields tests as well as MRI scan. I was well looked after the whole way through and I just want to thank everybody in all departments at the RAH for their kindness throughout. RAH always gets bad press but I am so thankful for the RAH and the NHS.

Stobhill Hospital (New) - Thank you so much to all the staff on the dental clinic for people with learning disabilities, who treated my son with such kindness and calmness. We were given a quiet space away from other patients that suited him and allowed him to relax. We were treated with personal warmth that made him feel he was in safe hands. We were given information about what was going to happen and approximate timings that we could translate for him. So he was able to lie quietly while we soothed him and this meant he needed no pre-med. I was permitted down to theatre so he was accompanied and reassured, and able to have the canula inserted without any anxiety. After surgery I was able to go to recovery to be there as he came round. Later staff came to give feedback and we were free to leave when he was ready. This was all great in its own right. It also leaves a foundation of trust and good experience through which any future hospital attendance will be understood by him. Many thanks.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My great aunt who is 88 and suffers from dementia was brought in from her nursing home about 5:30 on Tuesday 25th April. She had a fall in the home and this was couple weeks after having a hip operation. The doctor that dealt with her was very nice, caring and very patient with my aunt. I was delighted that she was seen by such a good person. My aunts been in before and I wasn't slow in putting a complaint in about how poorly I felt she was treated, but on this occasion I have nothing but praise for the doctor. She done good with my aunt.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Was recently in for 5 days, first time I have stayed in a hospital. I have got to say the experience was top class. From everyone who worked in ward 68. All the nurses and staff were so attentive and made me feel so at ease the whole time. Keen to ensure my stay was the best it could be. The food was good. Fantastic work by all.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My husband was an inpatient in ward 2A as a medical boarder from 21/4/17 to 26/4/17 The staff looking after him whether clinical or support were amazing in their kindness professionalism and care He also witnessed a difficult patient in the discharge lounge being treated in a kind mannerly way by two porters. Well done guys.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I recently was admitted for day surgery but had to stay overnight. I would like to thank the staff at all levels for the excellent care I received.

Stobhill Hospital (New) - I visited the endoscopy dept on Sat 22nd April for a gastroscopy and, although not nervous, I was a bit apprehensive. The procedure was as I expected, uncomfortable, but straightforward. I was expecting to be there for a few hours but was back in my car in less than one hour. My main reason for feedback though, is to mention the professionalism of staff. Everyone from the receptionist to the nurses and doctor who carried out the procedure was superb. A receptionist who had a queue of people to book in at 7.40am and was still smiling and friendly by the time my turn came. The nurse who talked me through to the process and carried out the standard pre-procedure tests, telling me what to expect. The three staff members in the procedure room, again very reassuring, talking me through each step as it was about to happen. I thought this was excellent. Without this info patients would be lying on the bed wondering what was coming next and how long it would take etc. This running commentary took away the uncertainty and made everything so much easier and bearable. My main concern was my expected 'automatic' rejection of a tube being pushed down my throat. It wasn't the most pleasant of experiences, obviously, and a couple of times I felt I wanted to get it out. Both times I remembered to focus on my breathing, as instructed, and the feeling eased. At no time was I left wondering what happens next. Every step was explained and after it was over the doctor sat with me and discussed the outcome. Finally I must mention the two nurses in the recovery ward where I waited whilst a letter was prepared for my GP. Both were very friendly, striking up conversation with me as soon as I entered the ward. Each staff member is a credit to the NHS and I just wish those people could be given salaries that match the importance of their work.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I have been under the care of the IBD specialist nurses for 5 years now and have nothing but praise for them all. For the past 8 months I have had a hard time getting my condition under control and have had to try different medications that resulted in some side effects. I was worried about the side effects of certain medications and the specialist nurse team could not have been any more helpful and listened to my concerns the whole way. Thankfully now I’m feeling better and everything is under control but I could not have done it without them. This service is invaluable to patients with IBD and knowing someone is just at the end of a phone when things go wrong makes you feel you are not on your own. They genuinely have a lot of compassion for what they do and are always very professional in their role. They always do that little bit extra to try and help and go above and beyond to make sure you are seen quickly in clinic if you need to be. I can't thank them enough for everything they have done and will continue to do for me in the future.

Glasgow Dental Hospital and School - On Friday 21 April I attended Glasgow Dental Hospital for emergency treatment and was seen promptly at around 9.40am. The student who treated me was named Hannah and she was assisted by a dentist whose name I do not have. I want to express my gratitude for their excellent treatment and advice which was given in a most efficient manner. Thank you.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My mother was recently assessed at the Clinical Decisions Unit for a suspected DVT. I would like to thank the SCN Michael McGurk for putting her at ease so quickly and for the excellent and professional manner in which he handled her care. Michael was very welcoming to the unit and kept us fully informed at every stage of her care. He had a fantastic bedside manner that helped put my mother at ease almost instantly. He is a true credit to the profession and would like to have this acknowledged as often staff only get to hear of complaints and not praise. Well done Michael and keep up the good work!

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I had a head MRI scans last week. The preparation Nurse and Radiographer were both friendly and professional. During my 2016 scan I was given very impersonal treatment by another Radiographer which sapped my confidence.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - Hi I take this opportunity to say a huge well done to all the staff that looked after me on Friday 21st April 2017 at 9.30am in the A & E Dept of the Glasgow Royal infirmary. The reason for my visit was in connection with a head injury sustained that morning. I was looked after in a very professional, efficient and diligent manner by the reception staff and the nurse and doctor on duty. I only waited a short period of time and was out within under an hour. Please pass on my thanks to the staff and doctor on duty that morning as I never managed to obtain their names. Keep up the good work and well done again. I do appreciate the great service.

Physiotherapy -  Hi There. I would just to leave some praise for my son Blair Campbell's physio Kirstin Drummond. From the very first moment I met her she was lovely and really friendly. Throughout her visits this continued and she was easy to talk too. She advised me how to help my son along with his movement, and she was very supportive and easy to talk too. Too many times people are quick to complain but I think Kirstin deserves some praise because she is fantastic at her job and I just wanted to say how grateful I am. 

Princess Royal Maternity - I would just like to say a big thanks to all the staff who was involved in my elective Caesarean section. As a first time mum and first time in theatre, the staffs were absolutely brilliant at making me feel relaxed. I could not fault any one of them in that operating room. Both myself and my baby were in very capable hands and I just can't thank them all enough for my successful operation.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I visited children's A&E with my son. We were seen very quickly. Examinations and tests carried out again very quickly and diagnosis provided. Staff- Dr, nurse, ultrasound staff very efficient and kind. Can't praise service enough? We were anxious re reason for our visit and this was reassuring and appreciated.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would like to thank and praise the staff that helped deliver my baby. The care I received in the maternity department was excellent and I cannot thank the staff enough in the labour ward and HD unit. Keep up the good work; you are all amazing people doing a great job.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I was referred to you by a Doctor at the Victoria, with rather high blood pressure, late in the evening on Easter Monday. Upon arrival I was received by a Nurse and checks were carried out immediately, and then transferred into a room where a Doctor carried out thorough checks on my heart and breathing. I could not believe being taken for a chest x ray at 12.30 at night - tremendous work. The next morning I had more checks and Scans and visits by specialists. I was cleared to go home at 1pm on the Tuesday. Just want to say Thank They to all; you were lovely and a joy.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I am writing about the recent care my twin sister received at GRI. I live abroad and during my twin's confinement at GRI I was extremely worried about her. But, that worry was needless. The care my sister had was exemplary and I could not have wished for better care for her. While she was in ICU the staff went above and beyond, thank you Lee, Stuart, Amelda, Mel. Thank you to all the staff of Ward 52... Catriona, Angela. Thank you to everyone who cared for my twin, you literally saved her life and I am incredibly indebted to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Royal Hospital for Children - We were so impressed by the care my son received in ENT day surgery. We were called the week before and given an explanation of what to expect on the day which covered everything from parking to procedure! All the staffs from receptionists to medical staff were cheerful, professional and made our experience calm and efficient. My son was so well cared for and cannot praise the service we received enough. Please feedback to ENT day surgery children's hospital!

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Staff in every department involved in my care and treatment were helpful, informative and generally very supportive of me and my needs. No complaints!

Stobhill Hospital (New) - Thank you to the staff at the Dermatology clinic who contacted my father’s GP to raise a concern that he had turned up for his appointment a day early and appeared unsteady and confused. This prompted his GP to contact him - he was diagnosed with a UTI. This care shows the NHS at its best. Thank you

Victoria Hospital (New) - excellent fast kind service at MIU for son with infected finger on first day back at school, especially appreciated reassurance that we were in the right place and advice on follow-up.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - excellent service by all clinical and non-clinical staff in the burns unit.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I have been attending this unit first at Canniesburn and then the Royal for about 20 years. The staffs including consultant and nurses have been very caring and supportive over the years. Information is clearly and quickly passed from hospital to local GP and always followed up. Well done

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would like to thank the staff of A&E, the coronary unit and x-ray for their efficient, professional and very kind treatment during my hospital stay. I felt well informed and safe. I am on the mend. Thank you.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I just wanted to thank the A&E staff who helped me around 8am on 15.04. Especially Eleanor (this name may be wrong as I was in so much pain I may have remembered incorrectly) they were all so kind to me and patiently explained everything to me. It really helped me to feel calmer. Thank you so much you are fantastic!

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Having read reviews of bad experiences at QEUH, I would like to state my satisfaction with a visit to A and E. I accompanied my daughter (who was in a distressed state) suffering from chest discomfort. She was treated with respect and compassion by nursing and medical staff. Our visit lasted three and half hours, but in that time, she had chest X-ray checked, bloods taken and results explained. My only criticism was of a receptionist who was curt and less than helpful when I required accessing the unit after giving my husband an update on our daughter's condition. I am a retired nurse and found her manner less than acceptable. Apart from that the staffs has to be congratulated.

Renfrewshire - I would personally like to thank all the staff that works in The Charleston Centre, Neilston Rd, Paisley for their quick response, help and getting the quick treatment that my partner needed for his severe neurological disorder. We would like to express our deep gratitude for your generous support on getting back on the right path to a healthier and happier life.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - All nurses in ward 29 at the RAH gave me outstanding service before and after my surgery on 13/04/2017 when I was attending for ENT surgery, they welcomed me in with a minimum of fuss and calmed me down with genuine kindness and humour, the two ENT surgeons also gave outstanding genuine welcomes and humour and terrific Surgery, no complications at all. The staff who took me to the operating theatre, the anaesthetist and the theatre staff all gave great service as well, every single one of the above were genuinely cheerful and deserve great praise. I was the first person to receive ENT surgery that day and the first to wake up back in the ward, I witnessed the ward nurses being equally fantastic to all the other patients. Outstanding, thank you all so very much.

Glasgow Royal Informary, Appointment - Following a mix-up in appointments Ms Dawn McFadyen of Referral Management North based at the new Annex Royal Hospital Glasgow sorted it out for me in 10 minutes saving a long journey and bringing forward a much needed Specialist Appointment. Her cheery smiling phone manner was the icing on the cake.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Praise to Staff Nurse Ms Jane Herbison in pre assessment for excellent patient care in fully explaining the procedures for my op and the results of tests etc thereby allaying my fears. Op has been successful but following the Consultant investigation, it really all begins with how good the pre op assessment is and if the person delivering shows empathy and understanding then it helps.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My aunt recently spent 3 weeks in Ward 8A in the QUEH. Over these 3 weeks the care she received was outstanding, every member of staff treated her with exceptional care, compassion and dignity. Her consultant, Dr Wishart, always kept me and my family very informed of the changes in my aunt's condition. The nursing care carried out by all of the nurses was of an extremely high standard. The ward doctors were very attentive. My aunt sadly passed away but knowing how well she was cared for in her final few weeks will always bring great comfort to me and my family. Every member of staff is a credit to their profession and Ward 8A is one of the best run wards I have encountered.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My husband was recently admitted following a heart scare and he was treated in the CCU dept. I would like to add my praise and thanks to all the staff involved with him. He received amazing after care and has now received a stent and has returned to work feeling a million dollars so thank you all so so much

Vale of Leven District General Hospital - GP referred me to the VOL hospital as a result of a lengthy ear infection. This wasn't my first visit and as always the service provided was outstanding. My thanks to all the dedicated staff.

MacKinnon House - I have been a seasoned veteran patient of this facility, in Portree (a few), Struan, Armadale, Broadford over 6 years and without it, I simply would not be here today. All staff, nurses, doctors even the "chefs" who make our food, are all at the highest standard of their chosen profession. I cannot praise the work they do either highly enough, neither can I fault them for anything that I saw in my times in-house. True heroes all of them. Now a year after my discharge I just wish to thank the NHS, Stobhill and every nurse and doctor at MacKinnon House for giving me back my life, my family and everything they did to get me back to full health, physical and mental. They guys really make a difference in what you do, thank you so much 💚

Royal Hospital for Children - My 6 yr old was in ward 4A as a day patient staff there were wonderful and nice too all kids and their parents the consultation was amazing he took the time to talk to the kids be4 doing surgery. The staff in wards 4A and 4B were very good they do their job to 100% good standard x couldn’t ask for a better services well done too all the staff x

Glasgow N W - I was at the Drumchapel Sandyford clinic on Thursday 6/4/17. The nurse I saw a nurse specialist who treated me with great respect, and gave me excellent advice. She allayed all my fears and I left happy. Wonderful service, thank you.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - Hello, Tuesday 11 April 2017 Today I was admitted to the day surgery unit at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, this was to rectify an umbilical hernia that has been giving me trouble for some time. From the moment I arrived I was impressed by the friendliness and professionalism of the staff, everyone was good humoured and polite and made an effort to explain exactly what was going to happen. At every stage with each new member of the team I was asked to identify myself and confirm details about my personal status and wellbeing, far from it being irritating it only served to set my mind at ease as nothing was left to chance. When my time came to be taken to surgery everything went smoothly and this only served to further reassure me I felt confident and at ease. From the Surgeon to the lady who brought me a cup of tea, I can't praise these people highly enough they have my thanks and my sincere gratitude.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I would just like to thank the dermatology team who treated me for a bad episode of Urticaria a few weeks ago in QEUH clinic. They were very attentive & helpful & I am now fully recovered.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I cannot praise your staff enough for my care over the period 31st March - 3rd April. I was seeing at orthopaedics in the New Victoria on 31st where it was diagnosed that as well as dislocating my shoulder I had actually fractured my greater tuberosity and required surgery. This was done on the 2nd April and my care and treatment was second to none. As a recently retired specialist nurse I know all too well the problems and pressures all the staff are under, from the consultant, the anaesthetist, nurses, students, porters, clerical staff, cleaners all were excellent and should be proud of the quality of care they are delivering. The board of GGC should be well pleased, with their quality of care.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - As parents of a 13 month old baby, admitted to Ward 15 via A&E, we would like to say how wonderful the staff of the RAH were, both in A&E and Ward 15, when caring for our child. Each was a consummate professional: every member of staff introduced himself or herself to us, informed us what they were doing, answered our questions and always asked whether we needed anything. We were given information to make choices, to feel confident and to feel in control. They provided high quality treatment in a comfortable, caring and safe environment, delivered in a clam and reassuring way. As healthcare professionals, we know that the measurement of patient experience provides feedback into the healthcare system, promoting positive experience within the care pathway. We would be grateful if the appropriate departments were informed of this positive feedback so that they know that they are appreciated, and that they do make a difference.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - My Mum stayed the weekend at the new hospital, she was admitted to A&E on the Friday morning and ended the day in Ward 6C. She would like me to pass on her thanks to everyone involved in her care from the moment we brought her in to her discharge at the end of the weekend. The staffs at the reception and in A&E was very quick and very attentive despite what was a very worrying issue with her heart, she knew what was going on at all times and they helped to calm her down. After being taken to the receiving care unit for a couple of hours where the nurses and doctors were again very attentive she was taken by a porter who she said was "very funny" to Ward 6C where she was surprised to have her own en-suite room with a TV. She was a bit disappointed that her blinds didn't work and that there was no one selling newspapers. Everyone that my mother and our family met over the weekend were very professional, introducing themselves and letting my mother know why they were in her room, this was important to her. She tells me that the nurses and auxiliaries were very caring and helped calm her down even though they had lots of other patients and call buzzers going all day. Many of the nursing staff sat with her and kept her company in the evening which she said made her feel very safe and relaxed as they were genuinely interested in what she had to say about anything and everything! Even when we were visiting, they couldn't do enough for my mother. The lunch lady was very patient with my mother despite her being hard of hearing and took time to explain all the choices with a smile on her face, she tells us that the food was also very nice and to thank the chefs. While he was cleaning her "hotel room" as she called it, the cleaner lifted her spirits with his funny stories and helped her figure out how to use the TV and change the volume so she could hear it properly. So once again, thank you A&E, the receiving ward and 6C and to ALL staff involved in making my mother’s stay a pleasant one.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - my midwives (student Hannah? was brilliant) and Dr Jamie was amazing. My delivery and aftercare was a very good experience as I was well looked after.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - I would like to formally acknowledge the care and attention which I have received; over several visits, by Mr Donaldson, his outpatients team and his secretary Elaine. The care which I have received is second to none. I most certainly do not feel like 'just another number'. The commitment, compassion and expertise by all staff members have been outstanding; amazing really when one takes their workload into consideration. Please find below a list of my positive experiences. At reception I am greeted by a friendly face. Met and escorted to a clinical room by a nurse who always introduces herself and confirms that she will inform Mr Donaldson of my arrival ; instilling reassurance and confidence in the professional taking care of you. Information is free flowing.... you are not left waiting for any length of time wondering what is going on, the staff are extremely attentive, again amazing considering their workload. Throughout all my visits I have found Mr Donaldson to be most sincere, warm and friendly and above all immensely interested in me, my progress and always willing to take the time to ensure that I am fully up to speed with my management plan, all of this is never rushed and delivered in a timely manner and always checking my understanding of all issues which may have been raised. I can truly say that it is a privilege to be cared for by Mr Donalson and his team. it is my view that one’s health is of paramount importance and I am incredibly fortunate to be cared for by such a wonderful, compassionate and talented team. Thanking you all most kindly.

Physiotherapy - The Physiotherapist that dealt with my care was welcoming friendly and supportive. He talked through the details of my medical history around the treatment, explained the options and was the first person to give me hope that things could improve. He gave exercises that were within my ability, gave a helpful leaflet and made sure I could follow everything before leaving. Can't praise him highly enough.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - Just home from an overnight stay in ward 56A, I would just like to say thank you to all the lovely staff I had the pleasure of being looked after by and students! 

Vale of Leven District General Hospital - Vale of Leven Hospital is one of the cleanest hospitals I have been to. The staffs are all so nice, from the cleaners, nursing staff, admin. The only negative is that there should be an A&E at this hospital the population is just going to increase and there is a great distance to our nearest A&E now, the hospitals with A&E are overflowing with patients because a lot ages have been closed. This is putting people’s lives at risk. The Vale of Leven Hospital is an amazing hospital!

Stobhill Hospital (New) - Came with my Dad, who is having memory problems, for a CT scan. Reception staff & CT Imaging staff were very welcoming & friendly and we were taken with almost no wait. Everyone involved is an asset to the NHS. Very happy patient & relative! Inverclyde Royal Hospital - Please say thank you to Dr David Miller and Nurse Gillian Jackson at EYE out patients. My appointment was yesterday Tuesday 4th April 2017 at 3 30 and I was treated as if I had been a fee-paying private patient. Outstanding for time, explanations, professional care and courtesy. Could not possibly have asked or expected better treatment. Sincerest thanks!

My daughter was admitted to A&E by ambulance after taking an illegal drug on Monday night, all the staff starting from ambulance staff, A&E, police and the ward staff that she was taken to were all amazing and looked after her brilliantly and I felt they went beyond what they had to do to help and they were great with me too helping me cope with the situation. I just want to thank everyone at who was involved and can never be grateful enough.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I was admitted this morning with chest pains. After tests it turns out I am fine. Their staff treated me so well. I want them to know how much I appreciated them. At no time did they treat me as anything other than a human being in need. Thank you so much.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - A huge thank you to all of the staff on Ward 10C for the amazing care they have given my son over the last nine days. Fantastic staff and just sorry I did not get to say goodbye! Thanks for absolutely everything.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Very impressed with the high standard of care I received. The speed with which I was diagnosed and treatment began was very quick. The treatment itself was well planned out and very organised which made this journey more bearable and as time went on it felt as if I were in safe hands. The dedication of staff and in particular my breast cancer nurse who told at the very beginning she would be with me every step of the way and was true to her word. Also the surgeons who were also part of my care team, made sure I was involved all the way and to me was striving to get the best result possible with every care and attention. At this moment in time I have been told I am cancer free and this is thanks to all who were involved in my care.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - I was an inpatient in ward 66 for "day surgery" but had complications after my operation that required me to stay for an extra 3 days. I have to say all the staff on this ward from the senior nurses to the nursing assistants where all amazing. It was clear that they are working under extreme pressure but in the way they treated me and the other men in the room you would have no idea of this. They were all very professional hardworking caring staff. Nothing was a bother to them and although I would rather have been at home, the staff made my stay as pleasant and as comfortable as they could.

Glasgow South - As the NHS usually receives negative feedback I wanted to give back something positive. I would like to thank Moira Young for all her help and kindness yesterday at the Sandyford clinic in Pollok. Nothing was a hassle for her and although I was seen so quickly due to a previous complaint that was made I don't feel this made a difference to the service. Moira was quick to act and upon arrival to the clinic yesterday she made me feel at ease and introduced to me to one of the newer nurses Jemma/Gemma who was also lovely. I was having my implant removed and was talked through the process and given lots of other options for contraception. I never once felt rushed through the process and was shocked to find when I left I had been there almost an hour. Moira is a credit to the clinic and I hope Jemma/Gemma progresses well with her training. Thanks again!

Victoria Hospital (New) - After today’s visit with Dr Louise Clark, Clinic O I would like to say what a lovely Dr she is. She explained everything to my daughter in a caring and understanding way. She was so approachable and extremely knowledgeable and put us at ease Lovely mannered lady. Wish there were more Drs like her. Hopefully Dr Clark will learn of this appraisal as I feel she should be made aware of our extreme satisfaction with today’s visit and also my daughter’s previous appointment date. Please inform Dr Clark that she is a credit to the profession.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - As an Auxiliary Nurse I would just like to say thank you to all the staff of ward 65, I spent 2 days on the ward and the staff were fantastic, kind and caring who are a credit to our profession.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - The staff in Ward 23 are exceptional. Each person from tea lady to doctor could not do enough for dad. Their caring attitude is commendable. All too often criticism is levelled at hospitals so I really wanted to call out the amazing staff you have.