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October 2015

Vale of Leven District General Hospital - We were so impressed by the helpful, kind support from all the staff helping my mother-in-law during her pre-assessment and CT scan on Thursday. In addition when we were looking a bit lost at the end of a long afternoon the most amazing porter stopped what he was doing and came across to offer his assistance. He then proceeded to push the wheelchair and accompany us out the hospital to get us closer to the car and waited with my mother-in-law until I brought the car to the door. We were so grateful for his above and beyond attention. It is only a shame we can't name him to not only give credit where it's due but also to let him know how much we appreciated his intervention. Thank you everyone for making a difficult day so much less stressful.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Almost six weeks ago after returning from holiday, I developed a severe lung infection. After attempting to fight it off over the next two weeks, I was forced to attend my doctor. The first prescribed antibiotic was not successful and after a week, a second was prescribed. This one (clarithromycin) was much more successful. However my doctor advised me to go for an x-ray and that day, I attended the 'walk-in' service at the RAH. I had to wait only 15 minutes before being taken for the x-ray. A few days later, my doctor received a report stating that the plate showed an unspecified 'something' and booked me in for a CT scan. Notification of this came the following day with an appointment with a chest consultant (Mr Embley) a few days later. The scan was completed and the subsequent consultant's appointment completed yesterday. Apart from infection, the scan showed nothing out of the ordinary. From first attending my own doctor (Dr Davidson of the Consulting Rooms, Paisley) The whole procedure of appointments, and scans took just over three weeks and I am writing to tell you that I was more than pleased with this outcome. At all times, your staff were more than courteous, informative and treated me with respect and dignity. Sadly, most of the news we hear of the NHS is less than complementary and I feel that it is only right that I tell you of my recent totally satisfactory treatment. Regards

Royal Alexandra Hospital - Pleasant and hardworking nurses. Not enough of them to cope with the wards demands but they tried and never complained. I felt ward rounds were a little rushed but time constraints again. Overall ward 10 was a professional and good functioning ward that needs more nurses.

Mearnskirk House - My mother was admitted to Mearnskirk House hospital in February 2015. On admittance, I was welcomed and shown around my mum's room before the ambulance arrived with my mum. My mum was very poorly when she arrived at Mearnskirk and was receiving "end of life care". Although poorly my mum thrived with the care she received from the staff in the Lanrig Unit of the hospital. They treated both my mum and our family with the upmost respect and provided full support to the family as well as looking after my mum. Whilst extremely busy and at times under staffed, the nursing staff were on hand for any questions or concerns we had. The nursing staff were very friendly, approachable and extremely hardworking. When my mum was admitted to Mearnskirk we were originally told that it would be short term due to her poor health, however, if it were not for the high level of excellent care given from the nurses I feel my mum would not have been with us for 8 months. Sadly my mum passed away this month which was extremely difficult for the family but once again the level of support and care not only to my mum but my family was way beyond anything we have ever experienced. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for all the nursing staff in the Lanrig Unit who cared, looked after my mum and supported my family throughout this difficult period. Once again we as a family would like to express our gratitude and thanks to Mearnskirk Hospital for the care of our beloved mother/grandmother and great grandmother over the last 8 months. They are a wonderful team and an asset to the NHS. Kind regards Pauline and family.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital - I attended the A&E on Thursday 8th October with torn ligaments in my ankle following a fall. I just wanted to praise the level of service I received and all the staff I came into contact with. I figure you get a lot of complaints so I wanted to note a really positive experience I had and say thank you to the staff.

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Urology - The staff in ward 29 was exceptionally kind and caring. The ward was immaculately clean and I could not have asked for better care and attention during my stay.

Princess Royal Maternity, Pregnancy - I'd like to recognize my midwife, Shona, for making me feel really comfortable and answering all my questions in a clear way. She never makes me feel like a question is stupid or silly, and she takes her time to explain everything. I really appreciate her care, and you should know it!

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital - I would like to thank the surgeons who had my daughter’s life in their hands after she was involved in a road accident in which she was left with a devastating brain injury. I will never forget them for this. Also a massive thanks to the doctors and nurses who looked after her in intensive care, High dependency ward and also ward 64 they are wonderful caring people obviously dedicated to their career not only caring for my daughter but also the care we received while visiting my daughter NOTHING was too much trouble for them. I as a mother of a patient certainly don’t think they get the recognition for the work they actually do so once again a massive thanks to all of the staff at the neurological block from one extremely happy mother.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital - Staff are brilliant. They make a stressful time so much easier for families of patients.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital - Could not have been better cared for, the staffs was very professional in everything they did to get me back to full health, I was in the hospital for 5 wks. Although the food was not the same as home it was o.k.

Gartnavel General - visited Gartnavel general hospital ophthalmology unit as an out-patient yesterday, for pre-op. I returned today 15th Oct as day patient to ward 1C for operation to remove IOL. 10 out of 10 for everything including care, treatment, staff, cleanliness, food. An excellent experience in an all round, well run, unit of the hospital. Marvellous Thank you!

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital- I brought my 3 year old daughter to the children's A&E department on Tuesday after she had an accident and was hit on the head by a swing in the playground. I was terribly worried about her, but the staff were great, and we were seen quickly. The nurses and doctors were great with her, and someone was called in to do a CT scan on her head, because they felt that it was needed. Scan was clear and everything was fine. My wife and I were delighted that she was okay, and we felt that the staff gave our daughters health their full attention. I know that they must see this sort of thing all the time, but they did not make us feel that it was trivial. I can only thank them for being so thorough, helpful and reassuring, and putting our minds at rest by giving our daughter the full attention that she needed many thanks again!

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I attended A&E a few Saturdays ago with my 11 month old son who had developed a non-blanching rash, vomiting and was just miserable. We had next to no time to wait before we were seen by triage and again by a consultant, and were referred to Ward 15 promptly, where again we were seen and assessed quickly. As a precaution while my son received antibiotics and we waited for blood tests he was kept as an inpatient. The treatment we received from staff was exceptional, and although in the end it proved to be something viral rather than anything too sinister I felt very reassured by the staff- at all levels - the consultant, cleaners and nursing staff made a worrying time a lot easier to cope with.

Victoria Hospital (New) - Another excellent experience for my son in healthcare provision at the Day Surgery Unit, Victoria ACAD. 2nd episode of orthopaedic surgery in 6 months. From consultant Mr Spencer, his surgical team, anaesthetist, Heather (nurse in the unit) and physiotherapist I wish to acknowledge our appreciation as a family for the care our son received in this efficient unit. Professional, helpful at all times and in our contact with the unit. Having the same nurse look after him, a great example of continuity of care.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Dear Sir/Madam I was wondering if you could feed back the upmost praise and thanks to two members of your wonderful staff. I don’t know there surnames but I do know their first names and there base location. Firstly Emma the surgical nurse at the new SGH in the AIU unit. She was pleasant courteous and most importantly caring. She made my painful experience that all bit better so a massive thanks to her. Secondly the person that performed my surgery Connor. After speaking with Connor I had discovered he had been in med school for 6 years and effectively been on the job for 3 months. Well Connor dealt with me like a veteran of many years. He explained the procedure treated me with respect and again made my somewhat painful experienced better. Connor like Emma was in the same location. Please do try and pass this back to them or their bosses because they are a Credit firstly To the NHS and Secondly society and humanity. Many thanks.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - X - Ray , A & E , Cardiology - On behalf of my very elderly neighbour friend, I would like to praise the RAH Staff in:- A&E; AMU - Ward 2, L.Torrens; CCU, R. Cameron; & the surgical staff who dealt with the fitting of a Pacemaker; for the highest standard of professionalism & patient care ever experienced. In addition; the subsequent home visit by District Nurse, M. Kennedy was of equal standard.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - In for treatment at ward 18, first appointment staff were running late due to a busy day but were so apologetic and absolutely wonderful. Did not mind about waiting time one bit, you could plainly see they were very busy! Back in for procedure two days later and I could honestly not fault anything. All staff were so professional and so personable at the same time. Complications during procedure resulted in an overnight stay but I was continuously updated on what the situation was and great care was taken by them to ensure both me and my partner were sure of what was going on. My partner had to swap for a friend and due to overnight stay he was allowed back in to check on me and for the nurses to explain what was going to happen to him as well which was such a comfort to him. Everything was dealt with so sensitively by all staff I encountered. Even being woken up during the night for checks they were so lovely and calming. I cannot thank them enough for the level of care and compassion I received during what became a slightly difficult day for me and my partner. They were just amazing.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I broke my wrist on Oct 1st while visiting my son and his family in Gartocharn. The local hospital in Alexandria x-rayed the injury, patched me up and arranged a visit to RAH Orthopaedics the following morning. Despite a full operating list and some emergency arrivals the surgeon managed to fit me into his busy schedule early in the afternoon for which I am extremely grateful. From Reception through Orthopaedic surgery to Ward 23 the staff at all levels were courteous and professional and I would like everyone to know that I appreciate both their efforts and their kindness. RAH - the NHS with the human touch.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Oral and maxillofacial surgery department, Queen Elizabeth, Glasgow, Mr. Craig Wales, nursing and admin staff. Speed of consultation and referral treatment, initial consultation, biopsy and results, and professionalism of staff, all without fault. Staff were understanding and compassionate and a real credit to NHS Glasgow. They deserve real praise and recognition for the work they do.

Gartnavel General - I recently had a double mastectomy and stayed in ward 4A due to personal circumstances and other health issues I was in for a week. I was admitted through same day admissions unit lower ground as soon as was registered my experience was outstanding so efficient and caring, right through to surgery and recovery ward. Admitted to ward A had difficulties straight away transferred to private room. A few hours later had a number of dizzy turns due to the side effects of hormone meds assisted to toilet. Unfortunately I fainted at one point crashed to floor woke up to all these people about me they were amazing, back to bed buzzer in hand told if I need anything just buzz, got so bad that buzzer placed under hand water right beside me anything else buzz. Knocked my confidence staff so understood and helped start to rebuild my confidence. I also had major issues round eating basically nausea and sickness, your light bite menu was a godsend the soup especially is so nice. At no point did I feel a burden all of your staff helped me to build my confidence back. The last few months have been awful been having stress attacks fainting and vomiting, the care I received from the staff has gone a long way in helping me get my life back together. This has been my first experience with Gartnavel my breast care team is at the New Victoria it was felt at the time because of other health and support issues I might have to stay over weekend, For me this proved to be the right decision. Gartnavel Hospital very well done on how well everything was handled especially the team on ward 4A.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - Care and treatment was excellent in Wards 10a and 10b. Initially for revision hip surgery and then back in to treat an infection. Cannot praise all staff and treatment highly enough. Everyone given the best care possible regardless of their personal situation. Thank you so much.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - From the surgical staff, to the nursing staff, my stay in southern general hospital neurosciences department. my stay was made so bearable. The staff are second to none,brilliant.thank you all so much.

Staff - This evening 6/10/15 I took my son who has Asperser’s syndrome to the hospital as he needed an x ray of his thumb. When entering the X-ray reception we were greeted by a lovely smiley face who took out details. I explained my son had Aspergers and could she explain the process as she was doing it to him. No problem she said. Well, what came next was the best experience of a professional supporting someone on the spectrum I have ever seen. She took her time and explained everything to him and he was completely at ease. This woman deserves some recognition for the great effort she put in with my son. It made a very traumatic out of routine experience a lot easier for him and he loved seeing his X-ray on the screen. A big thank you to a wonderful nurse.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow - I waited days only for appointments. I had an ultrasound scan, and then an M.R.I.scan. I cannot praise the hospital enough. Staff were extremely efficient, and caring. Excellent, thank you.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - my husband attended the hospital yesterday with chest pain. I would like to say thanks for the excellent care and treatment from Medical assessment unit, x ray and chest pain assessment unit. Luckily it was inflammation of the sternum and not a heart attack - the staff was efficient, friendly and reassuring. All depts. visited were great - as an ex nurse I am very impressed and would like these staff to be informed that they are doing a great job please. I would like to name them, but see I should not identify anyone - but it is staff nurses, auxiliary and doctors. I noted great skills in terms of dignity and privacy, we were well informed throughout, and repeatedly offered comfort, magazines and food during our long day. The place was clean and tidy and we felt in good hands - please let these staff know how good they are, and despite a long wait it was a pleasure to see such dedicated people.