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March 2015

Southern General Hospital, Palliative Care - Ward 51 great care from Dr Wishart, Sister McCready and all nursing staff of ward 51

Gartnavel General, Respiratory (Breathing / Lungs) - 99% of staff was most accommodating and helpful and provided information when requested.

Victoria Infirmary, A & E - I was admitted to Ward 12A at the Vic through A&E on 18/03/15 and have to say, despite the fact that the Vic is shortly closing, the staffs was on top form and both ward and A&E staff were helpful, attentive and above all else, you could tell that they really did care. I've been in the Vic a few times over the last few years and my experience each time has been that the staff is great, but is constrained by the fact that the facilities are somewhat antiquated - with the move to the brand new SGUH I hope that this will improve for the better.

Princess Royal Maternity, Scan, Pregnancy - My recent treatment and care at the PRM was beyond all expectation. My family and I cannot thank every member enough for the excellent treatment and care. I was treated with respect and empathy. Every level and member of staff demonstrated that my care was their main focus and I have come out the other end in the best possible manner. Words truly do not demonstrate the gratitude I feel especially given the complex nature of my treatment.

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Urology - As one of the injured from the coach crash on Thursday I just wanted to say how wonderful all the staff were both in A&E and on ward 24 including X-ray staff I was only kept in overnight but could not fault my care.

Stobhill Hospital (New), Urology - All staff at Urology department (and the Boss) I cannot speak highly enough about the care, attitude, and treatment that I received from Mr Fraser and all the other members of 'the team' when I attended the Day Surgery Unit today (28/03/15) for one of an older man's greatest dreads Circumcision. The friendly, professionalism of all concerned was wonderful...Long live the NHS...Thank you

Victoria Hospital (New), General Surgery - As a day surgery patient on 25/03/15, I wish to commend the patient care services provided, particularly by nurses Heather and Danny. They kept me informed at all stages, were caring and considerate and also took time to get to know their temporary patients whilst attending to their duties. Dr Kaund is also deserving of praise. A very friendly and caring lady, who took time with me to discuss my treatment, allows me to ask questions, and reassure me. Her post surgery visit was informative and all delivered with a smile and kind comment. What a fantastic team. Thanks to these individuals for their hard work and dedication to patient care. They are an asset to your hospital.

Southern General Hospital, Women’s Health - My sister was admitted yesterday morning into Ward 49. My sister has learning difficulties and although she lives independently in her own flat, I am her carer and GAMH support her daily. My sister was very anxious, as she has never had to stay overnight in hospital or have such an intimate procedure. From the minute we arrived into the ward, my sister was treated with the utmost respect and every single member of the team she came into contact with made her feel comfortable and relaxed. I would hope these comments are passed to the team at Ward 49.

Victoria Infirmary, General Surgery, Women’s Health - I was admitted to ward 16 and stayed for 4 days. All the staff in the ward, from porters & domestic to nurses and the consultant (H Dorrance) treated me as if I were part of their 'family'. I was in pain & anxious re my condition and the staff helped me through this difficult time with their professionalism, kindness & general humorous banter. Thank you, it made a big difference to me - (not that I want to rush back though').

Royal Hospital for Sick Children (Yorkhill), A & E - I just want to comment and praise the staff at Yorkhill Hospital for all they do. We took our son to Yorkhill yesterday for some investigation into knee pain. We were very worried imagining worse case scenarios. The staffs there were friendly and patient with our son who screamed the place down when he had to have an x-Ray and blood taken. They were extremely busy but gave us information and updates on timescales for results. Dr Douglas Stewart was friendly and understanding and gave us reassurance when we told him what our worst fears were - he did this without being dismissive or patronising which was a breath of fresh air. Our sons visit was by no means an emergency or the most serious condition the staff were dealing with but he was given the highest level of care and we are very grateful. The staffs at Yorkhill are amazing.

Southern General Hospital, Neurosciences (Nerves / Brain) - I was recently admitted to ward 67 for investigation (MRI, EMG and lumbar puncture). I was welcomed on to the ward, and the standard of care from the nurses and support staff was of the highest quality. They actually made my stay in hospital a pleasure. The food was good. The doctors and technicians carrying out the investigations explained everything with clarity, and made me feel completely relaxed. This is all world class service and you should be proud of the team.

Royal Alexandra Hospital, A&E, General Surgery - Would just like to leave comments about the care and treatment I received recently from the paramedics the A&E staff the staff on ward 24 the surgeon Mr Velle they were all fantastic and couldn't fault a thing. Royal Alexandra Hospital, A&E, General Surgery - Would just like to leave comments about the care and treatment I received recently from the paramedics the A&E staff the staff on ward 24 the surgeon Mr Velle they were all fantastic and couldn't fault a thing

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, A & E - My 94yr old father was admitted by ambulance on 17th March. I cannot praise the ambulance attendants, nurses & doctors enough for the excellent care & compassion shown to him. They work under extreme pressure but nothing seems too much for them to help their patients & reassure relatives. Well done to everybody

Southern General Hospital, Neurosciences (Nerves / Brain) – Excellent phone follow up arrangements following blood test rather than asking for another appointment.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital, General Surgery - Today, Staff at Outpatients was friendly and helpful as they directed me to Day Surgery. Thereafter, I felt that all the staff I came in contact with; nurses, attendants and surgeon, treated me with care and respect and I didn't feel that I was a mere statistic in their undoubtedly busy day.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital, Physiotherapy, General Surgery - I was a patient in K North Orthopaedic for a knee replacement from 10/3/15 - 13/3/15 and I have nothing but praise for all the staff who looked after me. My surroundings were clean, the nursing staffs were attentive and considerate and the surgery team explained everything fully. The physio's were a great help and got me moving and home within 4 days. Throughout my stay I enjoyed varied and tasty food - delicious soup, lean meat, varied vegetables and the best fruit crumble I have had for years! Please convey my thanks to all concerned.

Southern General Hospital, Urology - I recently had an op in the SGH then several days’ recovery in ward 11 (B4). The nursing, medical and surgical staff all did a superb job. The nurses and doctors carried out their duties with patience, good will and professionalism and they can be proud of their achievements. The food, especially soups, was good. Well done the NHS!

Royal Alexandra Hospital, General Surgery - Just like to say, I was admitted for surgery on 5th Jan 2015 and discharged on 9th Jan, and my experience was not nearly as frightening as I anticipated. The staff made my experience as comfortable as was possible. I would like to thank you for all the help that I had, and for taking away the fear.  

Stobhill Hospital (New), Podiatry (Feet) - Would like to thank staff for great care and attention from ALL staff, from booking in at reception to leaving the day surgery unit at Stobhill Hospital after foot operation. Could not fault service. Thank you.

Victoria Infirmary, A & E - I would just like to pass on my gratitude and awe at the staff who work ward c2, which I believe is an admissions ward at the Victoria infirmary in Glasgow. I spent most of Friday and Monday with them and having had some hospital experience in the past, can't speak highly enough of them. Under consultant, Dr Yousef, junior doctor Alice (I think), Tracey and others, I couldn't have been looked after more. They made me feel calm at a worrying time and went out of their way to make me comfortable. They even made sure my husband was fed and watered and held my hand when I needed it most. Thankfully, after many tests, things look fine for me. As a scared and anxious patient every single person on the ward made me feel at ease. It can't be easy to do that job day in day out. I hope this thanks reaches them as it's heartfelt and in gratitude at the kindness, warmth and professional approach I received. Thank you.

Yorkhill, Hospital Discharge - My son was seen by a doctor in the out of hour’s service at rah. He sent my son to York hill where he had emergency surgery for a twisted testicle. Due to his knowledge a fast actions my son's testicle was saved and he is now on the road to recovery. I would like to pass on my thanks to him. He was very efficient and most helpful as was everyone else I dealt with at rah and York hill. I cannot praise this service enough. Thank you.

Leverndale Hospital, Community Mental Health Team - I am impressed by Dr Palmers care team during my daughters stay in Leverndale. It was evident from the support given to my daughter during her stay that Dr Palmer at the initial meeting followed up on the things my daughter had identified would help her. The PAC nurse Gail is excellent at her job and a big thanks to those running the RT centre activities which definitely build up a daughter’s confidence and self esteem. More importantly this gave her something to talk about at visits which can be very difficult for both patient and visitor as conversation while on medication can be stilted. I would also say I am impressed with the aftercare support which has been put in place during the week following discharge from hospital. It is a relief as a parent to know my daughter who has had a mental health problem since a teenager is now at long last receiving support to enable independence. While under the care of this team she has been taught skills to build on as she returns to the outside world. Thank you all for your help in a difficult

Royal Alexandra Hospital, A & E - There has been so much negative publicity about the RAH recently, and praise is very often overlooked in the NHS. I accompanied my Mum to the A&E department at the RAH on the morning of Thursday, 26th February, 2015. She was treated efficiently and extremely professionally by all the staff she encountered. From entering through the front door to leaving, the consultation and treatment took 1.5 hours. This was exceptional! The hard working, and too often, undervalued staff, are a credit to their profession and to the RAH. Thank you for the kindness and genuine care of my Mum.

Southern General Hospital, Urology - My wife, who has Alzheimer's, attended a urology clinic on March 5 for bladder pressure tests. The staff that carried out the procedures was exceptionally kind, friendly, understanding, thoughtful and competent in treating my wife. They made what could have been a worrying and unpleasant time for my wife a reassuring experience. Their competence and good humour were much appreciated both by my wife and me. I don't think that the appointment could have been handled better in any respect. Thank you.

Southern General Hospital, Rheumatology (Joints / Bones) - I was a patient in the southern general for quite some time and I would not have managed to keep positive if it was not for a student nurse. I cannot praise the young girl enough for her hard work and effort when looking after me. I really do feel that it aided my recovery. It just proves that having a member of the healthcare team give you a smile really can brighten your day and made you feel more homely. Thank you to the young student nurse

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I attended the medical assessment unit on Wednesday and cannot praise staff highly enough. I was seem immediately and treated with kindness by everyone I came across, from porters to x-Ray to assistants and nurses and consultants. A massive thank you to all involved. I am on the mend and it's thanks to you. Very well done. A fabulous experience in upsetting circumstances.

Royal Hospital for Sick Children (Yorkhill),   - This hospital is a part from my life for me! In that Hospital my baby girl get life. She had vein of Galen malformation, she was very unwell and she had some operations! Thank God, she is in my arms, in my home, well enough! I want to say thank YOU to the doctors who was involved in her case... Amazing angels! And not in last, thank YOU Prof. Dr. Bhatthacharya! Everybody was amazing. The doctors, the nurses, other stuff, social services. Thank you for everything what you've done for us!!

Western Infirmary, A & E - Hi, I was admitted to the western via A & E, the A&E staff were great, not only with me but with other patients - as I could hear them interacting with the older patients and their families. I've read horror stories about lying on trolleys for hours being untreated - but that certainly wasn't the casework me. I could see the place was being constantly cleaned too. I was here on what was a quiet Thursday night - but I have to say 5 stars on service from A&E. Thank you

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Neurosciences (Nerves / Brain) - The care my mother in law received in ward 35 was exceptional. We received devastating news and the staff showed great empathy and care when dealing with her and the family. Thank you

Royal Alexandra Hospital - My 16 year old attended out patients today. She has a terrible needle phobia. Staff went to the bother of going to paediatrics to get a local anaesthetic spray. Dimitri took his time and was excellent with her. Delighted. Staff that listen.

Gartnavel General, E N T, General Surgery - I would like to thank all the staff and doctors and nurses in the Day Surgery Unit at Gartnavel, for my recent operation and thank you for showing kindness and respect to myself and my faith. It was very much appreciated. Thank you!

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Parking - Hi. I'd just like to pass on a big thanks to your parking attendants at the Royal Alexandra Hospital today (5th March). I arrived in my own car with my 2 year old son screaming in pain in the back, needing to go to Accident and Emergency. There was not a single space to be had anywhere. I spotted a parking attendant who was very quick and willing to help. He escorted me to an area near to A&E and allowed me to park there (double yellow lines so normally a ticket!). A BIG thanks from my son and me to the parking attendants - and of course the A&E staff for sorting my son out too.

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Scan, Neurosciences (Nerves / Brain), Stroke - Staff at the X-Ray and CT scanning departments (Thurs 5/3/15) behaved in a most helpful, courteous and professional manner providing me with five star experience. Thank you very much RAH.

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Catering , Parking - I work in a hospital in England and was very impressed with the quality of the food served to my daughter when she was an inpatient in the maternity unit just like home cooking please do not change to frozen microwave meals that we have! It was just like the old times on hospital wards. The only negative thing I could say was it took me 40 minutes to find a parking space!!

Stobhill Hospital (New), Endoscopy - First time visiting this hospital with my partner, him being the patient, and I am very pleased with the overall hospital very friendly people from receptionist to the small confectionary stand! Hospital is immaculate and very impressed with the standards. Coming up to the hospital it is really complicated but a friendly worker from old hospital was happy to direct us!

Southern General Hospital, Scan - I had an MRI scan carried out at the Southern General hospital Glasgow on 04/03/15 the radiographer named Ann is a real credit to NHS Scotland and after two failed attempts at MRI scans at Clydebank hospital felt that the care and compassion and general positive attitude shown by this lady really helped make the difference in being able to complete the scan, it real does make a difference if the attitude of the staff is positive, I really think I have definitely made positive steps to conquering my fear of an MRI scan. Thank you Ann

Victoria Hospital (New), A & E - I was treated for a deep 3inch cut to my thigh on Saturday 28th February following a fall while hill walking. Nurse Julie at the Minor Injuries Unit stitched the wound and looked after me excellently. I'm recovering well and would like to thank her for the treatment and great care. Hugh O'Connell.

Victoria Hospital (New) - My admission was actually under orthopaedics day surgery but that option doesn't seem to be above. I just wanted to say that I am a GP and this is my first significant experience from a patient’s perspective and I was very impressed. Our NHS has so many problems and negative comments are a daily occurrence in the press. I thought it might be good to see hear something positive for a change. The day surgery staffs were marvellous. I was taken in sharp and seen quickly by the staff nurse, orthopaedics and anaesthetics teams and was in theatre on time. My details were checked rigorously and double checked by both the anaesthetics nurse and the day surgery staff nurse. Everybody introduced themselves and was all friendly. I observed their interactions with other patients in the unit and they were efficient, pleasant and helpful. After my surgery I felt a bit ill and I was immediately given anti-sickness medications and painkillers. The day surgery nurse in particular was very professional and pleasant. I would be grateful if this could be fed back to her directly or via her charge nurse, the nurse was called Karen Ferguson, and she couldn't have done more for me. I was discharged smoothly with no problems and taken right to the car in a wheelchair. I was very impressed with my experience and really wanted to feed something good back to hopefully contribute to good staff morale!! My fiancé is an ED consultant and he was similarly very pleased with my care. Kindest regards.

Victoria Hospital (New), Women’s Health - I was recently a patient of Dr Hardwick (gynaecology) in new Victoria hospital when I had a day surgery procedure in January 2015. I must say how excellent my care was. The staffs on the ward prior to theatre, the anaesthetist and the staff in recovery were all very kind and efficient, as was Dr Hardwick. My patient experience was made better by the clean surroundings, attention and thoroughness of all involved. I work in the NHS in primary care and am aware of the pressures faced in the health service which makes the care I received all the more commendable.

Royal Alexandra Hospital, A & E - My daughter attended RAH. A&E on sat 28th February. She received great care from all staff. They were considerate reassuring and caring.

Southern General Hospital, Spinal Injuries - The care and attention given was greatly appreciated and the dedication of staff greatly enabled the patient to recover and be discharged back in to the community. The praise is to all staff -- nursing, doctors, surgeon, physiotherapists, domestic and staff serving meals. It was noted that often a lack of nursing staff. Also lack of availability of hydrotherapy pool. A very costly asset not being made available to help patients.

Western Infirmary, Scan - I arrived very early at Western Infirmary, Glasgow for my 3.20pm appointment for an MRI scan of my head. I had travelled the 25 miles there by car, train and underground and was fairly tense. I did not get the name of the female Receptionist who was friendly and this helped me to relax and complete the questionnaire. I was taken ahead of time and welcomed to the Block G MRI unit by Holly. She has a great friendly professional manner and explained, in plain language, what was about to happen, the equipment and procedure. Holly guided me throughout and in voice contact when the scan was in progress. Encouraging me and the occasional time-check. I hope that my appreciation will be passed on to her and her small army of male colleagues.

Southern General Adult Mental Health Unit - I was a patient in ward 68 from 25 to 27 February. From the first time you enter the ward, everyone is smiling and welcoming. The staff, nurse Christine, who admitted me, Doctor Dnan who treated me and catering and cleaning staff, in fact everyone, treated me so well, kept me up to date with everything, and despite being very busy, always had plenty of time for everyone. The staffs deserve the highest credit for the care they give and do so with a smile on their faces, no matter what tasks they are doing. Please pass on my thanks for the excellent care I received, and if there is any award given to staff, then they should receive it. Thanks. Bob Murphy