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July 2015

South Glasgow University Hospital, X - Ray, A & E - I had to attend A&E just over two weeks ago following an accident which involved me dropping a heavy weight on my foot. The service I received from the staff in A&E was excellent from start to finish. All of them were highly professional with excellent communication skills, courteous and good humoured. What was an unpleasant experience for me and my partner due to the nature of my injury was made more bearable by the staff and their approach to dealing with both of us. I know that the new hospital has had some teething problems, some of which have been highly publicised and some which the general public have heard less about. However the staff in the hospital are (as always) bearing the challenges with good humour and are not allowing them to affect the standard of care they provide to those of us who have to use their services. Those that dealt with me, both in A&E and the X-ray department were exemplary, I can't praise them highly enough. I know that the doctor who treated me is coming towards the end of her placement in the A&E department so I would be very grateful if this note is passed on to them as quickly as possible as I'd like to be sure that everyone who dealt with me is aware of my gratitude.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Plastic Surgery - I attended Ward 49 in the Jubilee Building on Wednesday 29th July and I was so nervous about my appointment, however straight from arrival both the male and female nurses made me feel comfortable and relaxed whilst waiting. Whilst in the operating theatre I cannot speak highly enough of the surgeon and nurses involved. Every single one of them interacted with me making me feel comfortable and taking my mind off the surgery. I felt in total safe hands and they made my experience so very comfortable. I just would like to thank them all again and praise them for doing such a great job.

South Glasgow University Hospital, A & E - My dad was treated at A&E at the new SGUH today (29th July). Can't praise the staff enough - particularly the reception staff for their courtesy and the Registrar who listened to me when his GP had not done so the previous day. He was treated respectfully and this made a bad day much more bearable.

Royal Hospital for Sick Children (Yorkhill), Staff - Jaqueline Wright of clinic 5 Ophthalmology was absolutely fantastic with my son David. On Thursday 23.7.15. Best person we've seen yet out of all outpatient appointments in dealing with kids.

East Renfrewshire, Physiotherapy - I have been at Barrhead Health Centre for a number of weeks. I was receiving physiotherapy. I have endured numerous operations on my left knee and have undergone numerous physiotherapy sessions over the past 30 years...yes that long. I am forced to comment on my last physio sessions as I have felt in previous years that I have been left to my own devices i.e. here are the exercises. It’s up to you!! Yes I can appreciate that but being a person who is approaching 60 and wants to remain active THAT was appreciated AND supported by your member of staff. I am delighted by the support and reassurance I was given at Barrhead . I know I can not mention the physio's name but he was very professional and reassuring. I believe that I am back on the mend after my last operation 2 years ago. I really hope so.

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Urology - Other than the porters, who do not seem to appreciate that people in pain feel more pain when trolleys and wheelchairs collide with walls and doors, the staff from arrival at A & E through to theatre and the wards were nothing less than superb. The jovial spirit of the nurses was uplifting and infectious. Beyond medical treatment their laughter was by far the best medicine. I understand the RAH is a very busy hospital but nothing was too much trouble as frequently the nurses acted beyond the call of duty, for which I am sincerely grateful. I would strongly recommend ward 28 to anyone in need of similar care or treatment.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Rheumatology (Joints/Bones) - I just want to congratulate the doctor Mr David Crosbie and the nurses for their attention to detail and full and easy to understand explanation of my condition. I have been in agony for over 1 year and having had several tests and appointments at various hospitals this was the first time my condition and the pain I’ve had made sense. The self service check in was easy to use, once I took the time to actually follow the instruction, reception staff and signage were excellent. I just feel the new hospital has had a lot of knocks since opening and thought praise where its due needs to be noted to. I’ve got another appointment next week and hope it goes as smoothly. People hate change but need to give the new systems time to bed in. Thank you.

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Rheumatology (Joints/Bones) - Excellent care by all members of the team for pre and post operative full knee replacement.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Scan , Haematology (Blood) , Neurosciences (Nerves/Brain) , A & E - I would like to thank all staff at GRI particularly ward 46 and AUU for all the attention care and kindness I received as a patient on two consecutive weeks. I would also like to thank Haematology at both Stobhill and the Royal Dykebar Hospital, Staff , and Hospital Admission - Everyone helped my father so much - THANK YOU!!

Gartnavel General, Staff - Ward 3A, Geriatric Care - My mum spent the last 6 weeks of her life in this ward. She was not 'treated', she was cared for with kindness and compassion. Her family always had a presence for the last 2 or 3 weeks, day and night. We were also cared for and looked after. I cannot thank and praise the staff enough.

South Glasgow University Hospital, Haematology (Blood) - patient care was first class from being admitted until discharge Royal Alexandra Hospital, Pregnancy - I recently had my baby in the RAH Maternity Unit and found the staff at every stage in the process to be absolutely excellent. At every level- from auxiliary staff to consultant level and from community midwifery to labour ward and delivery, I found that staff were efficient but took time to explain procedures and processes. I'd like to thank them all for their dedication and commitment.

Southern General Hospital, Pregnancy - I was in the hospital to have my baby from 23rd-24th May 2015 and all the staff, consultants, midwives etc were excellent and made a very difficult experience much better.

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Staff , Treatment - As a nurse working In the acute medical unit at the RAH, I know how busy and stressful it is for all staff working there, I was recently admitted to this ward and would just like to say how professional and helpfully all the staff were, they put me at ease and made my stay comfortable, even though they were all busy they made time to make sure I was settled and comfortable and I can't thank them all enough. Royal Alexandra Hospital, Staff - On 2/7/15 my elderly Aunt, aged 82, was transferred from A&E to Ward 4 of the RAH, Paisley, & was discharged the following afternoon. My Aunt is a difficult / awkward person to deal with. However despite the very long & tiring shifts being worked, I consider all the staff, in particular the male nurse in charge, were extremely:- professional; understanding; patient; approachable; & friendly; when dealing with my Aunt. Previously I have had contact with staff at other hospitals, as well as other staff at the RAH, but the staff at Ward 4 are of a higher standard by a long way & I hope this praise can be recorded for their benefit.

Children’s Hospital - I took my daughter to A&E at Yorkhill hospital at the new southern and would like to thank all the nurses and staff who were fantastic and four stitches later we went home happy that nothing worse Thank you.

South Glasgow University Hospital, Dermatology (Skin) - I had a skin biopsy done as I had skin ulcers on my arm, thankfully this came back negative, I visited the dermatology unit 3 times and was taken on time and the care was exceptional. I would like to ask for some advice, the scars on my left arm are unsightly and I will not wear short sleeved tops, are there any treatments I could be considered for to help this as I am extremely self conscious about them. 

South Glasgow University Hospital, Physiotherapy , General Surgery - I was admitted 17/07/2015 for orthopaedic surgery. The whole process was incredibly smooth and welldone. I can't praise scrub nurse, surgeons and two anaesthetists enough! Thank you guys so incredibly much, I was truly lucky to have a surgical team like you!

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, General Surgery - Fantastic relaxing overnight stay, professional caring staff at all levels. Due back for longer stay in a couple of months and not so nervous now. Everything explained thoroughly .........thank you.

South Glasgow University Hospital, A & E - I would like to put on record to all the staff who attended to me today. They were very professional, courteous and helpful with an excellent sense of humour that really helped. Please pass on my sincere thanks.

Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital, Oncology ( Cancer ) , Gastroenterology ( Digestive system ) , Rheumatology ( Joints / Bones ) , Physiotherapy , Psychology ( Mind ) , Other - I'd like to thank the CIC and its staff for the care that I've had over the past few years. Having suffered with various complications after surgery for Crohn's disease and more recently, cancer, I've been lucky enough to have been admitted as an in-patient on a few occasions and have found the experience invaluable in helping me cope. After an intensive week of various therapies I always feel much stronger both physically and mentally. The follow up support as an outpatient is outstanding and I have completed some recommended courses that are offered which have helped me cope with my stress and energy levels with relaxation techniques. The support from the doctors has been really amazing as you feel that they have the time to look at you as a whole person and I feel the holistic approach can be much more effective in many situations. I'm very concerned that such an important hospital could be under threat.

South Glasgow University Hospital, Baby or Child - I received excellent treatment during my brief stay in hospital for the birth of my daughter on 4th July. The midwife in labour ward was fantastic, Gemma Strickland and I cannot thank her enough for her care and attention to our new family throughout my labour. This care was carried on by Alison the midwife on ward 50, who was also incredibly helpful during the first 24 hours after the birth which made the whole experience so much easier. I am proud to say I had a great experience in the NHS!

Inverclyde Royal Hospital, Scan , Other - Sincere thanks to X-ray/Scanning for prompt, professional treatment. Also, perhaps more so to DVT Office...Alex and Beth for attention, advice and treatment. IRH is a credit to the NHS Thank you.

Southern General Hospital, X - Ray , A & E - I was taken to Accident and emergency at Southern general following a leg injury (fractured ankle). I arrived at the hospital at 7pm and left just before 8pm on Thursday evening. I have got to say that dealing with the hospital systems in London where I live it was so refreshing being a patient at this hospital. The staffs were extremely attentive the waiting times were next to nothing and the care was very personal. I was taken to the A&E department and seen within ten minutes by a clinical navigator. I was offered a wheelchair and taken round to the minor injuries unit where I was seen by a DOCTOR.... Yes doctor. Within another 10 minutes, sent for an X-ray and upon return was seen immediately by the same doctor. Nothing seemed too much trouble for the staff and the standard of care was brilliant. All I can do is praise the efficiency and care at Southern general and all the staff I came in contact with are a credit to NHS Scotland. I have spent a lot of time in A&E over the years mainly due to the fact I'm far too clumsy. But never before I have experienced a standard of care which was very efficient as well as very personal.

Stobhill Hospital (New), Dermatology (Skin) - I attended the hospital today with my 91 year old mother. In the 2 hours we were there from the student nurse through to the Consultant, we received an excellent, courteous service from the staff in the dermatology department I thank you all for your patience and making an old woman comfortable at what could have been a traumatic time for her. 

South Glasgow University Hospital, Neurosciences (Nerves / Brain) - My mum died a few years ago very suddenly of a cerebral aneurysm. She was cared for in the Neuro intensive care unit, Neuro HDU and a Neuro ward. The nursing and medical care my mum and my family received throughout her 16 days in your hospital was exemplary. Although mum did not regain consciousness and died in your hospital she could not have received better care than she received in your hospital. Thank you.

South Glasgow University Hospital, A & E - I attended Children's A&E with my son at 2030 on Wednesday 15th, who has fractured his elbow. Reception and triage colleagues were excellent, Dr Cameron was fantastic, very professional and caring and brilliant with my son. Radiography team were great and patient. Nursing colleagues made the plaster experience great fun for my child. Please ensure that these colleagues get a huge thank you.

South Glasgow University Hospital, Renal - I underwent living kidney donor surgery, it was the first time I had ever been in hospital and the staff of ward 4c dayshifts and nightshift were absolutely fantastic the treatment I received was better than first class, even my surgeon came to see me on several occasions just to make sure everything was ok.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Endoscopy - I was a patient in the Endoscopy unit earlier this afternoon 15 07.15. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for their kindness shown to me &their understanding I was very nervous, thank you.

South Glasgow University Hospital, Staff - My mother-in-law was an inpatient in Bute ward B10, where she was originally admitted with fracture, then developed pneumonia and died 4 days later. I would like to express my thanks to the staff in the way they not only looked after her with dignity and respect they also looked after us also with dignity and respect. It was 4 days which were very emotional and exhausting and we never felt at any time neglected, quite the opposite we felt embraced by caring competent and dedicated nurses who made our experience as good as it could be considering the circumstances. I feel strongly that the staff need to know not just at a ward level but at a corporate level of just how lucky the hospital are to have these dedicated people, please extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who looked after my mother-in-law.

South Glasgow University Hospital, Hospital Admission, Baby or Child - I recently had a baby at the South Glasgow University Hospital on 7th July. I was in hospital for a week and the service I received from all staff was fantastic, particularly those in Ward 47. All of the midwives and other staff were extremely dedicated and helpful and I would like to praise them for doing a fantastic job, I had to have an emergency c section so staff and doctors in the operation theatre also deserve a special mention, many thanks

South Glasgow University Hospital, General Surgery - My husband has just been discharged from SGUH, Ward 9D and he had excellent care from all staff. A great team, which was very much appreciated. Glasgow should be proud of our super new hospital. Keep up the good work.

Victoria Infirmary, X - Ray , A & E , Endoscopy , and General Surgery - I would like to pass good comments on all the staff of each department I have had to visit over the past ten years or so. Appointments, staff, waiting times, hospital as an inpatient at times and have always been treated with care and attention Nowadays people are so quick to complain about hospital services that I would just like to say I have never once had a complaint to make and have been really happy with all the attention that I have been given.

Gartnavel Royal Hospital, Hospital Admission, Out of Hours - My wife and I are grateful for the care and attention our son received on Friday the 10th July 2015. He was admitted to the A&E department in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Victoria Hospital (New), Reception , Endoscopy - Great team - no waiting - friendly , professional and compassionate a well done from me this morning Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital - I would like to thank the staff in the inpatient Unit in the Centre for Integrative Care. The staffs are so caring and understanding. They provide an outstanding service. The nurses and doctors deserve medals for the work that they do. They have helped me so much with my medical condition. Thanks a million for everything.

Southern General Hospital, A & E - Just want to say thank you to the night shift staff who looked after my grandson when we brought home over when a rash appeared all over his body on early morning of the 10th July He was given a thorough examination by the doctor who attended him and he put our minds at ease not to worry Can you please pass on my thanks to all concerned,

Royal Hospital for Sick Children (Yorkhill), Cardiology (Heart) - Outpatients appointment was greeted by very helpful and friendly volunteer into a bright and cheerful child friendly hospital. Great interactive games and fast and efficient service from the second walked in.

South Glasgow University Hospital, Scan, Neurosciences (Nerves/Brain), Stroke - Received very good service diagnosed very quickly staff and doctors worked wonders.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital, Staff, Appointment, Treatment, and Waiting Times - I received superb attention from all in Fracture Clinic over 3 months of out-patient appointments after breaking my fibula. All doctors and nurses gave me excellent attention and took time to ensure my treatment was explained fully. My grateful thanks to them all.

South Glasgow University Hospital, Staff , Treatment , Waiting Times - In late May, before we arrived at the Glasgow Science Centre, I had a fall whereby I hit my head on a concrete path resulting in a cut to my forehead, which bleed a fair bit. On arriving at the Science Centre, I asked for directions to the nearest pharmacy. Instead the first aid people came immediately to my assistance. After cleaning the wound, they ascertained that stitches would be required. The staff then organised, and paid for, a taxi to take myself and my husband to South Glasgow Hospital, where I had 2 stitched put in to seal the cut. The service I received was above and beyond what I expected, and I am extremely grateful for all the assistance that I received from your staff at the hospital that day. Due to the attention I received, we were able to continue to enjoy our holidays in Scotland and other nearby locations, and were not inhibited in any way by my accident. Please pass on our gratitude to all your staff. We were pleasantly surprised that the treatment was free and we did not need to use our travel insurance. We prepared to, and intended to, pay for the wonderful service we received. With many Thanks.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Gastroenterology (Digestive system) - To my shame, as an Englishman in his fifties, I'd not been to Scotland until 5 years ago, but fell in love with the country and have returned almost every year since Towards the end of a lovely holiday by the Lochs, an insect bite in the back of my left knee, inflicted on the first day, suddenly erupted; resulting me in being seen by a GP on the Black Isle, and then by A&E at Fort William before being admitted onto Ward 11 at the Glasgow Royal on 28th June. The oral antibiotics prescribed by the GP, and the IV form at Fort William had little effect and the swelling continued to increase with my leg and foot becoming seriously swollen and inflamed from cellulites. However, the symptoms were much worse than would be expected just from a bite, so I was prescribed an additional IV antibiotic with an anti inflammatory, together with an ultrasound scan to check for a burst cyst, DVT or any other complications. Since the swelling continued but the ultrasound showed no issues, an x-ray was ordered, but fortunately also showed nothing unusual. However soon after the antibiotics kicked in and the symptoms began to subside and I was discharged 5 days later. One of the staff commented that they are surprised that the Scottish Military don't capitalise on the potency of their indigenous insect population, since they arguably have the potential to be the most effective weapon known to man, and their use in the fight against terror should be vigorously explored My enduring memory of Scotland alongside the beauty of the lochs is the amazing work of the staff at the Royal I experienced during my 5 day stay. It was a pleasure to be treated by the team of doctors; I was grateful for, and impressed by their professional thoroughness. The ward staffs were brilliant; in addition to dealing with the demanding challenges of their profession in their stride, they remain cheerful and professional, often in the face of ingratitude, rudeness, and abuse. I would like to pay particular tribute to the cheerful professionalism, good humour and care of the staff nurses which particularly shone out in their respectful and kindly care of the elderly  (a good indicator of quality care); but also to the 'tea lady' whose radiant smile brightened up the ward every time she brought the tea round. A big Thank you from a grateful patient.

South Glasgow University Hospital, A & E - My 89 year old father has just spent four nights in Acute Receiving following an emergency admission on Saturday for a severe Urine infection. I cannot praise the staff enough. Regardless of media reports about waiting times, the Acute Receiving is well run and staffed by an excellent group - keep up the good work.

Victoria Hospital (New), Oncology (Cancer) , General Surgery - unbelievably service from admission to discharge. The staffs were exceptional and the food was hot and delicious. The entire hospital was sparkling and everyone including staff was happy.

East Renfrewshire, Community Adult Mental Health - My client expressed a wish for me to attend her 1st psychiatry appointment with her. I had advised the Doctor's secretary in advance. I was very pleased with the Doctor's approach and found it a very welcoming experience. My client felt confident to make a new appointment, which she will attend alone. The Doctor was open to my input as it helped inform her of my client's situation. (Client was present at all times).

Royal Alexandra Hospital, A & E - My mother had a fall today and was taken to rah A&E we would like to thank the 2 female paramedics and all the staff in A&E who looked after her they were all very helpful and kind and explained everything to us. Thank you all very much for the wonderful service that was provided. 

South Glasgow University Hospital, Dermatology (Skin) - Brilliant attention from nursing staff......very attentive and helpful.....I feel sorry for staff as their working area is cramped and overheated........Everyone should be commended.....Also the standard of food is ExCELLENT.

Princess Royal Maternity, Pregnancy - I just wanted to thank the consultant anaesthetist Fiona who looked after me in September during the birth if my little girl. The comfort and care she gave me I will never forget at such a worrying time. Thank you are a credit to your profession and wouldn’t have gotten through that day without you.

Princess Royal Maternity, Baby or Child - I delivered a baby and stayed in the maternity for a few days. I would like to give two comments: - first, I was amazed by the catering service served during my stay. The food on offer was varied with a choice of four meals including drinks and desserts. The meals were different every single day too. The cooking quality was decent and the menu healthy. - Secondly, I must praise the ward staff for their competency and dedication, especially the midwifes. They showed professionalism and genuine care. I really appreciated the help I received with breastfeeding. Thank you very much indeed.

Southern General Hospital, Pregnancy - July 2015 Great experience at maternity unit. All staff in labour wards and ward 50 after planned c section fantastic. Doctor who performed c section, midwife and anaesthetist all excellent. Midwives on ward 50 following section extremely helpful, friendly, caring and happy to spend time helping patients. Very positive experience thanks to the fantastic staff. Would highly recommend giving birth at this hospital.

South Glasgow University Hospital, General Surgery , Women’s Health - Feel I had 5 star services from start to finish. So well looked after, in the ward , theatre and recovery. Thank you.

South Glasgow University Hospital, Podiatry (Feet) - Our opinion of our new south Glasgow university hospital, after a week’s stay is apart from needing more direction signs, (easy to go wrong places) the staff couldn't have been more caring/friendly/helpful, the food is excellent and plenty of it (apart from ice cream) my stay though not planned was very enjoyable, I just don't know why everyone is running it down in the press I hope everyone who has to stay in has as good an experienced as I did thank you and good luck.

Stobhill Hospital (New), Scan - Today was my first visit as an outpatient to Stobhill Hospital. I was impressed by the cleanliness, service and how pleasant and welcoming all the staff was. Thank you.