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January 2015

Western Infirmary, Haematology (Blood) - I would like to thank the nurses and doctors of ward 9 for the excellent care they are giving to my mother age 102. The nurses have been fantastic, having to clean her and do everything else to keep her clean and make sure she gets excellent care, the doctors have been fantastic as well, those nurses should be the highest paid in the land for the care they give patients. I and my family can’t thank you enough. Thank you all.

Southern General Hospital, A & E - We can’t praise the receptionist. Nurses and doctor. enough when we had to go to the hospital on the 30th of Jan 2015 when my wife took a severe nose bleed, we were very frightened with the amount of blood she had lost, but first of all the nurse calmed us down and then stopped the bleeding, then the lady doctor came in and took great patience and care to explain everything to my wife and myself as regards the nose bleed, what to do and everything else, and she also gave my wife a very good examination, then as we were leaving everybody said cheerio and to take it easy, we can’t thank the nurses and doctors, and the reception enough, many thanks to the southern gen. Thank you.

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Baby or Child, Pregnancy - My wife gave birth to twins last year and the staff could not have been nicer in the ward and also in the delivery room. What a marked improvement/difference this was from the Southern General where our first child was born...which was at best chaotic and at worst shambolic All in all...A very pleasant experience 10/10.

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Cardiology (Heart) - I was recently admitted via NHS24 and wish to extend my thanks to your staff for their help. There was a pleasant and caring atmosphere in the cardiac ward and ward 8, assisted by a little humour and generally good catering.

Royal Alexandra Hospital - I was referred to Medical Assessment Unit by My GP today as I had been suffering from a chest infection and had some chest pain. From the moment I entered this ward I had excellent service from all of the staff. Tests were carried out immediately and thankfully I was allowed home with some antibiotics for a chest infection. The public are quick to criticise the NHS but I only have praise for my visit today. Many thanks to all staff today.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital, Endocrinology (Glands/ Hormones) - Can't thank all staff from porters to student nurses, aux nurses, nurses, staff nurses, junior doctors, consultants - you name it - they all greatly helped me from entrance on a Friday (lunchtime) to exit a couple of days later (Monday evening) after being in for Diabetes Type 1 diagnoses for the first time. The response to my condition by staff was rapid. Food was v. good (not expecting 4 star) = 3 star / 2 star+. Accommodation was very good. All in all, thank goodness we have the NHS as it currently stands. So my message is keep up the good work; especially all in G North in the IRH and ignores any critics that only give a negative view without accepting and recognizing positives as well.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital, Rheumatology (Joints/ Bones) - My mother had an outpatient appointment on 13/1/15. Although her appointment time was 11.00 she was taken early. My mother is in a wheelchair and became very upset after receiving information about her recent operation. The care she received from nursing staff on duty that day was second to none and their caring attitude and interest in my mother could not be faulted.

Gartnavel Royal Hospital, Addiction - I have had someone help me write this as imp not good with words although others would say due to my mental health I don't shut up enough even to the point of being attacked outside the hospital on occasion although I understand this as I must seem to be really detached from the general community at times imp so sorry I have this affect on other mostly younger groups in my area who call me the scitzo fisherman, but let’s get back on track here I must first praise the whole program at the Kershaw unit but my psychiatrist Dr Ian Smith is just an amazing Dr and I've been seeing him since I was 17 or 18 I’m now 42 and without him I believe I would have been dead many ,many years ago he is such a kind hearted man and shows such empathy that it staggers not only me but many of his patients that I've spoke to , so from me to whomever reads this, Dr Ian Smith at the Kershaw unit at Gartnavel Royal hospital deserves a very big medal, I just wish I had the monetary means to do this as I would do it in the blink of an eye, so I will end this by saying thank you to all at the Kershaw unit in Glasgow you are all doing a great job and are helping so many people my most sincere thanks to you all and to Dr Smith the most enormous thanks for your years of help that has kept me in my community and not in a hospital ward, "THANKYOU".

Western Infirmary, X- Ray, Psychiatry (Mind) - I attended main X-ray today. I have probably been once a year for various outpatient checks. I wanted to say your staffs are excellent, professional and friendly. Efficient and always a good experience. My friend thought I would be there for hours and was shocked that it is such an easy experience. Thank you.

Vale of Leven District General Hospital, General Surgery - I was admitted for day surgery yesterday 9 /01/2015 and just wanted to say a huge thank you to each single person who dealt with me, from admission to me being discharged. I was treated with dignity and respect, with every aspect of my treatment being fully explained. The level of care and hygiene I witnessed was first class, and the food wasn't bad either thank you.

Southern General Hospital, Scan, A & E, Stroke - Just a quick note to all of the staff for their help and care during my recent suspected stoke. All of you deserve a big vote of thanks for the job that you do with such a caring attitude. Yes I know it’s your job to help but too often people are only too quick to be critical and thanks are such a small word with a big meaning.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital, General Surgery - I was treated very well by all staff at the ward (H Centre) particularly by Bridie, who was brilliant, calming me down and empathising with me etc. Although it was a minor procedure I was having - it was a big one to me. I cannot praise the staff enough.

Glasgow N W, Sexual Health - I attended Sandyford East today to have my IUD (Mirena) changed on 21/01/2015. As I was given bad advice in the past and had a bad experience when it was first inserted I put off getting it changed and it was over 6 months by its expiration date. I was incredibly nervous and was terrified about going through the whole experience again however the team at Sandyford East were phenomenal and put me at ease instantly. The receptionist talked to me in a friendly and relatable manner and even went over and above her post to reassure my Mother who was with me and was very nervous too. The nurse in attending during the procedure was unbeatable in her "bedside manner" and kept me talking the entire time about holidays and monitored me through. The doctor was gentle, reassuring and could sense when I needed a break to regain my composure. The whole team kept me in high spirits, explained fully what I could expect and made sure I felt comfortable at all times. I can't thank the team at this branch enough, they are truly a credit to the organisation.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, A & E - I would like to thank everyone for the excellent care that my dad had from A/E to ward 61 and all the staff including nurses and Drs. My dad was extremely well cared for and despite how busy everyone was, they always had time to listen to my fears and answer my questions. Keep up the great work - we will never forget.

Southern General Hospital, Women’s Health - A would like to thank the nurses on duty on Wednesday January 21st 2015 on ward 49 of the maternity wing of the southern general hospital. These ladies were absolute fabulous carers and gave us a fantastic service with both care and understanding. A would just like to say thank you.

Renfrewshire Treatment - Last week I was newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes , within a week I had an appointment for my first retinal screening at Renfrew Health and Social Work Centre in Ferry Rd, Renfrew. I am impressed with the speed I received the appointment and when I got there the technician was very informative, explained everything he was doing and why he was doing it. I was given advice before leaving and what happens next. Overall a first class experience at a worrying time. Thank you for being great people who are so very good their jobs.

Inverclyde - I was referred to the Out of Hours GP at Greenock Health Centre by NHS 24 this morning, 24.1.15. I was suffering from acute anxiety and panic attacks which had started the night before. Dr E. Friel could not have been more sympathetic, caring, patient and helpful. I would like to thank her, through you, for all she did for me and for my wife, who was with me. We left feeling that she d id care and understood our concerns and needs.

Southern General Hospital, Pregnancy – we want to say a big thanks to Gemma the midwife who helped me and my husband through my delivery process. What an amazing job she done. Thanks to NHS Scotland. Such knowledgeable staff we have got. Best wishes from a new mother from Glasgow.

Southern General Hospital, X- Ray, Rheumatology (Joints/ Bones) - On the afternoon of 5.1.15 I attended the orthopaedic outpatient department for an appointment with Mr A Mohammed. Throughout my visit I was impressed by the calm organisation of the department, the professionalism of all staff, and the cleanliness of the building. Despite the busyness of the staff, at no time did I feel rushed or that I was not being treated as an individual. I would commend all staff throughout the department to you.

Vale of Leven District General Hospital, General Surgery - I arrived at the hospital 5.01.15 and I was too early for reception. One of the cleaners was very polite and instructed me to wait at reception as they would arrive soon. I was dealt with very efficiently by reception staff and directed toward 6. I was met by a wonderful nurse who escorted me to my bed and by way of her bed side manner she helped to relax x me before my surgery. I was taken down to theatre at the time the staff said I would be. I was met by a lovely nurse called Heather who once again settled me before going into theatre. I met with the anaesthetist who I had met on the ward and he set me up for theatre. Mr Nunn had visited me on ward and clarified what he was going to do and it seems that he has tackled the problem very well as I am recovering well. I would like to thank every member of staff whom I had contact with on the day. I have been with my wife in a few hospitals when she has had surgery and I have never had such treatment for her. When my wife is in hospital I get chased from the ward as soon as the staffs start to do the checks. My wife was able to stay with me until I was taken down for surgery which again helped to relax me. Thank you once again.