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February 2015

Inverclyde Royal Hospital - Having just been discharge from G north, I. Would like to thank all the staff for their excellent care and attention. Everyone worked very hard, was very kind and caring to all patients and kept the ward very clean. Although I was unable to eat the food, it looked beautiful.

Stobhill Hospital (New), Scan - Ultrasound scans 24th of February. Staffs were efficient and professional throughout. Thank you

Glasgow Royal Infirmary - Called today regarding audiology appointment just after two and was taken on time ,the consultant was excellent, relaxed and treatment great, had to call back for hearing aid fitting but as I was on holiday if or date given, the consultant put time of and fitted today, many thanks, then call back date was end of April I replied that I was off to Australia, then she fitted me with a cancellation at the end of March. Why do people complain when u get excellent service like this great service like this, I’m glad we've got a NHS with consultants like this and hospital staff.

Royal Alexandra Hospital, A & E, Cardiology ( Heart) - I was admitted to the hospital and would like to thank the ambulance service and the team of nurses and doctors who attended to me. They were all extremely pleasant and put me at ease and helped me tremendously. Thank you all.

Royal Hospital for Sick Children ( Yorkhill), Plastic Surgery - My son was recently transferred to RHSC from Forth Valley after suffering burns caused by pulling a cup of tea over him. As soon as we arrived there I felt reassured that we were in the right place for my son to receive the care and treatment he required. The plastic surgeon doctor and the nurses who treated him in ward 4b were remarkable. I am so grateful for everything they have done for my son. Too often not enough praise is given to NHS staff but as someone who has not had much need for NHS help in the past I am delighted with the service provided.

Gartnavel General - My mum was a patient in Ward 8C at Gartnavel General Hospital, Glasgow. Sadly, mum passed away on Friday, 20th February, 2015. I am writing to praise every member of staff for their tremendous care and treatment of my mum. I would like to mention all Doctors, Sister Claire, Deputy Sister Debbie, Nursing staff Maxine, Kayleigh, Leon, James, Garry, John, Rasheed, Kevin, Jennifer, Remzie, Michelle, Kirsty, Sandra, Claire, Sandra, Helyna and the Domestic Marie. Nothing, and I mean nothing was too much for them. The care continued right up till my mum passed away. I and the other members of my family were also treated with the utmost respect. I cannot praise the staff highly enough. They are all Angels in disguise. They made us laugh when we were at our lowest. We will all be eternally grateful to each and every one of them.

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Gastroenterology ( Digestive system) - My father was treated and cared for by staff on Ward 27 of The RAH, Gastroenterology, although this was not the issue with his health it was the bed he was allocated. He was admitted on the 26th of January and died on the 16th of February in a private room on that ward. Throughout his stay he was treated with the best care possible and with utmost dignity. All of my family were also treated with great care and consideration throughout his stay but especially in his last 36 hours when it became obvious that he was in rapid decline. I, my mother, brother and all my father's grandchildren would like to offer our thanks to all the medical and ancillary staff who made his last days as comfortable as possible. Excellent service received from Minor Injuries Unit on Thursday 12th Feb at Glasgow Victoria Hospital. From cleaning staff, receptionist, nurses and x-Ray dept. all delivered their service fast, efficiently, courteously and friendly. Thank you so much as at 8.30pm after a long shift one would expect staff to be tired but their responses were excellent and brought humour to a difficult situation and a patient with a phobia of hospitals. Well done all

Southern General Hospital, Rheumatology ( Joints/ Bones) - I would like say a big thank you to all the staff within the medical day unit especially Angela who is a very kind and understanding nurse. I have had RA for approximately 6 years and these nurses make my life so much easier with the knowledge they have. A Credit to their profession.

Gartnavel General, Endoscopy - I was an outpatient with you on Saturday 14 February 2015, for endoscopy. Everything operated like a well oiled Swiss clock and the staffs was all very pleasant.

Southern General - I was sent by my GP to SGH yesterday 11/2/15 of my chest with pain in the right of my chest . I arrived to a full waiting area. Saw the receptionist who smiled and took my details. Waited about 15 min and was called in by a very friendly student nurse who introduced herself and was sorry there was no cubical yet would I mind having a seat. A nurse came from surgical review? And was great, followed by a great doctor who was caring understanding spent time explaining g. After bloods were taken off to X ray again a great team polite and friendly then back to my cubicle. Saw doctor again explained what was wrong, explained the medicine I had to take and was greatly concerned that I was ok to go. All this by 5.15pm. I hear and read how bad A & E is but with such a professional caring team I would wait as long as was required without moaning to get such excellent care. Please send my thanks to the doctor and team who were working yesterday afternoon. They were a credit to Southern General Hospital

Royal Alexandra Hospital, General Surgery - I recently attended the day surgery for a minor op on 23 January. I suffer from anxiety in medical situations, resulting in high BP readings despite home BP checks being ok. I was treated by Sister Carol Cairns and accompanying nurses and wanted to pass on how fabulous they all were. They were very kind to me and allowed me time to relax in the hospital environment, thus d decreasing my BP enough for the op to go ahead. Surgery went well and I am now all mended! I just wanted to thank them again for their patience with me and to let you know that service was fantastic.

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Treatment - Hello I was dismayed to hear that the RAH has experienced problems regarding a high demand on their A&E service. I understand the problems associated with 'bed blocking' . After my recent experience I would like to emphasise that this clearly appears to be a financial/logistics/political problem and not one that the staff at the 'coal face' should be 'blamed' for. I presented at the A&E dept. on Saturday 17 January 2015 with a head injury after falling on ice onto my head the previous day. I was initially seen at the out of hour’s service and referred on to A&E. I was swiftly triaged and placed on trolley in a cubicle. Yes I had to wait but I was not 'urgent' however I was kept under observation, the nursing and medical staff were, attentive, caring and professional. A radiographer was called in to give me a CT scan and I was eventually allowed home with good written and verbal instruction to myself and my daughter. I would like to thank the staff involved in my care ( both GP out of hours and A&E), they were excellent and I am very concerned that they may feel undermined and demoralised by the recent media/political focus. Yes there are obvious problems regarding the follow on hospital admission procedures but my experience of A&E at the RAH is one of a dedicated team who provided good patient care and I hope they get all the support they require.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, A & E - I attended at Glasgow Royal on Monday having been involved in an accident and cannot praise all of the staff highly enough; from reception to porters and medical staff. I was not feeling at my best and they certainly made me feel better given their attitude towards me.

Royal Alexandra Hospital, A & E - Attended A&E with a head wound after a bad fall on Sun night/Mon morning. Was there for 11 hours. Let me be clear. The staffs were excellent but under huge pressure as there were simply not enough of them. In spite of this they were thorough caring and professional. Was then moved to ward 1 where the care was exceptional throughout. From auxiliary to charge nurse to consultant I experienced perfect nursing care. An absolute model of effective team work. My name is Alyson Lee and I have no wish to remain anonymous. Happy to be contacted and have my comments forwarded to any agencies you feel would be helpful.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, X- Ray - I attended the orthopaedic outpatient clinic and was very impressed with every aspect of my visit. Ever member of staff I dealt with were courteous and efficient and I was seen very close to my appointment time. The young doctor explained exactly how he was dealing with my complaint and after my x-ray again informed me fully of the result. Overall a very positive experience.

Southern General Hospital - Had a fantastic experience at SG maternity unit, found the staff in maternity assessment, labour suite and ward 50 fantastic. In particular I found midwife Tracy Scott professional and calm, addressing all my questions/concerns during labour. Can't thank her enough. Ward 50 seems to run like clockwork and staffs was extremely attentive. I found the telephone service for maternity assessment a but frustrating however when I got there the staff could not have been better. Thank you to all and keep up the good work!

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Rheumatology ( Joints/ Bones) - Wonderful doctor and nurses in rheumatology outpatients - really take a patient focused approach. SO impressed by their caring professionalism and level of care provided.

Vale of Leven District General Hospital, General Surgery - Great service, aneathstatists and nurses were superb and were looked after superbly once I was out of theatre. Only negative was not a lot of catering options for visitors.

Southern General Hospital - I have asked my son to type this for me to let you know about a very kind member of staff a lady who worked in the maternity dept, she wasn't in a uniform but I think she said she was one of the midwives. She put down her briefcase and bag she was carrying and she not only directed me to the proper clinic for bladder problems but walked me there and introduced me to the nurses and sat with me till the clinic opened and I was taken in to see the lady doctor who was also very nice. I am a lady of mature years and I've had a bad fall in the ice so my confidence is a bit low just now but I was so put at ease by ? Di ? Diane sorry I can’t remember her second name that I felt less worried about things. I just wanted to let you know about what great staff and care I received and my son says this is the quickest and easiest way. Hope it reaches you! My clinic.

Victoria Infirmary - I would like to thank all the staff at the out of hours at the New Victoria and then the A & E dept ward C2 at the Victoria Infirmary and also the Staff on ward 3 Victoria Infirmary although they couldn't find exactly what was wrong they worked really hard to try. The staffs were really helpful and caring and nothing was too much trouble. Michael the Nurse was really good I think he was in charge deserves a special mention as he was really good.

Gartnavel General, Urology - My dad was an inpatient on Ward 5c for approximately 6 weeks. The care and kindness he received from all members of staff was exemplary. The ward environment was always welcoming, clean and warm. Dad was always treated as an individual and the family were included in all treatment decisions. As a family we are so grateful that dad's end of life care was so positive and would ask the at ward staff be made aware of our gratitude.

Victoria Hospital ( New) - I would like to pass on praise for Dr. Wykes' diabetic eye clinic. Dr. Wykes is the perfect doctor and epitomises what patient care should be. He listens to his patients and is interested in their general health - not just our eyes - because he understands that the rest of our health can have an impact on what he sees or the treatment he might administer. He fully explains everything about the consultation, what he observes, what treatment he plans, why he is suggesting this course and what alternatives there are - and their consequences. He does this in an extremely pleasant manner and in a language that the ordinary person can understand. He obviously instils this style of care to the staff in his clinic - all have the same approach. I have been a type 1 diabetic for more than 42 years and, along with other members of my family, have attended numerous clinics in various hospitals for a variety of acute and chronic conditions. I can honestly say that I have never encountered the same level of care that Dr. Wykes and his team deliver. I cannot praise him highly enough. If any nurse, doctor, hospital or healthcare organisation wants to know how to deliver good patient care they should study his methods.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Women’s Health - I was admitted to GRI in Aug 14 with abdominal pain. I was in the gyn ward 56A for 11 days. I was given the best possible treatment by all the staff including nurses, doctors, junior doctors, domestic staff and my consultant Dr Kevin Burton. The staff were so kind and respectful and treated me so well given that I was very nervous about my first ever admission to hospital. I was then electively admitted back to ward 56B for a full hysterectomy in November 2014 and again I cannot praise enough the lovely nurses who could not do enough for me. Special thanks to the wonderful anaesthetist Dr MacKay who was so patient and kind before the op explaining the procedures and so full of encouragement and also on the morning of my op when I had a panic attack. Thanks also to the team in theatre who were very understanding about how nervous I was. So much criticism is given to the NHS but I cannot begin to stress how impressed I was with the care and attention given by all the staff. To anyone under the care of The Consultant gyn oncologist surgeon Dr Burton do not be nervous he is a wonderful experienced doctor and is so patient and kind. I am doing well after my op and this is thanks to our NHS and its staff.