Greater Glasgow NHS Board


Board Meeting

August 2004                                                               Board Paper No. 04/51


Chief Executive – Primary Care Division              







Members are asked to:


Reaffirm the Board’s commitment to the partnership between East Dunbartonshire Council and Greater Glasgow NHS Board, as enshrined in the Kirkintilloch’s Initiative Partnership Agreement.


1.                  Introduction


1.1  At its meeting on 18 December 2001, the NHS Board approved that the former Greater Glasgow Primary Care NHS Trust entered into a partnership agreement with East Dunbartonshire Council to promote the socio-economic regeneration of Kirkintilloch.  This partnership is known as Kirkintilloch’s Initiative, and its legal structure and form are documented in the Partnership Agreement.


1.2  During the course of the last 3 years, the Partnership has progressed many key issues, such as securing planning consents for a number of key projects.  The partners have developed the project plans and proposals within the context of East Dunbartonshire Council’s Local Plan framework. The Draft Local Plan which updated the extant Local Plan necessitated a review of the Initiative’s proposals.  This review has, in turn, resulted in a number of changes to the Partnership Agreement.


1.3  The purpose of this paper is to describe the principle terms of the original agreement and explain the changes which are now proposed.


2.         Background


2.1  In 1994, the then Secretary of State agreed to the closure of Woodilee Hospital.  The acute mental health services which were located on the site were subsequently transferred to Stobhill and Leverndale sites, and the hospital was closed in early 2000.  Between 1996 and 1998 the then Trust marketed the site and sought proposals from prospective developers.  In April 1998, a contract was entered into with a consortium of housebuilders which now consists of CALA, Miller, Persimmon and Redrow, for the disposal of circa 170 acres of land for a residential development of approximately 800 houses.


2.2 A masterplan and outline planning application were subsequently submitted by the consortium to East Dunbartonshire Council.  The Council was  was unwilling to give planning permission on the basis that such a development would require a significant improvement in road access.  The provision of a new link road between Kirkintilloch and the M80 was identified as a necessary precondition to planning permission being granted for the consortium’s proposals.  This produced a situation of impasse, halting the process of disposal of the Woodilee site.


2.3 The Trust’s need to unlock the development potential of the Woodilee site together with the Council’s need to address the regeneration of Kirkintilloch by improving road access led both parties to come together to explore the potential for an alternative joint approach.  As a result, a partnership agreement was entered into, approved by the NHS Board and the Scottish Executive which sought to achieve the objectives of both parties.  These were:


1)                  East Dunbartonshire Council – the socio-economic regeneration of Kirkintilloch through the implementation of a number of projects within Kirkintilloch, including the improvement of road access through the construction of a link road between Kirkintilloch and the M80.  The collective name for the aforementioned projects is “Kirkintilloch’s Initiative”.  A full list of the projects is included at Appendix 1.


2)            NHS – the release of capital receipts for the reprovision of acute in-patient hospital facilities within the Greater Glasgow area.  The reprovision of primary care and mental health services within an integrated care centre in Kirkintilloch.


3.            Progress To Date


3.1 Since December 2001, the partnership has completed a number of milestones which were necessary foundations for the delivery of the project programme.  Significant amongst these have been planning consents for a number of key projects (Kirkintilloch Link Road, Leisure facility and the Arts and Culture Centre) and submissions to the East Dunbartonshire Council’s Local Plan Inquiry.


3.2  The Local Plan Inquiry, chaired by a Reporter appointed by the Scottish Executive, examined East Dunbartonshire Council’s Draft Local Plan which included a review of the Ki proposals.  The Reporter’s Recommendations which followed the Inquiry, had an impact on the ability to deliver the Initiative’s proposals.  The key implications  were:


a.      The original plan to develop a supermarket on Woodhead Park required to be dropped as this was found by the Reporter to be non-compliant with national planning policy.  This resulted in a  reduction in the anticipated capital receipts of £13M. As this receipt was due to be released from Council owned land, the Council responded to this by committing funding from their Capital Programme and by committing additional land from which receipts could be realised.


b.      Increased flexibility in the number of units possible at Woodilee.  Formerly there was a limit of 800 units.  This allows for the potential to achieve increased receipts from the site.

c.      The possibility of an early release of land for development at Woodilee on the basis that the Kirkintilloch Link Road contract was committed.  The extant Local Plan did not allow any development at Woodilee until the road was built.

d.      The planned development on the Town hall site in the centre of Kirkintilloch of the Integrated Health Care Centre was not recommended and that an alternative site should be found.  This was something Ki was already investigating and the plans envisage the development on the existing Townhead Clinic site.


This has resulted in the need to update the Partnership Agreement, albeit, this is to reflect mainly financial changes rather than principles on which the Agreement was based.


3.3       In light of the above, the budget has been recast  to take account of the changed circumstances, including current land values, project costs and the Council’s commitment to contribute their Capital Funds.  This has been approved by the Partnership Board which confirmed that the revised budget can deliver both the objectives and project plan originally proposed to both the Council and the NHS.  The Draft Revised Partnership Agreement includes the realigned budget and the necessary changes to reflect how the funding mechanisms will operate.


4.         Key Points within the  Draft Revised Partnership Agreement


4.1               An analysis of the receipts can be found at Appendix 2 and shows a receipt profile of £56.3M.


4.2               The release of funds which the NHS is entitled to receive as a first call on the disposal proceeds from the sale of its surplus landholdings, after providing for an agreed contribution to the cost of the Kirkintilloch Link Road (KLR) has increased from £10M to £17M.  This has arisen due to a revised estimate of land values and detailed work on the estimate of on and off-site infrastructure, abnormal ground condition and planning agreement costs.  This results in the balance of the £34M (£17M) being applied to the Initiative projects, including the KLR and the Integrated Health Care Centre


4.3        Consistent with the extant Agreement, a flexibility remains in relation to the budgeted receipts. For each individual receipt where proceeds exceed budget by 10%, the 10% will be retained within the Initiative


4.4        In the event that the receipt generated is in excess of 110%, then the party generating that receipt shall retain for its sole use additional receipts up to £10M.  Thereafter, if further receipts are generated the parties have bound themselves to consider if there are any projects which require to be funded in part or whole.  However, there is no obligation on either party, at this stage to release additional monies.


4.5        As each net receipt is released from Woodilee, the NHS is entitled to 50% share.


4.6        East Dunbartonshire Council has agreed to contribute £4.8M from its Capital Budget to be applied to the Initiative.  This particular funding will be applied to the Leisure Facility project.


4.7        One of the projects incorporated within the Kirkintilloch Initiative is the provision of an Integrated Care Centre involving the collocation of existing Primary Care and Mental Health services in the Kirkintilloch area, with some Social Work and GP services. 


4.8        The surplus NHS property will remain in NHS ownership until it is disposed of.  Disposal will be in accordance with the NHS Property Transactions Handbook.


4.9        The application of capital receipts released from the disposal of NHS landholdings identified within the proposed Agreement remains subject to the NHS obtaining approval from the Scottish Executive through the preparation and submission of appropriate business cases(s).  Accordingly, business cases will be submitted to release receipts during the next 3 year period.


5.         Conclusion


5.1        The Scottish Executive have already approved the original Partnership Agreement, and assuming NHS Board and East Dunbartonshire Council approvals, the intention is to submit the Revised Partnership Agreement to the Executive for affirmation of their approval to the principles of the Partnership Agreement.









1.      Kirkintilloch Link Road


The Kirkintilloch Link Road is a single carriageway road linking the existing Hornshill Junction (M8 / B757) with the existing roundabout at the junction of Waterside Road (B8048) and New Lairdsland Road (A8006) in Kirkintilloch.  The road will generally adopt the alignment previously promoted  by Strathclyde Regional Council and shown on the attached plan however variations in the route may be adopted as a result of a review of the design.  The road will incorporate appropriate junctions with side roads.  The alignment of the road will also take full account of the need to retain a reservation for a corridor of land for possible future public transport use. Budgeted cost £11.3m15m.


2.      Leisure Centre including a swimming pool


The Leisure Centre will provide public leisure facilities open to all residents of East Dunbartonshire including a swimming pool.  The full specification and facilities to be included will be determined taking account of demand, public representations, site and available funding  Budgeted cost £2.m5.0m


3.      Integrated Integrated Health Care Centre (to include as a minimum facilities for reprovision of health services currently provided at Townhead Clinic and the Larkfield Centre)


The Integrated Health Care Centre will provide a building where health and social work staff can provide an integrated customer focussed service in areas where the input of staff from both the Council and the Health Board are commonly required by the customer.  The Centre will make provision for delivering those health care services which are currently delivered at Townhead Clinic and at the Larkfield Resource Centre.  General practitioners will also be encouraged to take up space in the Centre.  Budgeted cost £4.4m 6.5m.  This has to be funded equally by the

and the Council from the sale of Dedicated Land or by PPP.

4.      New/refurbished community hall/performance spaceArts and Culture Centre


The activities currently taking place at the Kirkintilloch Town Hall will be accommodated at Southbank upgraded facilities either by refurbishment of the existing Town Hall or by provision of a new location.  The main requirement of the new space is to provide a performance space capable of hosting events such as the annual pantomime, art exhibition, large public meetings, etc.  In addition, provision will be made for meetings rooms for community groups.  The development of the Southbank site town centre sites requires the access strategy to be reviewed.  This exercise will seek to ensure that access to the Arts and Culture Centre town centre by both public and private transport is commensurate with the location and function of the facility at least as convenient as the existing situation.  It will also ensure that sufficient car parking spaces are made available to service the customer needs of town centre businesses.  Budgeted cost £4.5m 2.4m.


5.      Financial support required to make deliverable a mixed use development in the Southbank area of Kirkintilloch including improvements to the area’s access arrangements


Separately from Kirkintilloch’s Initiative the Council is facilitating an agreement between landowners at Southbank to bring forward development which will include a canal basin and facilities which encourage and accommodate canal related leisure activities.  Any agreement which emerges will require financial support to make it effective.  Budgeted cost £2.1m 2m.


6.      Countryside Access Network including provision of a Country Park at Woodilee connected by cycle paths and footpaths to Kirkintilloch Town Centre and the Forth and Clyde Canal


The Countryside Access Network is a series of leisure destinations in the Kirkintilloch and Lenzie area linked by continuous standard footpaths and cycle tracks.  The Network will be signed and interpreted to encourage public use and increased access to the countryside in the Kirkintilloch and Lenzie area.  The destinations will include The Woodilee Country Park (which is to created as part of the residential development on the site of the former Woodilee Hospital), Luggie Park, Peel Park and the Millennium Link Canal Path.  Budgeted cost £1.0m 1.5m.



7.      Financial support for the provision of low cost rented accommodationaffordable housing within the land sold for residential development


The Council is committed to encouraging the provision of low cost rented accommodation within new residential developments in its area.  It is known that land with planning consent for residential development sold for this purpose attracts a lower price than land sold without this restriction on use.  Provision is therefore to be made within the financial arrangements for Kirkintilloch’s Initiative to allow some land to be sold for the specific purpose of providing low cost rented accommodation.  Budgeted cost £2.5m 1.5m


8.      Financial support for training and access to jobs initiative


In co-operation with the Further Education sector Kirkintilloch’s Initiative will fund the creation of a training programme with the purpose of helping those without jobs and those with lower skilled jobs to gain access to a wider jobs market including those jobs which are expected to be created by the implementation of Kirkintilloch’s Initiative.  Budgeted cost £1m.


6.Accommodation for Independent Living


The Council is working in partnership with National Children’s Homes (NCH) towards provision of supervised accommodation for young homeless people.  Provision is to be made for land and a financial contribution towards the cost of this facility.  Budgeted cost £400k.




9.      Canal Museum


It is proposed to locate a visitor attraction adjacent to the canal comprising a canal museum and associated catering facilities.  Budgeted cost £150,000 100k.


10.  Town Centre Access


The Partnership acknowledges the importance of Kirkintilloch’s Town Centre to the local community and economy and is committed to improving access to is.  This project will seek to improve the existing car park within the town and address issues such as traffic flows and public transport access.  Budgeted cost £1.8m


11.  NHS Allocation


The Greater Glasgow NHS Board shall receive a receipt from the sale of land in the ownership of the NHS for the sole purpose of reinvesting in the NHS health economy.  Budgeted receipt £17m


10.  Management Costs


In order that the Project is delivered and the regeneration programme timetable is achieved, a funded management structure will be required.  Budgeted cost £900,000





Car Park at Glasgow Road                 £3.0m (East Dunbartonshire Council)


Luggiebank land and Buildings           £350,000 (East Dunbartonshire Council)

Industry £0.7m

Leisure – Barleybank £nil


Housing Waverly Park                        £350,000 (NHS)0.45m


Larkfield Road Commercial                £250,000 (East Dunbartonshire Council)


Ransom Strip                                      £350,000 (NHS)0.7m


Roadside Services                              £1.5m (East Dunbartonshire Council)


Canal museum tearoom                     £150k (East Dunbartonshire Council)


Housing – Woodilee                            £34m (NHS)



Woodhead Park Leisure site             £200,000 (East Dunbartonshire Council)


Southbank basin land                          £100,000 (East Dunbartonshire Council)


Southbank Arts & Culture site             £900,000 (East Dunbartonshire Council)


McGavigans field  Housing                  £4.5m (East Dunbartonshire Council)1.5m


Supermarket Deposit                          £50,000 (East Dunbartonshire Council)


Townhead Clinic site                           £500,000 (NHS)


Woodhead House site                        £1.5m (East Dunbartonshire Council)


Grant                                                   £1.8m (East Dunbartonshire Council)2m


Additional land Value                           £2m (Joint)