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1 Improving Health and Tackling Inequalities





  • Deliver the objectives set out in:

  • Substantial contributions to SIPS – outlined in HIP 5.26

  • Set out in SIP programmes.

  • Communities empowered and health improved.

  • Towards a Healthier Scotland

  • Integrating SIP agendas and priorities into development of other health plans.

  • Ongoing.

  • The Vision for Social Justice

  • The Glasgow Alliance Strategy

  • Support the development of Healthy Living Centres.

  • A range of Healthy Living Centre bids in by April 2001.

  • Detailed programmes to promote health at work (HIP 5.1.10), physical activity (HIP 5.1.14), nutrition (HIP 5.1.15), safety (HIP 5.1.17).

  • Detailed programmes of work on transport, volunteering and welfare benefits (HIP 5.1.7)

  • Milestones outlined in HIP.


  • Participate in the Glasgow Review to tackle homelessness.


  • Strategy should be in place by end 2000.

  • Reduced levels of homelessness, substantial improvements in the health and social care of homeless people

  • Improve the effectiveness of health messages.

  • Mass media campaigns detailed in HIP 5.1.20

  • Programmes run throughout 2000

  • More effective health messages to public.

  • Improve the sexual health of our population.

  • Develop an integrated public education strategy on health.

  • Strategy in place April 2001

  • Launch the Sandyford integrated sexual health services.

  • June 2000

  • Promote the development of an action plan to reduce teenage pregnancy.

  • May 2000

  • Reduce the harm to health caused by excess alcohol.

  • Finalise and launch consultation on alcohol strategy.

  • April 2000

  • Reduced health damage through alcohol.

  • Implementation proposals included in 2001/02 HIP.

  • Other detailed action HIP 5.19.4.

  • Reduce the harm caused to health by drug misuse.

  • Detailed plans set out in HIP 5.19.1

  • Reduce health damage through drug misuse.

  • Reduce the harm caused to health by tobacco.

  • Detailed plans set out in HIP 5.17

  • Deliver targets set out in ‘Smoking Kills’.

  • Reduce health damage through smoking.

2 Modernising Health Services





  • Deliver plan for future shape of acute services.

  • Detailed proposals to March 2000 Board.

  • Extensive, inclusive consultation process

  • April – July 2000

  • More robust and consistent population access to best possible quality of care.

  • Health Board consider responses and develops final proposals for Minister.

  • November 2000

  • Deliver agreed plan for future shape of mental health services.

  • Complete consultation process on ‘Modernising Mental Health Services’.

  • Consultation complete and outcome considered by Board May 2000.

  • Better mental health services.

  • Implementation Plan including capital bids

  • Deliver improvements to specific services.

  • HIP Sections 5.5 – 5.14.

  • Milestones in HIP

  • Improved patient services.

  • Progress the ‘Achieving Better Services’ agenda.

  • Work with Trusts to maintain reduced waiting lists and tackle long waits for out-patients and radiology.

  • Regular reports to Health and Trust Boards.

  • Improved access to services.

  • Work with the LHC and Trust designated Directors to agree and deliver priorities.

  • Regular reports from Trusts and annual review with LHCCs and ME.

  • More responsive services and a better public engagement.

  • Reshape maternity services.

  • Complete consultation on maternity services.

  • Consultation complete and implementation plans in place by end of 2000

  • Women have access to more consistently local responsive services. Delivery unit efficiency is sustained avoiding opportunity cost from other services.

  • Produce an implementation plan covering:

  • delivery services
  • relationships with primary care
  • community services.

3 Child Health





  • Improve the health of children and reduce inequalities working in tandem with other agencies.

  • A child health strategy group has been established and will draw up a programme of work which will:

  • Review specific child health services.
  • Co-ordinate the development of response to key policy initiatives.
  • Connect work on child health to other strategic development in mental health, sexual health etc.

  • Detailed proposals reflected in 2001/-2 HIP.

  • Improved health indication
  • Reduced inequalities in child health.

  • Other detailed plans are set out in HIP 5.16.

  • Set out in HIP.

  • Secure Starting Well Project funding.

  • April 2000

  • Secure additional innovation fund resources.

  • April 2000

  • Establish a Children’s Commissioning Team.

  • April 2000

4 Financial Strategy





  • Maintain a robust financial framework reflecting HIP priorities.

  • Agree recovery plans with ME and Trusts.

  • Financial plan consistent with cash limit.

  • Agreed financial stability over accepted timeframe linked to HIP financial framework.

  • Quarterly financial monitoring.

  • Investments linked to HIP priorities enable delivery of our key health objectives.

  • Agree funding with Trusts for additional resource transfer.

  • Allocations agreed with Trusts.

  • Investments in:

  • Mental Health
  • CHD
  • Cancer
  • Partnership
  • Child Health

  • Develop more explicit process of financial choices in HIP.

  • Produce detailed information on potential investments a framework for decision-making and a structured process of engagement.

  • Financial choices at April 2000 Board reflect a more inclusive and transparent process.

  • Investments have broader ownership and reflect HIP priorities.

5 Develop Primary Care





  • Produce a strategic framework for the development of primary care.

  • Achieve incremental changes outlined in HIP 5.23.

  • Timescales as per HIP.

  • Better quality, more locally accessible and comprehensive services.

  • Identify expected and timed plans for reshaping, including resources.

  • Late 2000 in draft for consultation – finalised by close 2000/01.

  • Engage stakeholders in the development process.

  • Ongoing

  • Develop and maximise primary care contribution to wider health improvement agenda.

  • Continue to promote the engagement of local health care Co-ops in community care, community planning and community developments.

  • Joint review with PCT.

  • Experience is of better planned and integrated services.

  • Secure the ability of primary care to influence secondary care provision.

  • Establish clinical fora with Acute and Children’s’ Trusts

  • Priorities and change plans reflected in 2001/02 HIP.

  • Clinical services meeting the population health needs more effectively.

6 Cancer Services





  • Improve clinical services.

  • Apply ‘bottleneck’ templates to 4 cancers

  • Improvement plans agreed and implementation underway summer 2000.

  • More effective and consistent care for patients.

  • Expand radiotherapy facilities in line with demand.
  • Implement Phase 2 of palliative care strategy.
  • Implement further managed clinical networks.

  • Detail in HIP 5.5

7 CHD and Stroke





  • Improve the organisation of clinical services for CHD and Stroke.

  • Progress implementation of 5 year strategy detailed actions outlined in HIP 5.3

  • Outlined in HIP.

  • Reduced mortality and morbidity through improved and consistent clinical care and prevention.

  • Stroke – detailed plans outlined in HIP 5.3.18

  • Outlined in HIP.

  • Increase the emphasis on prevention.

  • Deliver primary prevention plans HIP 5.3

  • Secondary prevention strategy implemented in primary care.

  • Work complete by 2001.

  • Implement stroke guidelines.

  • In place by end 2000.

8 Deliver Care in the Community





  • To reshape health and social care services in partnership with Local Authorities.

  • Continue progress towards the objectives set out in Modernising Community Care with each Local Authority.

  • Set out in each Local Authority Plan.



  • Better care for patients.

  • Improve learning disability services.

  • Consult on the joint learning disability strategy, develop an implementation plan and final financial framework.
  • Deliver the implementation plan.

  • Consultation complete April 2000, implementation plan end 2000.

  • Milestones set out in detailed plans – 170 discharges in 2000/01.

  • Improve elderly services.

  • Overall objectives and actions HIP 5.21

  • Set out in HIP.

  • Local Authority specific plans HIP 5.24

  • Increase integration of services for the physically disabled.

  • Details HIP 5.10

  • Set out in HIP.

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