Wipe Clean Game

Games to help assist with bottom wiping.


Shaving Foam Game 

Have your child spray shaving foam on to a mirror or window, get them to spread shaving foam with both hands and then draw patterns with fingers.  Then gather all the shaving foam back into the centre with both hands.  Get your child to then wipe shaving foam from a mirror or window using kitchen paper or toilet paper.

Develop this activity by spraying shaving foam or spreading face cream on the underside of a glass topped table or sheet of Perspex and have your child wipe off. Increase the complexity by obscuring their view with a sheet of paper over the glass/Perspex.


Wipe Clean Target Game

Laminate the attached target sheet and place some shaving foam, face cream (e.g. Nivea) or spread (e.g. Nutella) in the middle of the yellow oval.  Get your child to tear off two sheets of toilet paper from a roll and fold the paper.  Then ask your child to wipe of the shaving foam, face cream or spread without it spreading beyond the yellow oval.  Encourage your child to use a small wipe action and continue to wipe until the laminated target sheet is clean.

Points are decided by judging which oval the shaving foam, face cream or spread was spread onto and record the points.  Practice this game until your child consistently scores 8-10 points.

Once they have consistently scored 8-10 points, cover the laminated sheet with a folder so the child cannot see their hands while they wipe.