Toileting Reward Suggestions Information Sheet

Introduction on reward ideas for toileting with some activity ideas

Toileting Reward Suggestions Information Sheet

A child cannot be toilet trained until they are ready both physically and emotionally, irrespective of their age.

The process can be speeded up by the use of an effective award system, which is used immediately after every success on the potty.

Rewards can be chosen that will motivate your child and also to comply with your own feelings on the matter.

Always give verbal praise as well as any other reward.

Activity Ideas

  • A penny for the box for every successful urination and perhaps two for a bowel movement, to save up for a treat/toy.Wearing g
  • Grown up style pants/knickers and going to the shop to choose and buy them.
  • A chart on the wall to stick coloured stars or stickers onto (one colour for urination and another for a bowel movement) and perhaps a reward for a specific number of stars on the chart if your child can count.
  • A special reward for a week or two of clean / dry days, e.g. a toy, a visit to the zoo / park, a book, etc.
  • Phoning Gran/Grandad to report success every day.
  • Being pushed on the swing a set number of times for each success or playing a favourite game, record / tape, singing a song, reading a story, etc.
  • Hugs, cuddles and kisses for every success.

Imagination is needed to find a suitable reward for your child and if success is not apparent, try changing the reward to one which might be more motivating to them or wait a few more weeks and then try again.

If a reward system is used then begin to fade it out after a few weeks and you “forget” to give it to them or “run out” of it occasionally and only give it if they ask for it, until it can be accepted that verbal praise is sufficient reward in itself.


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