Taking Part in Practical Subjects - Physical Education (PE)

Strategy Ideas for taking part in PE

Physical Education (PE)

We all want our children to be active and healthy. Sport and PE is a great way to help this. There is a sport or activity out there for everyone. Sport is not just for players but also fans. Being a sports fan can lead to lifelong friendships.

As with everything not all children learn the same way or by just watching. Strategies like breaking down the activity into stages, giving clear instructions, giving time to learn each step, can help.

Get your child to say out loud what they are doing when they are doing it. You could help them feel the movement by having your hand over their hands, guiding them through the movement.


Strategy Ideas

Talk about PE to your Child:

  • What do they find hard? Do they like PE?  What would make PE more fun to them?
  • What sports interest them? You can encourage interest in a sport without them actually playing the sport. Sport can be enjoyed by all and that includes the fans, the referees and officials not just the players. Being a sports fan can help with conversations with friends.
  • Fast moving team sports can be tricky e.g. football has a moving ball, moving players, moving targets and you are moving with a ball. What about trying judo, fencing, cricket, golf, running, athletics, dancing or swimming?
  • Use a problem solving approach. Get your child to break the activity down into steps and identify where things are going wrong. A CO-OP approach can be helpful and you should contact an Occupational Therapy department for further information.
  • What’s getting in the way? Is it getting changed for PE? : on PE days wear loose fitting clothes, minimal fastenings, Velcro, large zippers, elastic on buttons, curly laces, tube socks, clip on tie


Talk to the School PE Staff

PE staff want all children involved in sport and may be able to help with:

  • Giving you the PE timetable so you can prepare for sports ahead of time, get familiar with the rules and skills required for this terms sports.
  • Doing team selection so no one is always last or left out. Can children beat their own record rather than be the first at sports?
  • Changing the environment , equipment or even the rules PE staff want all kids to choose an active and healthy lifestyle so the court size, sports equipment can be changed to suit.
  • Children’s worries can be reduced with extra time for getting changed, getting a chance to practise on their own before joining the group.
  • Keep pupils PE kit in the department.
  • PE equipment like balls with ribbon attached, larger bats, softer balls can help with taking part.
  • Break down the sport into bite size chunks for your child. Give them extra time to practice.