Shoelace Tying Alternative Strategies

Advice on alternative strategies to shoelace tying

Lace Tying - Alternative Strategies

Hickies Laces

Hickies are easy to fasten laces that expands and contracts with foot movement to deliver secure fitting.

See how it works at Hickies.


Zubits Laces

Zubits are magnetic shoe closures which stay secure throughout athletic activities.

See how it works at Zubits.


Xtenex Laces

Xtenex are elastic shoe laces which offers a faster and easier way to wear shoes.  Uses a self-blocking knot technique to maintain lace tension.  It aids in reducing painful footwear binding and foot fatigue caused by lace migration and natural foot swelling.

See how it work at Xtenex.


Greeper Laces

Greeper laces are fitted to the footwear and they are loosened simply by pulling on the pull tab of the toggle.  The user then simply makes the lace loops bigger to tighten the laces and enjoy a secure, snug fit.  Small stoppers on the lace loops prevent the Greepers from coming undone.

See how it works at Greeper.





  • Hickies Laces
  • Zubits Laces
  • Xtenex Laces
  • Greeper Laces