Putting On and Taking Off a Jacket Information Sheet

Advice on putting on and taking off a jacket along with some hints and tips

Putting On and Taking Off a Jacket

By 2 years your child should be able to take off their unfastened jacket. Between the ages of 3 and 4 your child should be able to put their jacket on although they may not manage the fastenings.


Here are some tips to help:

  • Practice taking your jacket off first – it’s easier!
  • Start with a jacket that is a bit too big, loose-fitting clothing is easier to manage than tight fitting clothing. Let them practice putting on your jacket.
  • If your child is struggling it can be tempting to take over – don’t! Allow them to learn for themselves. Make sure you have got plenty of time to practice, not when you are rushing out to nursery.
  • Instead of automatically fixing a twisted collar or hood, encourage your child to look in the mirror and work out what's wrong. See if they can fix it themselves.


There are different ways of putting on your jacket, try these to find out which one works for your child: