Classroom Based Isometric Exercise Ideas for Teachers

Isometric exercise programme for class teachers

Classroom Based Isometric Exercise Ideas for Teachers

Before beginning ensure that each child is in a good starting position i.e. sitting upright in their seat with their bottom at the back of the chair and feet flat on the floor.  All exercises should be done slowly and with sustained pressure.  Remind the children to keep breathing slowly and deeply throughout.  Repeat each exercise 3 times.

Exercises 1-5 are done whilst the children are seated and therefore cause minimal disruption, so can be easily carried out before the class settles to focus on a specific task.  Exercises 6-8 are more interactive and may therefore take slightly longer to organise and carry out.

1.    Grip the sides of the chair seat firmly and straighten arms until your bottom is lifted off the seat.  Hold for a count of 5 and then slowly sit down.

2.    This time grip the underside of the seat and pull down as if trying to press your bottom through the chair seat.

3.    Holding arms at chest height press palms together in a praying position.  Push palms firmly together, count to 5 slowly and release.

4.    Again holding arms at chest height clasp fingertips together with one palm facing upwards and the other down towards the floor.  Exert a pull (as if trying to pull fingertips apart) and hold for a count of 5.

5.    Clasp hands together, place on top of your head and pull down for 5.

6.    Standing facing your partner link hands and lean back until a strong pull is achieved.  Hold for a count of 5.

7.    Again facing your partner place palms flat against each other and push.  Hold for a count of 5.

8.    Both 6 and 7 can be done as group activity, either with the class forming one large chain or with several groups forming rows across the class.