Life Skills for Teenagers - Falkirk Council Booklet

Useful information to help teenagers and families develop essental life skills.

Life Skills for Teenagers (A Practical at Home for Parents and Carers)

Occupational therapists often meet with teenagers who have difficulties with ordinary daily life activities. In order to help them to gain the skills required for a particular activity, we offer practical advice and suggest a range of experiences which will enable them to develop these skills naturally. This booklet is not a teenagers’ developmental guide, as there are many good books on the market with information on this stage of development. This booklet is simply a range of hints, tips and ideas, designed to be slotted in to busy family life, this booklet aims to encourage teenagers to think about the experiences and skills they may need to help them prepare for adulthood, and to help parents to think creatively about supporting their teenager. Its aim is to encourage the development of the necessary skills without it seeming to be a programme to be followed, or set of exercises or school homework.

Top Tips and Tricks (University of South Wales)

The authors of this booklet are young people who have a range of strengths and difficulties because they have a neurodevelopmental disorder(s), they are happy to describe themselves as having a neurodiverse profile. In this booklet the authors have shared their ideas, top tips and tricks that they use to help them find an easier way of managing every day things. Most of the ideas and top tips have been used by a number of the authors and it was only when coming together to write this booklet that they realised they sometimes did the same thing as other young people. The authors are thrilled to be able to share their expertise with you and ask that you also add your own tips and tricks at the back of the booklet so you can share them with other young people.


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