Life Skills for Little Ones - Falkirk Council Booklet

This excellent booklet published by Falkirk Council provides lots of useful information and ideas for supporting a childs skills for independence.

Life Skills for Little Ones (A Practical Approach at Home for Parents and Carers)

Occupational Therapists often see children who have difficulties with ordinary daily living activities.  In order to help the child gain the skills for a particular activity, we sometimes refer back to experiences which help the child develop the skill achieved.  As Occupational Therapists the advice we give is practical, the suggestions in this booklet are simply ideas or ways a child could gain the skills for independence.  This booklet is designed to help you focus on these experiences for children, especially if their ability to pick up these early cues is less well developed.

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  • General Strategies for Family Life
  • Personal Care Activities - Toileting
  • Personal Care Activities - Dressing
  • Personal Care Activities - Bathing
  • Personal Care Activities - Eating & Drinking
  • Personal Care Activities - Sleeping
  • Activities Out and About - Car Journey
  • Activities Out and About - Walking
  • Activities Out and About - Buggies
  • Activities Out and About - Bus Journey
  • Activities Out and About - Noisy Public Places
  • Activities Out and About - Shops
  • Activities Out and About - Parks
  • Activities Out and About - Swimming Pools
  • Special Events - Holidays
  • Special Events - Christmas
  • Special Events - Birthday Parties
  • Technology