Premature Baby Sense of Hearing

Premature Baby Sense of Hearing

Your Premature Baby's Sense of Hearing

Your baby's sense of hearing develops whilst in the womb.  A foetus can detect sound vibrations and movements from an early stage of development.

It is whilst in the womb that your baby learns to recognise your voice.  Your baby will also start to recognise familiar tunes so if you are an avid ‘soap’ fan your baby will start to respond to the theme tune to your favourite TV programmes!


Effects of Sound on your Baby

  • Gentle noises soothe your baby.  Speak gently to them in a warm and reassuring voice.  Sing songs or recite nursery rhymes if you can’t think of anything to say.
  • If possible let your baby lie on your chest; the sound of your heart beat is calming and soothing to them.  They heard it when they were inside your womb and it can be reassuring to hear it again now they are out.
  • Loud noises and sudden beeps can be startling and distressing.  Whilst these can be an inevitable part of life in special baby care, try to work with nursing and medical staff to keep these to a minimum.