Communication Development

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Babies communicate through their cries, coos, facial expressions, and body language long before they say their first words. From birth, babies begin to develop two sets of communication skills: receptive skills and expressive skills.

Receptive communication is the ability to receive and understand a message from another person. Babies demonstrate this skill by turning their head towards your voice and responding to simple directions.

Expressive communication is the ability to convey a message to another person through sounds, speech, signs, or writing. Crying, babbling, and using body language are examples of your baby’s early expressive skills.
- Pathways

Communication Development - Baby's First Year

This video offers practical advice for parents and caregivers on how to help their baby reach important speech and language milestones during the first year, from crying to cooing, babbling, and talking.

0-3 Month Communication Milestones

This video demonstrates 6 different communication milestones a baby should have reached by 3 months.