Strategies & Advice

Condition specific advice is contained within this section however other useful information can be found in the life skills section of this website.


Lifting and Holding your Baby

As with all newborn babies, it is important that you support your baby’s head and neck when caring for them.  Your baby may need this support for a little longer as their trunk and neck muscles are not yet strong enough to support their head.  

They will slowly develop muscle strength in their trunk and neck to do this without your support but, until this time, please ensure that you provide the extra support they need.


Avoid letting your baby sit unsupported or in a ‘C‘ shape position.  We need good muscle strength in the trunk and neck in order to sit up.  Your baby does not yet have enough strength to do this this.  Car seats should be rear facing for as long as possible and should support his back and neck.  Your therapist will advise on a good supportive seating position if necessary.


Allow your baby to lie flat on a mat on the floor for play.  Placing them on the mat will encourage the development of muscle strength while supporting their back and head.  When they have developed enough strength they will be able to lie on their side and to roll.  When they are able to support their head, they can lie on their tummy for play.

Do not place your child in a bouncing cradle or baby walker.