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Planned Care

‘Planned’ care is by far the most commonly used type of service at the Vale of Leven or any other hospital – this means that the treatment is organised in advance following referral from a GP or as a follow-up to previous hospital care.    Each year, there are 90,000 patient episodes (individual appointments or courses of treatment) at the Vale covering outpatient appointments, day treatments and operations, short-stays, diagnostic tests, routine maternity check-ups and day services for older people.   We propose to increase the amount of planned care provided at the Vale of Leven Hospital by 18,350 patient episodes – an increase of 20%.   This would mean that 18,350 fewer journeys will need to be made from the Vale area to Glasgow or Paisley to allow patients to receive treatment.   We propose developing the following new services to the Vale:  

  • A new £3.6 million dental complex offering community, general and secondary dental care allowing people who attend 4,700 appointments at the Glasgow Dental Hospital to be treated closer to home
  • Expanded surgical services, including increased numbers patients receiving Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), orthopaedic, general surgery and endoscopy (internal investigation using a small camera)appointments, operations and procedures at the Vale. New services in ophthalmology (eye) and urology will also be developed. Together these developments will mean 7,200 patient appointments at the Vale as opposed to in Paisley or Glasgow. We will support this with investment of approximately £700,000 in new surgical equipment
  • Development of a Rheumatology (treatment of problems with joints, soft tissues and connective tissues) service bring a further 1,500 appointments to the Vale
  • Expanded specialist services including kidney dialysis and cancer care allowing 3,750 appointments to be provided at the Vale rather than in Glasgow
  • We also plan to increase the number of appointments at the Vale for people undergoing CT, Ultrasound, x-ray, mammography and fluoroscopy examinations undertaken at the Vale by 1,200 each year