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No smoking Policy – Consultation Response

1. Introduction

Greater Glasgow NHS Board is aware their success in achieving a smoke free NHS will be dependent, not only upon the formal introduction of a smoke-free policy, but also upon the support of staff, patients and public (both smokers and non-smokers) in complying with and, where necessary, enforcing all elements of the policy.   This consultation therefore seeks the views of all who will be affected by and will potentially play a part in enforcing the policy.

1.1 A summary of the key provisions in the policy

The following is a brief summary of the key provisions in the policy.  (However, please consider carefully the whole policy document before making your response.)

The draft policy has been designed to support the aspiration within A Breath of Fresh Air: the tobacco control action plan for Scotland that “no Scot should be exposed involuntarily to second-hand smoke at work or anywhere else and for them to choose to reject smoking as being an outdated and unfashionable practice which doesn’t have a place within a healthy forward-looking nation.”

The primary focus of the policy has therefore been to protect staff, visitors and patients from the harmful effects of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS).  It also includes support for staff and patients to stop smoking and recognises the contribution the policy can make to smoking prevention and the reduction of smoking rates in the wider community.

  • The draft policy prohibits smoking in GGNHS premises (including buildings, grounds, doorways, car parks and vehicles).
  • The only exceptions to this prohibition will be where NHS premises are in effect a patient's home - i.e. in residential and psychiatric in-patient facilities. In these circumstances patients can smoke only in designated smoking rooms where provided (not patients' rooms) and alternative separate non-smoking provision must be made.
  • In situations where staff provide a community service in a patient's home, the patient will be asked in advance not to smoke during the visit and to provide an environment that is as smoke free as possible.
  • Staff will not be permitted to smoke while on duty. Smoking will be permitted only during designated breaks. During the first year of implementation staff will be permitted to continue to smoke in grounds, thereafter staff wishing to smoke will be required to leave GGNHS premises.
  • Support to quit smoking will be offered to staff and patients, linking into the extensive smoking cessation services now available through LHCCs and community pharmacies.
  • Patients suffering severe nicotine withdrawal symptoms will be treated in a supportive manner and prescribed appropriate medication if required.

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