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Essential Equipment

The following is a list of equipment that must be available to ensure patient safety in the event of a clinical emergency.

Tracheostomy Care Pack

  • Tracheal Dilators
  • Spare Tracheostomy Tube
    • 1 same type and size as patient has insitu
    • 1 size smaller than pateint has insitu
    • 1 cuffed tube same size as patient has in situ (not required if patient has cuffed tube)
  • Oxygen Administration Device
  • Stitch Cutter
  • 10 ml Syringe
  • Lubricating jelly
  • Emergency non-fenestrated inner lumen
  • Cuff pressure guage
  • Trachestomy tube holders
  • Cleaning swabs if required

Picture showing content sof tracheostomy care pack.

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Suction equipment and the correct sized  catheters should be available (During transfer staff should be aware of location and availability of suction equipment)

Location of emergency resuscitation equipment should be clearly stated in local protocols. 

DO NOT LEAVE the patient without this equipment. Wards should utilise their own stock to replace equipment at the end point of transfer. If  the accepting clinical area is not fully prepared