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How to Deliver the Lesson Plans

Five sessions consisting of 50 minutes need to be delivered over a period of 5 weeks. Parental involvement is important and parents/guardians should be informed after session 2 through a letter outlining the Be Screen Smart project and a Be Screen Smart Pledge Card detailing information and steps for success for parents/guardians on how to support pupils reduce screen time. Please see below a summary breakdown of the sessions.  The lesson plans are explained in detail in the next section.

SESSION 1 Introduction (Track Screen Time) Day 1

In this session you will ask pupils to track the time they spend on screen-based activities before they know the overall goal of this project.

SESSION 2 (Track Screen Time) *4–7 days later

This session provides pupils with an overview of the Be Screen Smart project. It also provides pupils with an opportunity to identify screen-free ways they would like to spend their free time while at home or with friends which will prepare them to go without using screens for recreational use for up to 3 days.

SESSION 3 (Total Screen-Free Challenge) *4–7 days after Session 2

This session provides pupils with a challenge to join millions of other people who have gone screen-free for up to a week and to do some of the screen-free activities they identified in Session 2.

SESSION 4 (2-Hour Daily Screen Time Max) *4–7 days after Session 3

Starting a new habit takes time and dedication. It’s often helpful to enlist the support of class mates. This session allows pupils to discuss their experiences during the screen-free challenge. Pupils will again be challenged to reduce their screen-based activities, but this time it’s with the goal of no more than 2 hours a day.

SESSION 5 (Wrap-Up & Celebration) *4–7 days after Session 4

This session provides pupils with a way to debrief from the Be Screen Smart project and to celebrate their efforts at reducing their screen time and increasing their screen-free activities.

*Please check the calendar before setting the next session in order to allow enough time for pupils to track their screen time on two weekdays and one Saturday and Sunday. For example, if session 1 Introduction is presented on a Monday, the earliest you can hold Session 2 will be seven days later as this project asks pupils to track screen time on two weekdays and one Saturday or Sunday. This time span will allow pupils to track their screen time to include one weekend day.

Last Updated: 20 November 2020