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Lesson Plan 3 for P1 to P7


Reiterate to pupils that technology should be used in moderation, with support and interaction from adults and with age appropriate activitiesThis session provides pupils with an opportunity to state screen-free ways they would like to spend their free time while at home.

Learning Intention

Learner will:

  • Identify screen‐free activities which they enjoy at home and understand the purpose of maintaining a balance of different screen-free & play activities and reducing screen-based activities for entertainment. (P1 to P7)
  • Understand the Be Screen Smart Steps to Success. (P1 to P7)

Success Criteria 

I can:

  • Understand/state the importance of maintaining a balance of different screen-free & play activities and reducing screen-based activities for entertainment. (P1 to P7)
  • Understand the Be Screen Smart Steps to Success. (P1 to P7)
  • Explain/identify screen-free activities I like to do during my free time. (P1 to P7)

Links to Curriculum for Excellence

  • HWB 0-15a (p1) HWB 1-15a (P2,3,4) and HWB 2-15a (P5,6,7)
  • HWB 0-25a (P1) HWB 1-25a (P2,3,4) and HWB 2-25a (P5,6,7)

Class activity

  • Pupils will now have had the chance to discuss screen-free activities in class and carried out tasks for homework relating to screen-free activities.  Ask each pupil to feed back to the rest of the class what task/s they completed for their homework and what they enjoyed the most.
  • Explain to pupils it is important they take part in a balance of different screen-free & play activities e.g.  explorative play, active/energetic play, functional/manipulative/creative play, social play and pretend play.
  • Remind pupils screens are good for learning and connecting with family & friends.
  • Encourage pupils to keep up their screen-free activities that they enjoy and also to try out new screen-free activities their class peers enjoy too!
  • Encourage pupils to support their parent/guardian implement the steps to success on the schools Be Screen Smart pledge card sent home after session 2. Go over the steps to success with class.

         "Our school would like your family to join us and help promote the following at home:

     Steps to success

  1. Turn off TV & other electronic devices during mealtimes
  2. Make sure media does not take the place of adequate sleep, physical activity and other behaviours essential to health
  3. As a family, do activities together & have fun
  4. Join a sports team, club or take up a hobby
  5. Turn off all devices at night
  6. Make all bedrooms tech-free zones: No TV, game consoles, tablets, smart phones & other portable devices."
  • Hand out Be Screen Smart Certificate!
Last Updated: 11 March 2020