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Activity Steps with Pupils - Primary 6


  1. Collect screen time tracking forms.
  2. Discuss the guidelines for screen time.
  3. Ask pupils if they were surprised with the results from the tracking form & if they can reduce their daily screen time?
  4. Explore the pros and cons of screen time. Get pupils to give answers and make a list on smart board.
  5. Get pupils to develop posters which show the pros and cons of screen time and display in class and around the school.


Tell pupils: "today we’re going to think of all the fun things you can do that don’t involve a TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone. So make a list of at least 10 screen-free activities that you like, or that you’d like to try, then find or draw pictures of those activities. Create a 1-page collage of your coolest screen-free activities – but don’t put your name on it. We’ll put all those collages in a pile, then everyone will get a turn to pick one out at random and we’ll try to guess whose collage it is."


  • Ask pupils to put their screen-free collage on their refrigerators at home as a reminder, and to collect a list of a family member’s top 10 screen-free activities as homework.
  • Ask pupils to keep a diary for up to a week and write a short story on the screen-free activities they did over the week on their own, with family & friends.
Last Updated: 19 May 2020