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Activity Steps with Pupils - Primary 5


  1. Collect the screen time tracking forms.
  2. Introduce the 2 hour guideline recommendation for entertainment screen time a day. Ask pupils if they were surprised with the amount of time they spend on screens & if they would reduce it to 2 hours a day?
  3. Ask pupils to list the benefits of spending less time on screens. Share with class.
  4. Ask pupils why is it important to be physically active every day? What can they do to be more physically active?
  5. Ask pupils to create a health leaflet which pupils can take home to share with family, this can be done in pairs or as groups.
  6. Ask pupils what screen- free activities they can do with their family instead of watching TV?

Homework task: Tell pupils,

“This week, whenever you’re about to turn on the TV, play a video game or grab your tablet or smartphone, STOP & take a ride on the Screen-Free Bus instead! I’m going to put the engine of the Screen-Free Bus on the wall to start us off, and I’ll give you passenger seating area sheets to take home. Every time you choose an activity at home that doesn’t use a screen (for example, reading, drawing, dancing, playing outside), just write down or draw a picture of the activity on the seating area, along with your name, and bring back to school. Let’s see how long we can make the Screen-Free Bus!


  1. Hand out passenger Bus sheet