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Lesson Plan 2 for P1 to P7


On average young people in the United Kingdom spend the same amount of time on screen-based activities as they spend in school. This session provides pupils with an opportunity to identify screen-free ways they would like to spend their free time while at home or in their neighbourhood and become familiar with the screen time guidelines.

Learning Intention

Learner will:

  • Identify screen‐free activities and understand the purpose of the Be Screen Smart project. (P1 to P7)

Success Criteria

I can:

  • Understand the impact of having too much screen time and how this affects my health. (P1 to P7)
  • State what is screen time (P3 to P7)
  • Explain/identify the guidelines for entertainment screen time(P4 to P7)
  • Identify screen-free activities I like to do during my free time. (P1 to P7)

Links to Curriculum for Excellence

  • HWB 0-15a (p1) HWB 1-15a (P2,3,4) and HWB 2-15a (P5,6,7)
  • HWB 0-25a (P1) HWB 1-25a (P2,3,4) and HWB 2-25a (P5,6,7)

TIME NEEDED: (45 minutes)

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  • Be Screen Smart School Pledge
Last Updated: 19 May 2020