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Lesson Plan 1 for P1 to P7


This introduction session asks pupils to track the time they spend on entertainment screenbased activities with their parents at home before they know the overall goal of the project.

Learning Intention

  • To increase pupils understanding on how much time they spend on screens for entertainment.
  • Track pupils screen‐based activities, such as watching TV, surfing the internet, and playing computer games over a period of time at home. 

Success Criteria

I can:

  • Understand how much time I spend on screen time for entertainment
  • Track my screen‐based activities, such as watching TV, surfing the internet, and playing computer games over a period of time at home.


10 - 15 minutes


  • Screen Time Tracking Form and Example
  • Review Frequently Asked Questions

Activity Steps with Pupils

  1. Tell pupils you have got an exciting project for them over the next week and you are not going to give them the details of the project until later, but for now, they can begin the project by taking the tracking form on screen time for entertainment home & ask their parent/guardian to note the time they spend watching TV, surfing the internet, on social media and playing computer games (note to teacher: There is no need to provide further details on this project until you meet for Session 2).
  2. Hand‐out the Screen Time Tracking Form and Example and discuss with pupils. Explain that you are asking them to track their screen‐based activities (involving the TV, computer games, surfing the internet, social media) on just three days at home with their parents.Two of those days will be on a weekday (Monday through Friday) and one of those days will be over the weekend (Saturday or Sunday). Tell pupils you would like them to fill the form out as they do a screen‐based activity. Inform the pupils they will not be judged on their hours of screen time. Note that it’s important to fill the tracking form out honestly. For younger pupils please send a note home in the homework jotter to parent/guardian requesting they help their child fill in the tracking form.
  3. Go over the Tracking Form and Example with the class to show how to fill in the Daily Total Screen Time and the Average Daily Time Spent on Screen‐Based Activities (See Example). Ask pupils if they have any questions about their homework task.
  4. Ask pupils to return their completed forms on the date you will meet for session 2.  Session 2, should be ideally scheduled 7 days after the introduction session 1 (please check the calendar before setting the date for Session 2 in order to allow enough time for pupils to track their screen time on two weekdays and one Saturday or Sunday).
  5. Make sure pupils take the blank tracking form & example home with them. Also send a copy of Frequently Asked Questions home to guide parent/guardian.
  6. Over the next few days, remind the pupils to complete their Screen Time Tracking Form.

Send information below home

  • Frequently asked questions for parent/guardian & pupils about how to fill in tracking form
  • Screen Time Tracking Form
  • Screen Time Tracking Example (please note primary 1-3 tracking form is separate to primary 4-7).


Last Updated: 19 May 2020