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Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Information and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.  Hospital visiting restrictions now in place.

Accessing Research Output

When research datasets are produced by the Safe Haven they will not be sent to researchers as files and will not be made ‘physically’ available. Instead, researchers may schedule an appointment with the Safe Haven to access their data, or may use the remote VPN access.

Anonymised datasets may be sent to any other accredited 'safe haven' in the UK for analysis/linkage with other datasets. If you wish to do this as part of your project, you must state this in your application and a data sharing agreement must be in place between the two centres.

Safe Room Access

The Safe Haven has a dedicated room for working with your data (pictured above). There are three dumb terminals available for booking. As they are dumb terminals, there is no access to use external hard drives or USBs as the ports are disabled. If you do have any files you have already worked on that you would like available when you analyse your datasets, please forward these to the Safe Haven team in advance and they shall be transferred into your Safe Haven workspace after being checked for viruses and anything that may be incompatible. It will also not be possible to print from these terminals or to access the internet; so if you need any external information available whilst you work, please obtain it beforehand and forward it to the Safe Haven team who will also make this available for you in your Safe Haven workspace.

The Safe Haven analysis workspace you will be allocated operates only in Windows so if you are normally a Mac user, please be aware of this!

VPN Access

Again this is ‘dumb’ access, so you will not be able to download or print any data from your workspace. If you wish other files/information to be available in your Safe Haven workspace before you start analysing your data, please forward it to the Safe Haven team who will upload it into your workspace for you.

You must be authenticated as a Safe Haven user if you are trying to access your Safe Haven workspace from an off-site location. To do this, you must be logged in to the VPN. You will be issued with a VPN form by the Robertson Centre staff within the Safe Haven team, once your datasets have been generated and are ready for analysis. You will then be issued with your username and password to access your workspace.