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Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Information and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.  Hospital visiting restrictions now in place.


Our Service Promise to you:

We will provide a high quality and efficient service with clear and comprehensive cost. We will work closely with you from the outset to ensure we can deliver exactly what you require. Support will be available from the very start of your enquiries to guide you through the process and keep you informed every step of the way. Our team will be available through the working week to answer any queries you have and you are welcome to keep in constant contact with us.

We provide the following data searches for your research:

  • Population Estimates
  • Cohort Establishment
  • Basic Cohort comparison
  • Complex Cohort Comparison
  • Cross-Sectional Searches

These searches can be performed using data from our designated health board populations only, but if you are conducting a larger, nationwide study or one involving more than one healh board, we can liaise with other Safe Havens and boards in order to link datasets; providing you have sought the appropriate national/cross-board permissions and approvals.

We provide the following services to assist you in your research: 

Advisory Service

Information and guidance to assist researchers with health data related enquiries. This includes providing information on the availability of datasets, guidance and advice to make applications, checking application forms, advice on linking data to other sources, discloure risk assessment and the legal, ethical and security responsiblities to use health data responsibly.

Research Application Processing and Facilitation

All applications will be assessed for appropriateness and checked for validation and completeness before they are submitted for the appropriate review processes.


The Safe Haven team supports researchers through the required governance processes to ensure safe research projects are undertaken by appropriately trained reseachers. The governance processes are Peer Review, Safe Haven Review, Caldicott Review and LPAC Review. Some of these reviews will be conducted simultaneously, others wil be staged depending on the appropriate times for each individual project.

Data Analysis

All data request outputs will be anonymised and checked by the Safe Haven team before releasing for analysis by the researcher(s). In conjunction with the Robertson Centre for Biostatistics, support will also be available throughout and after the analysis process. A list of available analysis packages can be found in the Software section of this website.

Statistical Disclosure Risk Analysis and Control

Research applications are assessed for disclosure risk and the Safe Haven team will provide advice on how to minimise the risks of publishing research findings which could potentially identify individuals.

Our unique collaboration with the Robertson Centre for Biostatistics ensures we are able to deliver comprehensive, quality support throughout the duration of your research project.