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Project List

Here you will find the projects to which the Safe Haven has contributed, listed by the year the application was made with the most recent year being at the top of the page. Where the application and completion of the project has resulted in a publication, a reference and link to the online paper will also be included. 

2016     Number of feasibility screens: 15


  • Patel, M (still ongoing) Role of IKKα in the development and progression of colorectal cancer

  • Anderson, D (still ongoing) Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Community Respiratory Team Evaluation Project

  • Chew, C (still ongoing) Long term follow up of patients undergoing defecating proctogram in a Tertiary Referral Centre

  • McDade, RM (still ongoing) MIBG Followup Audit

  • Purcell, M (still ongoing) Mortality in patients with traumatic spinal cord injury in Greater Glasgow and Clyde

  • Boekel, L (still ongoing) Genetic analysis of laboratory tests from Generation Scotland Scottish Family Health

  • Woodburn, J (still ongoing) A Glasgow based study investigating factors associated with foot ulceration in people with diabetes

  • Welsh, P (still ongoing) An assessment of prediction of primary cardiovascular events in clinical practice

  • Haughney, J (still ongoing) IgE and eosinophil as biomarkers in severe asthma

  • Lovgren, ML (Complete) Differences in Prescribing of Oral Antibiotics for Paediatric Eczema Pre- and Post-Management

2015     Number of feasibility screens: 15


  • Campbell, R (still ongoing) A prospective follow up study quantifying the palliative care needs over time in a cohort of patients admitted to hospital with de-compensated heart failure.

  • McCowan, C (Complete) What can we learn about how to improve uptake of bowel cancer screening from higher rates of uptake in breast and cervical screening programmes?

  • Henderson, E. (still ongoing) Pattern and prevalence of Drinking alcohol in Pregnancy by infant biomarkers

  • MacKay, D. (still ongoing) A health informatics approach to improving long-term physical health outcomes in major mental illness

  • McCowan, C. (still ongoing) Modelling long-term/ lifetime benefits of LDL lowering using the WOSCOPS cohort

  • Mark, P. (Still ongoing) Ascertainment of the risk factors for acute kidney injury in patients prescribed angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors- a population study

  • Alvarez-Madrazo, S. (Complete) The Greater Glasgow and Clyde Biologics Cohort (GGC-BC): linking electronic health records for pharmacoepidemiology studies in patients with inflammatory conditions

  • Hussen Abdulijabbar, M. (still ongoing) Treatment of diabetes after stroke; drug choices, changes in HbA1c and clinical outcomes

  • Logue, J. (still ongoing) Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes – Raising the issue of weight management in primary care

  • Logue, J. (still ongoing) The clinical outcomes and effectiveness of NHS weight management services for people with type 2 diabetes

  • Wong, J (still ongoing) Risk Of Hip Fracture in Individuals With Childhood-Onset And Adult-Onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • Patel, N (still ongoing) Long-term Outcomes in CONG Anomalies Study

  • Robb, K. (still ongoing) What can we learn about how to improve uptake of bowel cancer screening from higher rates of uptake in breast and cervical screening programmes?

2014     Number of feasibility screens: 11


  • Blyth, K. (still ongoing) West of Scotland Mesothelioma Tissue Microarray (TMA)

  • Smith, D. (still ongoing) Do individuals in Glasgow on clozapine medication have routine blood tests carried out, as recommended by National Standards, and are they treated for diabetes and/or raised lipids?

  • Logue, J. (still ongoing) SurgiCal Obesity Treatment Study (SCOT)

  • (still ongoing) A double blind randomised placebo controlled multicentre study assessing the impact of additional LDL cholesterol reduction on major CV events when AMG145 is used in combination with statin therapy in patients with clinically evident CV disease (FOURIER)

  • Baldacchino, A (still ongoing) Alcohol dependence and nalmefene use in Scotland. An ambispective and observational 24 month study utilising informatics to examine the clinical outcomes of an alcohol dependent population prescribed Selincro

  • Martin, D (Complete) Associations between bipolar disorder and type II diabetes

  • Pritchett, R (Complete) Children entering foster care: what are they like and how do they contribute to foster care relationships?

  • MacBeth, A (still ongoing) Maternity-related outcomes in women with a diagnosis of non-affective psychotic disorder: a data linkage study in two Scottish cohorts

  • Allan, R. (Complete) Retrospective case-control assessment of the role of prescribed orthopaedic footwear devices on incident rates of knee arthritis (KA)

  • Smith, B. (Complete) Use and Misuse of Opioid Prescribing across Scotland rates, quality, variations and explanations

  • Mark, P. (still ongoing) Can renal transplant rejection be predicted from prescription collection data?

  • McCoubrey, A. (Complete) Are conditions at birth associated with mental health and relationship functioning in foster children?

  • McPeake, J. (still ongoing) The health and economic impact of intensive care recovery
  • Mitchell, D. (still ongoing) H.pylori Infection and Acid Secretory Function of Entire Gastric Mucosa and of Mucosa Close to the Gastroesophageal Junction in Healthy Volunteers
  • Mansouri, D An examination of tumour and host prognostic factors in Stage I colorectal cancer. International Surgical Congress of the, Volume: 102

  • Logue, J. (Complete) Cost of Postoperative Complications of Bariatric Surgery at 30 days

  • Mitchell, J. (Complete) How many children of substance-misusing mothers are accommodated for all or part of their first ten years?

  • Lowrie, R. (still ongoing) An evaluation of the effectiveness, cost effectiveness and reach of a multifactorial Community Falls

  • Penades, N. (still ongoing) Clinical and genetic predictors of physical and mental health outcomes in bipolar disorder

  • Identification of equity and barriers to liver transplant referral (the IB2LTR study)

2013     Number of Feasibility Screens: 2


  • Ward, H. 2016. Identifying risk factors for progression to multiple organ failure amongst individuals with acute pancreatitis; an assessment of Scottish healthcare data. BMJ Open [Online} Available at:

  • Sainsbury, C (Complete) Risk Identification in Inpatients with diabetes allowing targeted intervention: Prevention of hypoglycaemia, prolonged admission and readmission to hospital

  • Lowrie, R. (Complete) A 10-year comparison of the characteristics of participants with non participants from the Heart failure and Optimal Outcomes from Pharmacy Study

  • Porter, D. (still ongoing) Co-morbidity in patients with inflammatory rheumatic disease in GGC

2012     Number of Feasibility Screens: 0


  • Walters, M. (still ongoing) FAST - A prospective, randomised, open-label, blinded endpoint (PROBE) clinical trial evaluating long term cardiovascular safety of febuxostat in comparison with allopurinol in patients with chronic symptomatic hyperuricaemia

  • McInnes, B. (still ongoing) The Standard Care vs Celecoxib Outcome Trial: A Large Streamlined Safety Study (SCOT)

  • Stott, D. (in follow-up) Multi-modal effects of Thyroid hormone Replacement for Untreated older adults with Subclinical hypothyroidism; a randomised placebo controlled Trial (TRUST)

  • Jones, R. (still ongoing) EHR4CR - Electronic Health Records for Clinical Research

2011     Number of Feasibility Screens: 0


  • Oien, K (still ongoing) The Cancer Research UK Stratified Medicine Programme: Pilot Study