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COVID-19 (Coronavirus info)

Information and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.  Hospital visiting restrictions now in place.

Live Active Referral Criteria


  • The patient must be aged 16 years and over.
  • The patient must be inactive. 
  • The patient should be motivated to increase their levels of physical activity.
  • The patient should have a Blood Pressure of less than 160/90 mmHg OR if the patient is being monitored or treated for blood pressure should have a reading of less than 180/100 mmHg
  • The patient must have the mental and physical ability to follow an individual or class based programme.  Please note - Patients with additional support needs must be accompanied by a carer (professional/voluntary) – the Live Active Referral scheme is unable to provide one to one exercise tuition. 
  • The patient must NOT have poorly controlled diabetes; symptomatic hypotension; febrile illness or a new cardiac event in the last 8 weeks
  • If your patient has established heart disease please also follow referral criteria for “Patients WITH established heart disease” and complete the relevant form (Referral Form B) and send to your local Live Active Advisor.  A referral to the Live Active Referral Scheme for these patients allows access to further screening such as a cardiac physiologist led exercise test or alternative stress or functional test to determine suitability and safety of exercise prescription for the patient.  The hospital will assume clinical responsibility for any recommendations to exercise.
  • If your patient doesn’t have established heart disease please complete relevant form (Referral Form A) and send to local Live Active Advisor. 


Additional Referral Criteria for Patients WITH established heart disease

  • The patient must NOT have an increase in angina frequency or severity since their rehab/most recent ETT.  If they do and it is within 4 weeks please refer to rapid access chest pain service; if longer than 4 weeks please refer to cardiology clinic and DO NOT use this form.
  • The patient must NOT have completed rehab in the last 6months.  If they have please contact the rehab team physio who will complete the relevant referral form.
  • The patient must NOT have had an ETT within the last 6months.  If they have please detail this on the form and the Live Active Advisor will contact the hospital for the previous ETT results.
  • If the patient has a new diagnosis of angina please consider cardiac rehab referral 


The following lists the group of patients that are NOT suitable for the Scheme.


  • Patients with Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  • Patients with Aortic Stenosis with gradient >60mmHg
  • Patients with unstable angina
  • Patients with acute heart failure or CHF (NYHA 3 or 4)
  • Patients who have had an MI / CABG / Percutaneous Intervention within the last 6months
  • Patients with, uncontrolled tachycardia or uncontrolled arrhythmia or a ventricular rate >100bpm
  • Patients with a MRC Dyspnoea Score grade 3 or above
  • Patients with acute systemic Illness
  • Patients awaiting cardiac investigations
Last Updated: 16 August 2016